First-Year or Grad Student, 5 Tips Every Student Needs

Whether you’re just starting your university career or have moved on to an advanced degree, we’ve thought about what our top 7 tips for students at all levels are. Check out that list, below:


  1. Don’t leave it to the last minute – study as you go through your lectures in order to better understand the depth of the concepts that you are learning.
  2. Final papers or dissertations – the earlier, the better. Don’t get used to late-night cramming (that’s not how work works in the real world). Get an early start so that you can handle your commitments better.
  3. Don’t skip the planning stage – whether this is in terms of your lectures, assignments, or study schedule, planning your time and assigning tasks accordingly is an incredibly helpful time management skill and especially useful in the workforce.
  4. Get involved! Your student experience is what you make of it, so take the time to meet people and get involved with the causes or societies that you are interested in. This is a sure way to ensure that you garner knowledge and make friends for life. Not to mention, extracurriculars look great on resumes and applications.
  5. Don’t be shy. We get that it can be tough to engage in courses, share your opinions in a room of 100+ people, or debate outspoken pupils, but that’s part of what university is about! As much as it’s important to learn your degree-specific knowledge, university is also about learning to engage and critically think.


Did we miss your go-to student tip? Let us know in the comment section below or by tagging @stcathys on social media.

Best Montreal Music Festivals

‘Tis the (festival) season.

No matter where you’re from in the world, it’s’ an undeniable fact that music brings people together. Even more so, there’s nothing like a music festival – summer vibes, like-minded music lovers, and top tier acts; it’s easy to see how music festivals inextricably linked to a great summer. Montreal being one of Canada’s premier art scenes, the city offers an abundance of festivals no matter your taste in music. Check out our list of the various MTL music festivals by music genre.


Ile Soniq

EDM lovers, this one is for you! Montreal’s somewhat new electronic dance music festival has proved to keep up with other big Canadian festivals like Toronto’s Veld and B.C.’s Pemberton.



This huge music and arts festiva gains attention globally, with top artists headlining and performing at the event. Not only are the shows amazing, but Osheaga village is a must-have experience at least once in your life!



Jazz lovers, you’re in the right city. Join people from all over the world at MTL’s renowned Jazzfest.


Heavy Montreal

There’s even one for those that prefer heavy metal.


Montreal International Reggae Fest

We’re jammin’.


Picnik Electro


Picnik is a Montreal staple that runs every weekend during the summer – yes Every. Weekend. Make sure to grab your EDM loving friends and hit up Picnik for an unforgettable Saturday.


Valhalla Sound Circus

Rock-lovers, this is a premier rock-centric weekend event, packed with great acts alongside an environment of free expression synthesizing art, music, and adventure all into one weekend.


Festival Mondial des Cultures




In the mood for a cosmopolitan event, incorporating music from all over the world? Expand your horizons and embark on a new cultural experience at this dance festival in Drummondville!


What are you waiting for? Pick an event and get to dancing!

5 Trends to Embrace this Summer


As school comes to an end (for most of us), and summer trips and internships become top priority, this period marks the perfect time to try something new, make changes, or implement healthier habits. With that in mind, we’ve come up with our favorite lifestyle, fashion, party, and health trends for you to try this summer!


Make/Drink Juices


Start your morning off right by ditching your first daily coffee for an organic juice. Whether made at home or a stopping it at Freshii, adding a juice to your diet is sure to have positive effects, and exhilarate your taste buds. Not only do many of these juices taste delicious, but wit active ingredients like ginger, they help speed up your metabolism too #winning.   

Check out some of our favorite recipes.


Hit up a Music Festival

Osheaga 2

Okay, I know this seems like a basic summer element checklist item, but given the abundance of amazing festivals in Montreal, you can’t miss out on spending the day at least one festival. Feel the vibes and enjoy a day out in the sun, no matter your preferred type of music.


Go on a “Staycation”


Because vacations are so last summer. Whether it be a weekend in Tremblant, visiting Chicoutimi falls(link), or simply experiencing some of Montreal’s own tourist attractions, take some time to discover the coolest spots in your city or Province.


Try Photography


It seems like everyone’s taking up photography lately. Why not try it out? Expand your artistic portfolio and try getting behind the lens this summer! Montreal’s vibrant downtown, picturesque landscapes, and a constant stream of people make this city a perfect spot to get great shots, no matter the style you decide to try.


Enjoy Some Instagram-Worthy Bites

la dip

Okay so everyone and their mom post food pics on Instagram, but we can’t help but encourage it when Montreal is home to countless Instagram-worthy meals. Whether you choose La Diperie ice cream, bites from Mandy’s food truck, or a healthier choice from Vivalia, this city is home to many picturesque food options.


Go Paddle Boarding (SUP)

sup board

SUP boards have become huge over the past two years, and we can attest as to why; spending some time out on a board is both relaxing and fun. They also create a perfect afternoon no matter your vibes; adventurers can paddle across a lake, yogis can enjoy and challenge themselves with some SUP yoga, and chillers can just hang out and tan on their boards for a while. What are you waiting for? Rent a SUP board in MTL today!

You’re sure to enjoy these popular activities, we promise. After all, they’ve become trends for a reason!


Yes, Montreal wins, but we’re not the only ones.


Many students dream of doing a year or studies abroad, and there’s no better time to make those dreams come true than while in university! As the important decision to study abroad is pondered, different universities, living conditions, social/legal norms, security, and campus life, become some of many defining factors. Taking that into account, here’s a list of some of the best locations (Canada excluded) to travel abroad for studies, all included in the top 30 best cities for studying abroad by :


Helsinki, Finland

helsinki finland



Finland has an exceptional education system and has been named as the best European city to study in! With unconventional teaching methods, a great education system, and the gorgeous Finnish land and culture, why not consider a city like Helsinki, Finland.  Check out these satisfaction ratings!


Amsterdam, Netherlands








Amsterdam, Netherlands – these photos speak for themselves.


Dubai, UAE

dubai life







Live lavishly (and check out those Lamborghini cop cars) in Dubai, UAE.


Sydney, Australia 





Life doesn’t get much better than hanging by the harbour in Sydney, Australia.


Hong Kong, China

hong kongg

hongkong crazy

hong kong



A officer worker walks across a footbridge in Hong Kong's Central district October 10, 2008. Around the globe, people are worried about safeguarding savings and keeping their jobs as some of the pillars of international finance give way. REUTERS/Bobby Yip (CHINA)

hongkongphoto set

hong kong walking

Enjoy life in the fast lane and visit Hong Kong, China! For more photos check out this awesome photojournalism project.


Munich, Germany





munich germany

Culture meets history in Munich, Germany


Zurich, Switzerland




zurich 2

swiss chocolate

swiss alpes

Swiss Chocolate, cheese, political security, skiing/boarding through the Alpes, and great education system, welcome to Zurich, Switzerland!


Seoul, South Korea






If you want a big and modern city on the other side of the world (because who doesn’t?), check out Seoul, South Korea – nicknamed Special Seoul for the city’s incredible diversity from people to culture, to architecture, and everything else!


Tokyo, Japan

tokyo 2


Japan - Tokyo - Portrait of woman waiting for the train.



tokyo 3

If you want to study in a REALLY big city, Tokyo, Japan is for you. NYC ain’t got nothing on this Japanese city skyline. Aside from that, it’s home to not 1 but 10 internationally ranked universities.


Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore hero cro






Live in the fast-paced vibe, delicious food, and beautiful city skyline that is Singapore, Malaysia.