Looking for a new opportunity in the city? Moving to Montreal from the rural outlays? Maybe you’re moving for the duration of your studies? At any rate, before you move, you’ll definitely need to know what to expect and the few things that can make your life much, much easier.
July is the busiest time of the year for apartment rentals.
There are rentals available year round, but July is the month that offers the most rental opportunities.
There’s no law or official ruling that says it’s the first of July, but it’s something of a tradition that has set in and stuck. If you’re moving to Montreal, start looking as early as March for a place to rent from July, the places disappear quickly
A 3 1/2 room apartment doesn’t mean there are 3 bedrooms
All the rooms in the apartment are counted. The kitchen and bathroom are also counted, the bathroom being counted as a half.
Some buildings are over 100 years old
Some have been refurbished and others not. You’re likely to see interesting things.
Rent is somewhat cheap when compared to Toronto and Vancouver. So moving to Montreal will be great on your wallet. It’s not necessary to go through an agency for a rental
Montreal is gloriously bilingual.
Brush up on your French while here. Really, it’ll come as second nature after a while. Luckily for newcomers, Montrealers are relatively easy going and will be happy to help you in both languages.
Looking for a job can get tricky if you don’t speak French.
There are a number of English Jobs out there. However, for the most part, finding a job in Montreal will require you to be bilingual, so brush up on your French if you want to be first in line for that job.
You’ll need permits to work in Montreal
Either a Residence permit or Temporary work permit.
Try to get your things in order even before your big move to Montreal.
The taxes are astronomical. Many people complain about the very high tax rate, but there are benefits like free health care and education right up to college.
The traffic is a killer going in and out of the Island.
‘nuff said
Parking is very hard to find
There are decent public transport options in place thanks to the STM
The STM Company services just about all the areas. 185 Bus lines, 4 subway lines (known as Metro) and taxi vans available to make the commute from one point to another as efficient as possible.
There is a huge cultural diversity
That can be likened (somewhat) to New York’s cultural diversity.
Winters can get cold, wet and icy.
Make sure you have clothing that can keep the chill out. Oh, and shoes that are suited to the slippery layer of ice on the ground.
The Habs are a huge thing for us here in Montreal
If you’re not a hockey fan, you better become one quick. The only way you’ll survive.
Festival time!
There’s always a festival going on somewhere, but there’s no need to complain about it. They’re always lively, always fun and there’s always the possibility of meeting new people. Which is exactly why moving to Montreal is so great, as the next point clearly shows.
There’s always a reason to party
Like the wonderful Igloofest. The cold is definitely not going to stop us from partying up a storm.
Cycling and walking are a huge part of daily life in Montreal
Because of the terrible traffic. Look on the bright side: you’ll get plenty of exercises.
Montreal is a beautiful and interesting place.
We know you’re going to love moving to Montreal. It’s a vibrant place to be and the St Cathy’s residence make the experience simply awesome.

Tips For Finding The Best Student Housing In Montreal

Going off to college is a wonderful time for millions of students. Entering the halls of higher education is something that creates a lasting impression for life, and career. The cost of college is usually inflated, however, especially when you factor in more than tuition. For instance, if you’re going to be looking for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada, you are going to be with a great deal of options. Narrowing them down can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to look at the college experience with realistic expectations, and find the right place to live and learn. Don’t worry, St Cathy’s student residences is here to give you tips for finding the best student housing in Montreal.

Look For Standard of Living Not Luxury

This may come as a difficult thing to deal with, but college students often times put on rose colored glasses when they are moving into their housing situation. If you are going to go off campus, then the idea of anything but luxury may seem a bit left of center. It’s best to look into a standard of living that is lower than luxurious accommodations. The more luxurious the residence, the higher the price will be and the smaller the space will be overall. When you’re going off to college, look for what will suffice for your academics, not social life. This is a shocker, but it’s going to safe you headaches, and money. More importantly, the money aspect, especially with the high cost of tuition.

Ask The School For Help

Every major college has offices that can help you locate housing. Some may even allow you to live on campus. If this is your choice, make sure that you educate yourself on all the possibilities and whether or not you will have a roommate. Part of the modern college experience is to go through the process of living on or near campus. Just remember, this factors into the overall cost of your tuition, so be careful with this solution and weigh the costs very carefully.

In the end, when looking for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada, make sure that you take your time. Assess your needs and proceed carefully with the right choice that meets your needs as a student first. The more time you take to assess your needs, the better off you will be when it comes time to decide what housing arrangement will be best for the next few years.