7 Ways to Decompress After Finals

Chill out a little.

You made it! Well, hopefully. Now that finals are officially over, it’s time to let go of that corresponding stress. That being said, after having been in that mindset for a month (and may longer cause well essays), letting go of that stress and shifting your frame of mind  isn’t always easy. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite ways to decompress post-finals.


Head to the Spa


What better place to decompress than a spa? Take advantage of the zen surroundings and therapeutic baths to calm yourself down and get ready for the all the new adventures coming your way this summer.


Get a Message


Sometimes stress can literally physically take a toll on your body, making a relaxing massage an ideal way to chill out after finals. You’re sure to be feeling renewed yet relaxed; the perfect mix of feelings to begin your summer.


Take a Day off

You probably haven’t had a day where you focused on absolutely nothing in a while. No school, no work, no responsibilities – take a day to literally do and think of nothing. Not only will you give your brain a break from the over-drive mode it’s likely been in over the past month, but you will start your next day with a completely new outlook and fresh vibes.




Since you’ve probably been too busy to stick to your ~strict~ gym regiment, take some time out to hit up an exercise class or start a new workout routine/program. This will help you get a fresh physical start for the summer, while simultaneously giving you brain a break and releasing healthy positive endorphin to ensure you start this summer on the best note (oh and get a rockin’ bod).


Spend a day on the Water


Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to decompress. Whether it be on a paddle board, at a beach, or on a dock, heading out to the water will surely help de-stress and get some much-needed vitamin C.


Buy a Plant


It’s science! Houseplants actually help you calm down, and serve as an air purifier. This two-in-one solution will help you get back into a serene mind sight for clear thinking. Need a suggestion? Try on of these plants for best results!


Treat Yourself

swiss chocolate

Whether it be through chocolate, shopping, a glass of fancy wine/craft beer, or any other one of your favorite ways to pamper yourself, treat yourself to something just slightly indulgent after your hard work this scholastic year! This is not advocating over-indulging in really any activity, but there’s nothing wrong with a little self-reward after hard work.  
Take a day to pursue one of these decompressing suggestions and start your summer off with a fresh, stress-free mind!


Because we all need a break from binge studying to binge-watching.

When you need that study break, grab your friends and cuddle up around one of these great series- you won’t regret it!


Silicon Valley

Techie or not, you won’t be able to resist HBO’s hilarious series Silicon Valley. With great characters and an exciting story following the data compression company  Pied Piper, you’re guaranteed to be glued to your TV for the three available seasons.  



Another HBO comedy series, Veep is a political satire following the Vice President of the United States on her daily endeavors as she balances her political and personal life. Played by Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, this series will be your favorite new binge show.


Mr. Robot

Arguably 2016’s biggest new series, Mr. Robot follows antisocial computer developer Elliot as he works as a cyber-security agent by day, and gifted hacker by night. With his intense hacking group, Elliot takes on an intense mandate, while dealing with his own personal life, oh and taking down corporate America.


The Good Place

Heaven on earth??


Rob & Chyna

Oh the catastrophe! But. We. Just. Cant. Look. Away. The newest Kardashian series highlights Rob Kardashian’s life with friends and family, and most notably his dysfunctional relationship with pregnant fiancée/ ex-stripper Blacc Chyna.


Modern Family

A new classic, Modern family is perfect for people of all ages – and with 7 seasons you can stay entertained for quite some time, oh and guaranteed you will relate. 


The Walking Dead

How many years has this show been a hit now? C’mon zombies and drama, what more can we ask for?



That trailer says it all.


American Horror Story

With a new plotline every season, this show keeps you enticed and wanting more- even if you don’t love horror series. With intricate story line such as “Murder House, and “Coven” and great actors, you’re guaranteed to be hooked.


Last Week Tonight

This hilarious fake news show is guaranteed to educate you while making you laugh (and think). Hosted by The Daily Show alumni John Oliver, this show covers so many political issues in the most amusing way you could imagine.


Montreal is known world-wide for the city’s unique vibe and the outrageous nightlife, but between La Champagnerie, spending endless money on concert/show tickets to Beachclub and New City Gas, and blowing all of your money on the world-class Montreal food, it gets expensive quick. This list contains some of the best places and tips to make your MTL life a little cheaper:


Student Discount

student discount

It’s everywhere... you just have to ask!


Thrift/Online Shopping

uo sale

Changing your shopping style may just be key! Check out the many thrift stores around Montreal (Eva B), and try out shopping online and checking the sales sections. If you’re okay with waiting for about a month for your stuff to come in head to Allie Express, and if you’re just into some cheap duds check out the sales sections at both Urban Outfitters and Miss Guided  (you’re welcome).


Eating for cheap does exist around Montreal.

cheap eats mtl

In fact, we wrote a whole article on it! Check out our cheap eats article


Capitalize on your Government Benefits

govt cheque

Check to see if you’re eligible for any government benefits- for example, you can rent benefits from simply living away from home as a student if you’ve paid your rent on time. Find out more here.


Find the Discounts

discount apps

Make sure to check out the discount apps and grocery stores to always capitalize on the saving potentials.


Pay with Cash


It’s scientifically proven to be a factor in money saving because physical cash is perceived as more scarce to consumers than paying with plastic.


Use Plastic Bottles


Get your own plastic bottles ready; this is an easy way to save buying drinks while on-the-go, and a practical way to ensure you stay hydrated (and green!).


Starbucks Hacks

starbucks money saving

Never forget these Starbucks hacks exist.


But also …


Take this into consideration.


Take Matters into Your Own Hands


Break something? Try fixing it yourself with the help of FixItClub.com; a website that will show you how to fix anything step-by-step.


Save on Dryer Sheets

dryer sheet hack

Never buy dryer sheets again!


No Starbucks here.


One of the best parts of living in a big city like Montreal is the option to totally avoid chain restaurants and cafes like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, and Second Cup. With so many cute (and delicious) unique spots in the city, we decided to create a list of the best Montreal coffee shops and cafes. Check out these top spots to get your caffeine fix in Montreal:


Cafe Hublot

Take a small trip to Rosemont and check out Cafe Hublot; a cafe featuring all local ingredients, and delish coffee choices.


Les Oubliettes

Les Oubliettes- and yes “oublie” your diet for these delicious coffees and pastries (and cakes, did we mention cakes??)


Cafe Larue & Fils

Café Larue & Fils – they even have a coffee truck!


Myriade Club Monaco

Myriade Club Monaco- right down the street from Concordia (yes, it is calling your name)


Cafe Falco

Cafe Falco- Japanese inspired grub, Siphon coffee, and awesome interior design? This may just be the ~dopest~ Montreal coffee spot in the Mile End.


Cafe Castel

Cafe Castel- two words late, art. Located inside the Best Western in Ville Marie, you will receive a pleasant surprise upon getting your late that will have you ordering cup after cup.


Le Doggy Cafe

Le Doggy Cafe- when your friends are too busy, grab your puppy pal and  head to Le Doggy Cafe for some bonding time with your furry friend.  Better yet, it’s the perfect place for a puppy date!


Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

Pourquoi Pas Espresso bar is a happening spot featuring coffee beans curated from around the world! Not only that, but with friendly baristas, a chic atmosphere, and the infectious passion for coffee, Pourquoi Pas is the perfect spot for any coffee connoisseur.


Cafe Cagibi

If you were waiting for the cafe featuring live music- you won’t be let down! Cafe Cagibi located in the Mile End is the perfect cafe to hang at while enjoying some live music, delicious coffees, and features an unforgettably comfortable atmosphere.


Ceramic Cafe Studio

And finally, Ceramic Cafe Studio is the perfect spot for anyone who wants a little coffee and a little art. This awesome cafe will serve up the java and light snacks while you paint your ceramic, and finish with not only a lovely outing, but also a personalized piece of ceramic for a truly memorable experience.


You do you boo boo.

Living alone is a big step in any student’s life, and as amazing as it is, it can also sometimes be stressful and lonely.  To keep things in perspective, we’ve taken this opportunity to list our favorite ways that living alone actually make you an increasingly complete person (#adulting):



You become more responsible.

I am a responsible adult photo tumblr_lsurdwu5hJ1qjihk3o1_r1_500.gif


You learn how to cook.


You learn how to fix things.


You have time to self-reflect (no we don’t mean selfies) and discover.


You learn how to depend on yourself and entertain yourself.


You can order delivery at any hour (let’s be honest, that is a luxury).


You can decorate however you please.


You can do things on your own time, and have no one to blame but yourself for procrastination.


You don’t have to answer to anyone when you come in at all hours of the night.


THE BATHROOM. Never feel rushed, sing in the shower as loud as you please, and don’t ever put a toilet paper roll back on the holder.


Its. Not. Over. Yet.


As the closing month of  the summer quickly reached its midpoint, it’s easy for that summer nostalgia to fade – but luckily, we realize it ain’t over yet! And what better time to kick-off that end-of-summer bucket list? To give you a head start, here are 15 activities to cross off your list before the end of the summer:


See a tourist attraction in your city.

tourist attt

notre dame


Indulge in some street food from one of Montreal’s (or your city’s) many food trucks.



Get rowdy at a Montreal Expos or Impacte game.

baseball game



Spend a day at the beach.

beach day



Head to Montreal’s La Diperie, or another amazing Montreal ice cream spot, ice cream for breakfast anyone??

la dip


Take advantage of the lasting days of fresh markets like Marche Jean Talon.

farmers market

farmers market jean talon


Enjoy stargazing at the top of Mount Royal Lookout after a night hike.

mount royal lookout at night

stragazing mount royal


Have a picnic at Mount Royal- you can make it extra summer by first cooking a grilled pizza at home, and take advantage of Montreal’s picnic law which permits drinking in public on Sundays if you have food on you!

picnic mount royal

grilled pizza


Enjoy a day paddle boarding (stand up board), canoeing, or kayaking.

sup board


Have a campfire.. And don’t forget roasted hot dogs and s’mores!!


smores campfire


Wear an all white outfit (it’s not Labour Day yet).

mens white outfit

white outfit


Jump off something really tall into the water; that’s a Canadian summer staple!

jumping water

jumping waterr



Spend the day drinking (or eating) with friends in the sun on one of Montreal’s many summer terraces, like this one:


or this one…


OR this one…


Or even this one.. (there’s  a lot of terraces here)

terr 4


Do the old port zip line before it closes down for the season (it’s not as scary as it looks).



Rejoice because festival season is never over with Villa Paradizo – the free 24hr rave to kick off the end of summer, is coming back to Montreal on the 9th and 10th of September!!