Would you rather, MTL addition

Montreal is such a vibrant city – from food and drink to shopping and activities,  there’s an abundance of options that can sometimes be hard to choose. Too bad, today, that’s exactly what we’re making you do. Here is our ultimate “Would You Rather” – Montreal addition.

SKATING.old port

Salad Date: Mandys or Liv Salads

Museum: Museum of Fine Arts or Mccord Museum

Day Out: Old Port or Plateau

Parc: Angrigon or Mont-Royal

Fancy Night Out: Bar George or Marcus

Late-Night Bite: Joe’s Panini or Poulet Rouge

Fitness Class: Report Fitness or enso Yoga

Brunch: Suwu or William Gray

Rooftop:  Terrace Nelligan or Perche

Boutique: Influence U or 1861

Cafe:  Myriad or Hvmans

Workspace: Code & Cafe or Crew

Old Port: Skating or Ziplining

Spa: Bota Bota or Spa Scandinave

Summer or Winter: First Fridays or Atwater Christmas Market


Cast your votes in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. Did we miss one of your favourite “Would You Rathers”? Share them with us to be added to the list!

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