Because we all need a break from binge studying to binge-watching.

When you need that study break, grab your friends and cuddle up around one of these great series- you won’t regret it!


Silicon Valley

Techie or not, you won’t be able to resist HBO’s hilarious series Silicon Valley. With great characters and an exciting story following the data compression company  Pied Piper, you’re guaranteed to be glued to your TV for the three available seasons.  



Another HBO comedy series, Veep is a political satire following the Vice President of the United States on her daily endeavors as she balances her political and personal life. Played by Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, this series will be your favorite new binge show.


Mr. Robot

Arguably 2016’s biggest new series, Mr. Robot follows antisocial computer developer Elliot as he works as a cyber-security agent by day, and gifted hacker by night. With his intense hacking group, Elliot takes on an intense mandate, while dealing with his own personal life, oh and taking down corporate America.


The Good Place

Heaven on earth??


Rob & Chyna

Oh the catastrophe! But. We. Just. Cant. Look. Away. The newest Kardashian series highlights Rob Kardashian’s life with friends and family, and most notably his dysfunctional relationship with pregnant fiancée/ ex-stripper Blacc Chyna.


Modern Family

A new classic, Modern family is perfect for people of all ages – and with 7 seasons you can stay entertained for quite some time, oh and guaranteed you will relate. 


The Walking Dead

How many years has this show been a hit now? C’mon zombies and drama, what more can we ask for?



That trailer says it all.


American Horror Story

With a new plotline every season, this show keeps you enticed and wanting more- even if you don’t love horror series. With intricate story line such as “Murder House, and “Coven” and great actors, you’re guaranteed to be hooked.


Last Week Tonight

This hilarious fake news show is guaranteed to educate you while making you laugh (and think). Hosted by The Daily Show alumni John Oliver, this show covers so many political issues in the most amusing way you could imagine.

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