That new new.

Here at St Cathy’s, we try to never miss a beat- and there’s no exception when it comes to new products and trends. To keep you up-to-date (and just to inform you on some really awesome products), here’s a list featuring some of our favorite new or less popular products that we believe should be on your radar:


LED Slippers

LED slippers

Never slip on something you left laying around that jumps out at you in the night, ever, again with the help of these awesome LED slippers.


Retouch Magic

Point.-Shoot camera

Attention Instagram “stars”, this one’s for you! This Camera will allow you to refocus your photos after they’re taken- goodbye blurry selfies.


Laser Guided Scissors


From an engineer to a clothing designer, these laser guided scissors will absolutely do the trick when it comes to cutting in a straight line. I think this should just be scissor standard, don’t you?


Virtual Keyboard

virtual keyboard

Laptop broken? An outstanding paper that needs to be written while you don’t have computer access? Wiping out legit all of your homework/work excuses, is this virtual keyboard that produced a functional keyboard on any surface. Is this a gift or a curse?


Floating Speakers

floating speakers

If you’re preparing for a pool party, and feel that your Bluetooth speaker just doesn’t do the job, check out these floating speakers – sure to be the talk of the of the party!


Wifi Enhancer


Because I don’t care if the router is downstairs and my room is upstairs; I still wanna watch Netflix in bed.


Never Wet


Don’t ruin your white shoes! I bet you’ve been waiting for this one for years (and RIP to all the corresponding white shoes).


To-Do List Temporary Tattoo

to do tatto

Never be without your to-do list, even if you lose that measly piece of paper or your phone dies, with this awesome (and non-toxic) to-do list tattoo.


The Self Mixing Mug

self mug

self stirring glass

No spills, no burns, and less dishes- say hi to the self-mixing mug. Yes, it’s time to make your morning even easier.


Solar Powered Tent

solar tent

With enough possible solar power to light up the tent and power small appliances, this solar powered tent is sure to be in your thoughts (and dreams) before your next camping trip.



Its. Not. Over. Yet.


As the closing month of  the summer quickly reached its midpoint, it’s easy for that summer nostalgia to fade – but luckily, we realize it ain’t over yet! And what better time to kick-off that end-of-summer bucket list? To give you a head start, here are 15 activities to cross off your list before the end of the summer:


See a tourist attraction in your city.

tourist attt

notre dame


Indulge in some street food from one of Montreal’s (or your city’s) many food trucks.



Get rowdy at a Montreal Expos or Impacte game.

baseball game



Spend a day at the beach.

beach day



Head to Montreal’s La Diperie, or another amazing Montreal ice cream spot, ice cream for breakfast anyone??

la dip


Take advantage of the lasting days of fresh markets like Marche Jean Talon.

farmers market

farmers market jean talon


Enjoy stargazing at the top of Mount Royal Lookout after a night hike.

mount royal lookout at night

stragazing mount royal


Have a picnic at Mount Royal- you can make it extra summer by first cooking a grilled pizza at home, and take advantage of Montreal’s picnic law which permits drinking in public on Sundays if you have food on you!

picnic mount royal

grilled pizza


Enjoy a day paddle boarding (stand up board), canoeing, or kayaking.

sup board


Have a campfire.. And don’t forget roasted hot dogs and s’mores!!


smores campfire


Wear an all white outfit (it’s not Labour Day yet).

mens white outfit

white outfit


Jump off something really tall into the water; that’s a Canadian summer staple!

jumping water

jumping waterr



Spend the day drinking (or eating) with friends in the sun on one of Montreal’s many summer terraces, like this one:


or this one…


OR this one…


Or even this one.. (there’s  a lot of terraces here)

terr 4


Do the old port zip line before it closes down for the season (it’s not as scary as it looks).



Rejoice because festival season is never over with Villa Paradizo – the free 24hr rave to kick off the end of summer, is coming back to Montreal on the 9th and 10th of September!!