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FAQ | St. Cathy's residences - Furnished apartments for Montreal Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the Frequently Asked Questions about St. Cathy’s Montreal Student Residences: everything about the residence, the apartment, student living in the residence, and more.

Yes. Most of our rooms have single beds with a mattress, however some of the dorm-style rooms feature futons instead. Students are responsible for providing their own sheets/pillow cases and blankets.
Approved appliances are permitted, for example, hair dryers, coffee makers, and kettles are permitted. Ask your RA if you have any questions.
The entire residence is equipped with high speed WIFI services. You are not required to get your own internet.
The Residence Administration does not assume responsibility for any personal effects of the students.

You are responsible for arranging adequate insurance coverage for all of your belongings. The Residences insurance policy does not cover damage to or loss of your personal property, however caused. Some home insurance policies allow for coverage of students away at university. You should contact your family insurance agent to determine if you are covered under your parent’s home insurance and if so, for what amount.
Students are responsible for maintaining their own rooms or apartments. Mops, brooms vacuums and other cleaning supplies are available to borrow, please ask your RA. Quarterly room checks will be conducted to ensure that residence rooms are being properly maintained. Common areas are cleaned by the housekeeping staff; students are asked to help maintain common areas for the enjoyment of all.
For many students, one of the greatest adjustments to residence life is in learning to live in a shared and communal setting. Prospective residents should bear in mind that the residence environment is likely to be more noisy and disruptive than that which they are accustomed to living in. We ask that students practice both tolerance and respect for their roommates and neighbors to help ensure that residence is a comfortable community to all.
No part of the premises may be painted, wall-papered, or permanently decorated without the written consent of the Residence Authorities. Using nails, tacks, hooks, spikes, tape or other items to hang pictures, posters and other material on the walls in your room will result in damage and is not permitted.

In instances where the aforementioned items are applied to painted surfaces within a room or apartment, an assessment fee will result for each item. Failure to remove these items will result in additional fines. This assessment is over and above any damage to the room caused by the use of the prohibited item.

The following adhesives have been approved by the Residence:
  • Magic-Mounts: A double-sided adhesive mounting square which can easily be removed from walls, doors and other painted surfaces without damaging the paint.
  • 3M ‘Command’ Adhesive products: Mounting hooks of various sizes with a special adhesive, which can be removed from the wall without leaving damage/residue (please follow the directions exactly). The hooks are reusable with the purchase of addition adhesives strips. 3M products can be purchased at bookstores, hardware and department stores.
  • Poster Putty: Reusable adhesive putty available at most department stores (various brand names).

*Note: This is not an endorsement by the Residence as to the efficacy of any of these products and students are encouraged to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Residents are liable for any damages resulting from a fire if it is proved that it was due to their fault or that of persons they allowed to have access to their room.
Where can fines be paid? Payment for any fine can be made to any of our R.A’s or you can send us a cheque directly at:

UNO Investments Inc. 615 – 3577 Atwater Ave. Montreal QC H3H 2R2
The first month’s rent (to secure the reservation) can be paid by cheque, in cash by wire or email transfer or through Pay-pal. We request a series of post-dated cheques at the beginning of the Lease term to cover the remaining 11 months of the Lease term unless other special arrangements are made. All cheques must be post-dated for the 1st of each month.
No it is not. We collect your first months rent in order to secure the room for you. Once paid this deposit is non refundable.
Yes. Every month you will have to pay $10 cash on top of your monthly rent for monthly activities that will take place at the residence. Other than this $10 charge everything including: hydro, electricity, telephone, satellite TV, high speed internet, furniture rental, and cleaning of common areas are all included in your monthly rent.”
Our students and other stakeholders in the assignment process have overwhelmingly supported the principle that the way we assign new students should be as egalitarian as possible. This includes not using grades or acceptance/application dates as criteria for determining assignment priority.

Returning students are assigned their rooms first. New students are assigned in order of date of application. In order to provide an unbiased assignment sequence, each application receives a random priority number which determines the order in which applications are assigned.
Once your lease comes into effect it cannot be canceled and is not transferable.
No. Students are responsible for their own meals. St. Cathy’s provides its dorm residents with a large multi-functional kitchen with two stoves, sinks, large microwaves and lots of counter space for students who like to cook. All other units include a kitchenette.
When will students be allowed to move into residence and where will they check in? New student move-in is scheduled for Labour Day weekend (specific dates and times will be provided with the room assignment package). we encourage you to contact us prior to your move in date if you have any special needs.
Being a downtown residence parking is limited to the spaces provided by Ville De Montreal and St. Catherine St. has plenty of available locations. Also in the neighboring area and all across downtown there are numerous parking lots which offer short term and long term (monthly) deals.
The application process can be done directly on our website. For those of you who are a little more old fashioned, please feel free to contact us for a copy of the forms that you can print and mail or bring to the Residence Office.
Residence is in high demand so you should apply early – perhaps even before you receive your acceptance a University. The earlier you apply, the better your chance of getting a room.
Carefully selected Residence Assistants live on-site to attend to emergencies, act as a guide / resource to residents and enforce Community Standards.
Residence rates are re-evaluated every Spring. See the “rooms and pricing” section of our website for our current rates and availability.
No, but all residents are expected to observe Community Standards to ensure that others are permitted reasonable peace and quiet, and respect established Quiet Hours.
When students receive a letter like this, it means his or her Residence Assistant (RA), the Student Affairs Investigating Officer (SAIO) or the Student Conduct Officer (SCO) have conducted an investigation into alleged violation(s). They will have met with students, perhaps Security Services, and with you to Gather information about what happened. Based on the information gathered during the investigation, you have been implicated in the incident and are being processed through the Residences internal Discipline procedures. The letter you received outlines all the potential violations involved in the incident. At this point they are only potential violations and it is up to the Peer Conduct Board (PCB) or Administrator to determine if you are in violation of any codes and if so, what an appropriate sanction would be.
It is important to remember that each case is handled individually: therefore it is difficult to predict how long cases may take to be heard. Most meetings generally take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Should you decide not to attend your PCB or Administrative Hearing the meeting will proceed in your absence. A decision will be made based on the evidence presented by the investigator without information from you. However, it is important to attend your hearing so that you have an opportunity to provide your perspective on the incident and to ensure that the hearing body has all the relevant information before they make a decision.
What if I want to appeal the decision or sanctions? It is important to note that any sanction that is given is implemented immediately. Appeals for outcomes of hearings can be made by writing a letter citing the grounds for your appeal.
Where do I pick up my mail? Mail can be sent to the main Residence address and the R.A. will then distribute it accordingly.
How “involved” should I be while my son/daughter is at school? Is that a trick question? Just kidding! Although this is something that is totally up to you and your son/daughter to work out, we do have a few recommendations. Although it is very appropriate for parents to be interested in their son/daughter’s experiences at University, we encourage parents to allow their son/daughter to own these experiences. This means that the student should take responsibility for their decision-making and conduct as much as possible while living in residence and attending university. If the student has a concern, it is appropriate for the student to seek resolution for it. Many times when a parent contacts us, with completely good intentions, to attempt to resolve an issue of their son/daughter’s, we must ask them to have the student contact us instead. It is expected that students will act on their own behalf wherever possible, and regardless of who is “paying the bills”, please understand that for all intents and purposes our client is the student.
No pets are allowed in any buildings. If you have any special circumstances please speak to the R.A. (resident assistant) for further information.
Students are obliged to adhere to Provincial laws regarding alcohol consumption.
St. Cathy’s residence is committed to providing a smoke-free environment for our students. Residents are liable for any damages resulting from a fire if it is proved that it was due to their fault or that of persons they allowed to have access to their room. However, every suite has a balcony on which they can smoke. Violations will be dealt with swiftly and directly.
Montreal is known as an extremely safe city for students. With the plethora of universities situated in a small city, student life has always flourished here. Each student is given a key to their hall/house/suite and a separate key to their room. If keys are lost, locks are replaced at the student’s expense. Please understand that this is done to ensure the security of all students living in residence and is not meant as a punishment for the student. The residential areas of all of the halls are locked 24 hours a day. Also please note that we have a 24 hr security system that monitors all the common areas as well as entrances and exits into and out of the residence.
All lease terms must be for a 12 month period.
The lease is an agreement between the tenant and landlord that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party. Leases can be written or verbal. A written lease provides a record of what the tenant and landlord have agreed on. This written record can be a reference point if a conflict exists between a tenant and landlord.
A landlord may ask for a guarantor to sign the lease. A guarantor is the person the landlord accepts to be responsible for all liabilities under the lease. For example, if you sign the lease as a parent, and your son or daughter’s roommates do not pay their portion of the rent, then you can be contacted by the landlord to cover this unpaid portion of the rent. This situation can occur when the roommates have all signed the same lease.
How does the waiting list work? A student may be placed on the waiting list if you are not eligible for the housing guarantee to most new students, or if their application was submitted after the guarantee deadline. If a student is applying to return to residence, they may be waitlisted to ensure there is sufficient space for the new students (this is done using an unbiased, random-selection process).
  • Cooking appliances (unless you leave them in the Main Kitchen area, on the first floor)

  • Halogen lamps including lava lamps (sorry, they pose a fire hazard)

  • Pets (although non-dangerous fish in aquariums are okay)

  • Candles & incense (Again, fire hazard)

  • Telephones & fax machines (they won’t work on our phone system)

  • Extra furniture

  • Consider leaving items such as bicycles and sports equipment at home until needed

  • Large stereos

  • Water filled items (beds, aquariums, etc)

  • Pets

  • Halogen lamps

  • Illegal drugs

  • Any sort of weapon or replica (including BB and paint ball guns)

  • Camp fuel or other combustibles

Yes! There is a washer and dryer on each floor of the residence. The laundry facilities function by depositing the correct amount of change.

Why St. Cathy's


Central location

St. Cathy’s Montreal Student Residence is located in close proximity to all major universities, and right across the street from Concordia University.


First class security

Security cameras are installed throughout the building to ensure the security of our tenants and the best student living experience.


Walk in with a suitcase

Everything is provided for you at St. Cathy's: furniture, internet, heating, etc. We make sure you have everything you need!


Active student community

Meet people with the same interests, lifestyles and personal challenges as yourself, as well as participate in our numerous scheduled group activities!


Simple billing

Everything is included on a single monthly bill, with no hidden fees. And you can pay your rent online using a credit card or Paypal!