10 Coolest Courses Offered at Concordia University

Fill those electives.

Most undergraduate students have at least one free elective within their degrees, some with many more. When you’re left to choose a course (for once), it’s important to pick one that truly spikes your interest. To help fill your schedule with some ~really cool~ courses next semester, we’ve compiled a list of Concordia University’s most exciting educative courses.



Montreal’s Festival Culture


Let’s face it – this city is full of festivals. From Igloofest, Jazzfest, and Osheaga to Beerfest and Poutinefest, if we know one thing, it’s that Montreal likes to ‘fest. Why not build a course around it? That’s exactly what Concordia’s Fine Arts department decided to do, offering a course entitled Montreal’s Festival Culture. If you’re taking a summer course (and you should)why not dedicate that time to studying some awesome parties festival culture? We bet there’s at least one awesome field trip involved.

Course Code: FFAR298


When Good Kids Go Bad

Angry Asian girl frowning

Ever wonder why some kids go on to graduate at the top of their classes while others make significantly poorer decisions? This entertaining psychology course will answer all of your questions regarding behaviours in infants, childrens, and teens that range from problematic to straight-up dangerous. Aside from engaging content, the prof is known for his original teaching style and wisecracks, making this an ideal elective for any student.

Course Code: PSYC235



The Art Of Cool


Because as all of you cool people know, it really is an art. Brought to you by Narycist (Yasim Aslaman) a Montreal MC and journalist, Concordia offers a course discussing what it means to be cool. Okay, so you won’t exactly get a step-by-step guide to becoming the freshest on the block, but the content is pretty intriguing nonetheless. From discussing the social construct of being “cool”, to how the media perpetuates this idea, this course determines what it means to be, and why people are perceived as cool.

Course code: FFAR298


Forensic Analysis


Do you dream of performing autopsies and being a ~bad ass~ forensic scientists (maybe with your own tv show?). Concordia is here to help you make your dreams come true. This forensics science course teaches students the fundamentals of forensic analysis and research, as well it’s capacities and limitations. The prof warns however, he will not take responsibility for damages caused when you begin yelling at your TV during you favourite crime shows after taking this cool course.

Course code: CHEM298AA


Hip Hop, Past Present & Future


Imagine sitting through a lecture discussing Snoop, Biggie, and Kanye? Well now you don’t have too. From the prof who originated “The Art of Cool”, comes “Hip Hop, Past, Present, and Future”. This course explores contemporary issues surrounding Hip Hop, allowing for an open-ended platform that can be interpreted differently depending on your area of study. From feminist studies students to engineers, this course is guaranteed to facilitate intriguing discussions, with diverse issues, debates, and responses from students of all faculties. Oh, and we bet you’ll listen to some good tunes.

Course Code: FFAR398




The History of Satan


Ever wonder how Satan came about? Probably not, but now that I’ve mentioned it, you have to be a little bit curious. Luckily there’s an entire course to answer this question. Concordia’s course “The History of Satan” not only discusses the construct and portrayal of Satan in Christianity and Judaism, but also allows students to ponder the ways in which the idea of the devil and evil have affected us from the Middle Ages to the present.

Course Code: RELI394


Introduction to Artifical Intelligence 


Afraid that computers might take over the world? Mind as well go straight to the source in hopes to find a solution. Concordia’s Introduction to Artifical Intelligence is probably the coolest engineering course available at the school. From game-playing to cancer-curing algorithms, artificial intelligence and self-teaching machines are sure to be a staple of the future. Unfortunately, there are prerequisites, so this cool course is not open to all students.

Course code: COMP472


Don’t ever take a lame elective again. Now that you know the coolest courses to take at Concordia, which ones will you add to your schedule? Personally, we love the idea of the “Art of Cool”. Did we miss any awesome courses – leave us your suggestions in the comment area below. Happy Studies!

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