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St-Cathy's Residence
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Student Residence Units Starting from $825/month

2 minutes From Concordia University

Don't wait too long as the spaces are LIMITED !

All Inclusive!

about St-Cathy's Residence

Located in the heart of Downtown, St-Cathy's is the premier Montreal Student Residence for for living in the city. Just across the street from Concordia University and a few minutes walk to McGill University, you will not find a better location to live while studying in Montreal. Best of all, St-Cathy's Montreal Student Residence is a vibrant community with friendly staff and students from all over the globe.

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    Central location

    St. Cathy’s Montreal Student Residence is located in close proximity to all major universities, and right across the street from Concordia University.

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    First class security

    Security cameras are installed throughout the building to ensure the security of our tenants and the best student living experience.

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    Flexible rental terms

    Everything you need for premier student living is provided for you at St. Cathy's: furniture, internet, heating, etc. We make sure you have everything you need!

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    Walk in with a suitcase

    Everything is provided for you at St. Cathy's: furniture, internet, heating, etc. We make sure you have everything you need!

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    Active student community

    Meet people with the same interests, lifestyles and personal challenges as yourself, as well as participate in our numerous scheduled group activities!

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    Simple billing

    Everything is included on a single monthly bill, with no hidden fees. And you can pay your rent online using a credit card or Paypal!


Amenities At St-Cathy's

St-Cathy's provides you with everything you need to feel comfortable, at home, and make your university student living experience memorable!

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Photo Gallery

St-Cathy's has breathtaking views of Downtown Montreal, with a modern & unique charm that is ideal for urban living.

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If one post has become omnipresent during the pandemic, it's the picnic. You know the one - we've all the influencer hosting picnic that seems to perfect to be real. Well turns out, they are real, and we can help you get that aesthetic pic of your dreams! Below find our steps to the perfect picnic! jonathan-borba-8Tp2WW-WRIw-unsplash
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  2. Choose a blanket that is not too busy. We vote to stick with a white or cream sheet.
  3. Don't cheap out on the extras - it's all about that perfect basket.
  4. Accessorise! What really adds to the picnic is the flowers and greenery!
  5. Don't do dishware - aside from wine glasses. Other than that, opt for bringing a wood cutting board rather than plates.
  6. Go with trendy (and easy) food. Did someone say cheese and meats?
  7. Choose your fruit strategically - go for trending colours like orange peaches and mandarins, or pink strawberries and raspberries.
  8. Take photos with strategic angles. We love an above-view!
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  10. Don't forget the drinks! From blood orange juice to a crisp rose, the drinks are one extra layer of oomph that you can add to your picnic.
kate-hliznitsova-GyE2Iuk3j9g-unsplash Well, that's our guide to the perfectly 'grammable picnic. What are your favourite tips? Let us know in the comment section below or by tagging @stcathys on Instagram!  
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5 Ways to Ace Online Learning

If you, like many, have had to move your courses online during the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand how it can be a struggle. Luckily, we have created a list of five key things that you can do in order to Ace your online learning straight from your Montreal student residence.

Don’t Change a Thing


The key is to treat your online lecture the same way you would as a real lecture, stay attentive, be on time, and focus on the content.

Take Notes


We understand that it might be easier to slack off when you’re taking a course online, but it’s important to take notes and be organized just as you would in a real lecture.

Organize Beforehand


The beauty of taking online courses? You can roll out of bed and still make attendance! Unfortunately, that’s not the best way to eat your courses – you should think about organizing yourself beforehand and understanding what the contact will be so that you can take notes while keeping up with the lecture.



Sometimes, the content might not be syncing the same way when you’re not physically in a lecture hall. That’s why it’s key to debrief after your lecture so that you can understand where you may be missing information and what the key goals of the course were.

Create Digital Study Groups


One of the best parts of the university experience is your peer class. Just because you’re not on campus doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy group studying. Take the initiative to create a group study session and conduct it digitally via Zoom! It can be just as rewarding and helpful as a physical study group, and you’ll have the added benefit of creating lasting connections with your peers. On top of that, you can do it all from the comfort of your Montreal student residence!

What are your favorite tips for acing online courses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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