How to Build the Perfect Student or New Graduate CV

You CV is inarguably the most important personal marketing document that you will create while looking to get employed. Whether it’s your dream internship or first job, secure your ideal job with our quick tips on building the perfect student or new graduate CV.


Formatting is Key

Your cv should be easy to read, 1-page long, and flow in chronological, logical order. This means that formatting the document will be key. Use a normal font, don’t go smaller than 11-point, and utilize strategic bolding and bullet points to highlight key information. This will help the recruiter or hiring manager easily look through important information and (hopefully) shortlist your candidature.

Quantify, Always.

One common mistake with early career CVs is that they don’t quantify their achievememts. This is incrediy important to showcase how good you are at what you do! Did you advise on an engineering project worth half a million dollars? Put that number in there! Did you grow a social media page from 1000 to 1500 followers? That’s social growth of 50%! Quantifying your achievements are key to making you stand out as a candiate.

Focus on the Relevance

Only include jobs and accomplishments that show the hiring manager that you are up to the job at hand. There’s no reason to add positions that aren’t relevant because the goal of the document is only to convince the hiring manager that you can do the job.

Outline The Fit

Always showcase how your profile is aligned with the goals of the job and the values of the orgnization. This way, from the very first time that a hiring manager sees your CV, they will be sure of your fit.

Don’t be Fluffy!

There’s no need to add words and accoplishments that are somewhat superficial – this will only hurt your crediblility. Stick to tangible and relevant accomplishments with action-based words (Created, Implemented, Strategized).


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