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Units starting from $750/month

2 minutes From Concordia University

Don't wait too long as the spaces are LIMITED !

All Inclusive!

about St-Cathy's Residence

Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, St-Cathy's is the premier destination for student living in the city. Just across the street from Concordia University and a few minutes walk to McGill University, you will not find a better location to live while studying in Montreal. Best of all, St-Cathy's is a vibrant community with friendly staff and students from all over the globe.

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    Central location

    St. Cathy’s is located in close proximity to all major universities, and right across the street from Concordia University.

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    First class security

    Security cameras are installed throughout the building to ensure the security of our tenants.

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    Flexible rental terms

    Some of our rooms are available for 4 or 8 months at a time for the early subscribers.

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    Walk in with a suitcase

    Everything is provided for you at St. Cathy's: furniture, internet, heating, etc. We make sure you have everything you need!

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    Active student community

    Meet people with the same interests, lifestyles and personal challenges as yourself, as well as participate in our numerous scheduled group activities!

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    Simple billing

    Everything is included on a single monthly bill, with no hidden fees. And you can pay your rent online using a credit card or Paypal!


Amenities At St-Cathy's

St-Cathy's provides you with everything you need to feel comfortable, at home, and make your university experience memorable!

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Photo Gallery

St-Cathy's has breathtaking views of Downtown Montreal, with a modern & unique charm that is ideal for urban living.

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Need Some Motivation? Check out the 5 Spotify Podcasts

Coming out of the student residence with a low beat every morning? Try these 5 Spotify Podcasts to lift your mood before you dance on the wordly music!

Losing steam as the semester ends? Are the usual songs and trips to the bar just not cutting it? Well, all you need is a positive influence every time you step out of your student residence, be it for the early morning class or a solidarity stroll around the block. This influence can come in the form of a Spotify podcast rushing positivity through your ears and right into your bloodstream. We have lined up 5 of the best motivation boosting Podcasts that you can tune into.

The Science of Happiness

image 1

This is a fun channel that puts in scientific research to good use by explaining scientifically the methods to be more happier, kinder and more focus. This allows you to harness all the energy (negative or positive) to bring a gratitude based change in your life.

Connect Kindness Podcast

image 2

This awesome Podcast links you up with charities that help the less fortunate. What better there is to life than listening about the success stories of people that were dealt a bad hand by life. This Podcast features interviews of founders and directors of NGOs giving you a new perspective every time you hear them out.

Your Daily Dose of Awesome

This Podcast is run by a mom and a teacher who talks about effective ways to overcome negativity and depression with a soul-satisfying and playful methodology. She doesn’t preach but talks directly to your heart, you will fall in love with being kind and awesome at the same time.

TED Radio Hour

image 3

If you are fond of TED Talks, you know they are full of motivation by successful people. This radio show plays a similar role by bringing out insights, emotions, and discoveries made by man in the history of life.

The Kindness Project

image F

This is a father-daughter project where they talk about the fun side of life. The theme of the podcast remains “how to be kind” but dishes out important lessons from time to time as well.

Being kind is one way to inspire yourself every day. You don’t only have to be kind to others but yourself as well. Moreover, inspiration to achieve or be kind does not come from a podcast but from within. However, one of these Podcasts may push you in the direction that you never know existed. Happy listening.

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5 Summer 2019 Research Opportunities for Montreal Undergrads

Looking for some interesting options this summer? Apply for one of the five top research positions in Montreal that we have brought down in one article for your convenience! With the summer break around the corner, you can always plan a getaway. However, many student residences in Montreal believes that this is the time to explore their potential as a research guru. However, many undergrads residing in Montreal student residence run on the wrong path all summer and end up researching about Penguin knee joints on Facebook. We have put up 5 research opportunities that won’t be a part of a scrapbook in the future but put real value in your academic life. image F JLL internship Looking to learn the basics of how a Fortune 500 company works? JLL offers you a unique opportunity to assist the big shots in real estate investment. If you have an academic background in Business Administration, Urban Economics, Urban Planning, or Urban Geography; then this is the place to be this summer.   Marketing Associate at TrickSmith Corp Looking to make an impact? This research position will allow you to spearhead selection teams that gauge and assist cool startup companies to get on their feet running. An ideal research opportunity for students willing to work in the digital sphere in the future.   Valtech Some research opportunities are generalized in its own way so your core subject and competencies don’t hamper your selection for the requisite field. One such opportunity is Valtech summer program where you will help the company in supporting their customers in the research, ideation, design, and marketing of intelligent digital experiences, interfaces and innovative products. If you have basic management skills then this is the place to be.   Industrial Design Research If you have or dream of following a profession in design than this summer research opportunity is exactly what you need. You will help Revision Military in researching for better designs to develop armor, helmets and other life-saving equipment. One place where you can grow and help the protectors who protect the nation!   Concept Artist If you belong to the design fraternity, then this opportunity is perfect for your career and future academic path. You will be working as a team with people looking to formulate the right design for the right place/people. You will work in a cooperative and interdisciplinary team environment to conceptualize the universe of the game   Therefore, if you a student resident and thinking of blowing up all your savings on beach parties and long cruises, think again because this summer may not come back again. You will always have a lot of time to party your worries away in the future!
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Apps to Make the Student Life a Little Easier

Relying on smartphones has become our commodity. Where earlier we used to rely on various gadgets to relieve stress or for other random chores, now everything is just a touch away. Whether its unwinding time or you need to reach somewhere on time. From making notes to keeping a record of your budget, your smartphone is the first thing that you reach out for! Here are a few amazing apps that will change your life better. And if not change at least it will make life easier!   gFlash image 1 This amazing app works great for students. It allows them to create flashcards for a test or quiz. You may download the relevant information straight from Google Documents or Excel spreadsheet to organize the preparation material. Its simple and quick! You may get several options of multiple choice questions, matching the columns or video aid embedding!   MyHomework image 2 My homework is a helpful study partner that helps you reminding and check to list the submissions! Isn’t that great? It instantly gives you access to your due assignments and dates for upcoming papers, homework, and tests. Once you are done with it, you may delete it from the list by swiping right.  It’s like having a study friend, with no strings attached and absolutely no competition!   Any.Do image 3 This stylish, yet simple to-do list app makes adding and completing tasks easy and satisfying. Any.Do allows you to create as many lists as you need, prioritize your items, add notes, and set reminders. Separating items into four lists—today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday—ensures you’ll never forget something again. No more mental checklists.   RescueTime image 4 The Internet can take you down into its world with absolutely no guilt trip of time. If you’re like the rest of the internet-addicted world, and you probably spend way too much time trolling over Facebook memes or Scrolling through your favorite Insta celebrities, when could you be getting work done?  Here is your savior! RescueTime keeps track of the time you spend on apps and websites and then reports back to you. The results are often shocking, so prepare to cut down on your Twitter usage.   Shoeboxed image 5 Use less paper, save trees! You may cut down on the amount of paper in your life with Shoeboxed. Instead of balling up receipts and saving them in, well, a shoebox, the app will scan and extract all relevant information and organize it into the most common tax categories. And yes, it also generates expense reports.    Two Foods image 6' It is widely known that we are what we eat. The most important decisions that we make through the day are half comprised of what to eat during the day. The battle between healthy eating and eating outside takes a serious toll on the mind! Two foods is a simple app that allows you to make a comparison between two foods that your brain is debating upon. The comparison is made on the basis of money, nutritional value and health properties. Isn’t it cool? That’s like your personal food advisor on your phone!   See how gadgets have made our lives easier?  So without a doubt, download all these apps and make your life easier in a touch. If you have more apps that you use to make your life easier, do share your thoughts in the comments section or tag us @stcathys.  
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