Montreal is known world-wide for the city’s unique vibe and the outrageous nightlife, but between La Champagnerie, spending endless money on concert/show tickets to Beachclub and New City Gas, and blowing all of your money on the world-class Montreal food, it gets expensive quick. This list contains some of the best places and tips to make your MTL life a little cheaper:


Student Discount

student discount

It’s everywhere... you just have to ask!


Thrift/Online Shopping

uo sale

Changing your shopping style may just be key! Check out the many thrift stores around Montreal (Eva B), and try out shopping online and checking the sales sections. If you’re okay with waiting for about a month for your stuff to come in head to Allie Express, and if you’re just into some cheap duds check out the sales sections at both Urban Outfitters and Miss Guided  (you’re welcome).


Eating for cheap does exist around Montreal.

cheap eats mtl

In fact, we wrote a whole article on it! Check out our cheap eats article


Capitalize on your Government Benefits

govt cheque

Check to see if you’re eligible for any government benefits- for example, you can rent benefits from simply living away from home as a student if you’ve paid your rent on time. Find out more here.


Find the Discounts

discount apps

Make sure to check out the discount apps and grocery stores to always capitalize on the saving potentials.


Pay with Cash


It’s scientifically proven to be a factor in money saving because physical cash is perceived as more scarce to consumers than paying with plastic.


Use Plastic Bottles


Get your own plastic bottles ready; this is an easy way to save buying drinks while on-the-go, and a practical way to ensure you stay hydrated (and green!).


Starbucks Hacks

starbucks money saving

Never forget these Starbucks hacks exist.


But also …


Take this into consideration.


Take Matters into Your Own Hands


Break something? Try fixing it yourself with the help of FixItClub.com; a website that will show you how to fix anything step-by-step.


Save on Dryer Sheets

dryer sheet hack

Never buy dryer sheets again!


and we do mean essentials. 

With limited space to spice up and furniture to choose, customizing a dorm room can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 8 dorm room essentials to keep your room absolutely trendy- no matter how big or small!


Cheap Throw Pillows

throw pillo

Add some colour and style to all rooms with cheap throw pillow


Area Rug

area rug

Effortlessly dress up a room by getting a cheap area rug- this can change the entire look of a room!


DIY Painted Vases 

Painted Vases

Easily the cheapest way to add a specific colour or colour scheme to your room- this painted glass adds a classy and decorative look to any dorm or apartment for cheap.


Framed Posters

dorm room deco frame your posters

Whether just using washi tape to frame around your posters, or actually putting them in a nice frame, this will add some class to the college/uni classic poster wall.


Updated Twinkly Lights


Try hanging the classic twinkly lights, but instead in cardboard letter or design cutouts- this will make the lights appear as your own custom made marquee sign, and serves as a nice update for the trend.


Duvet Cover or Comforter

uo duvet

Check out some trendy websites like Urban Outfitters for unique duvet covers- this item is especially a staple in a dorm room with limited furniture or room.


Table Book

littledictionary-817x620 table book

What better way to express your personal style and interests than a table book? From the book of Yeezus and Givenchy books, to classic cars or Humans of New York, there’s a table book to suit everyone’s style.


Cute Dishes

white crystal dish

Bathroom, bedroom, living room- it doesn’t matter! Cute dishes come in handy everywhere to put miscellaneous items in. Try finding some secondhand at thrift stores for an ever cheaper deal (especially if you want to buy crystal dishes!)



Come, let us teach you how to snap.

To celebrate the launch of St. Cathy’s Residence’s new Snapchat account – essentially a snapchat live for residents- we have come up with a list of the top 12 most essential accounts to follow on Snapchat:


(Obviously) DJ Khaled.


djkhaled dj khaled snap

From daily life lessons to gourmet meals, join DJ Khaled on snapchat and you won’t regret it.

Snap name: djkhaled305

Day Job: Rapper


Kylie Jenner.

kylie kyga kylie-jenner-snapchat-dancing

You have to follow the King of Snap.

Snap name: KylizzleMyNizzl

Day job: Kylie Jenner


Cyrene Quiamco.


Cyrene Quiamco has become a prominent personality on a social media platform that is designed to make content disappear. Since joining Snapchat last year, Quiamco (who goes by "CyreneQ" across most social media) has amassed a following for her whimsical art - from celebrity portraits to collages of Disney characters - and interactive snaps. She engages her community with games, quizzes, and questions, transforming a series of short-lived snaps into a conversation. She's also the creator of The11thSecond.com, a blog and community for Snapchat artists to share their work off the platform. This year Quiamco was nominated for a Shorty Award, which recognizes the best in social media.

She is literally paid to doodle on snapchat??? OK.

Snap name: cyreneq

Day Job: Snapchat Influencer


Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Motivation, behind the scenes, travel, and more are waiting for you from Arnold’s snap.

Snap name: arnoldschnitzel

Day Job: Actor, Politician, Motivational Speaker (probably a bunch else)


Yvan Rodic.

yvan rodic1 yvan rodic

He’s one of the best street style photographers out there, and his snap is not misleading.

Snap Name: mrfh

Day Job: Style photographer, creator of FaceHunter


Julieanna Goddard.

yesjulzz yesjulz yesjulzzz

The “director of vibes” is your all access pass- she’s constantly at the hottest events and clubs, and now you can join the party from your couch (which who are we kidding, we really aren’t mad).

Snap Name: yesjulz

Day job: Blogger and promoter at “Yez Julz!”



dougthepug doug

Doug the Pug. Icecream, costumes, outings, you name it, Doug does it.

Snap Name: itsdougthepug

Day Job: Pug


Eva Chen.

eva chen2 evachen2 eva chen

Fashion enthusiasts, this lady is the head of fashion partnerships for instagram- the app made to induce jealousy- need we say more? Her Snapchat stories will definitely do that (from the front row of course).

Snap Name: theevachen212

Day Job: Head of fashion partnerships for Instagram


Paris Hilton.

paris flying paris

She’s just genuinely entertaining.

Snap Name: realparishilton

Day Job: Heiress and CEO


Evan Garber.

evan garber2 evan garber

Another Snapchat Influencer, he’s also an artist and Snapchat Influencer, only focuses on creating prolonged projects- the result is really unique and entertaining.

Snap Name: emgarber

Day Job: Snapchat Influencer


And of course, remember to add @StCathys on Snapchat and join the fun!