5 Subscription Boxes You’ve Probably Been Missing out On

Things you love, delivered to your door.

As you’ve probably noticed, subscription boxes have risen to prominence over the last two years. With a bundle of things you love delivered to your door monthly, we understand why this trend has blown up. Now we sit a few years after the trend appropriation, and there’s a subscription box available for everything and anything. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite boxes we’ve come across, sure to please everyone from nerds to beauty-lovers.


Love with Food


If you like to discover new snacks and healthy alternatives, Love With Food is guaranteed to be your favourite subscription box on the market. This monthly food and snack subscription box aims to help customers discover new organic, all-natural bites. For those that prefer a gluten-free diet, there’s also an option to get gluten-less snacks monthly.


Sci-Fan Bloc


Sci-fi fanatics, this box is for you! Sci-Fan Bloc joins the science fiction and fantasy genres to deliver a subscription box that you’ll love. With 4-6 collectibles and an exclusive T-shirt every month, this crate was made to satisfy your inner nerd.





Art lovers, Doodle Crate is your chance to get all your required materials delivered directly to your door! This subscription box aims to inspire young makers to learn new skills and gain creative confidence by providing subscribers with a fun DIY design project to create every month.




BeautyFix is the ultimate subscription box for beauty lovers. Unlike its competitors, this subscription box contains full-size high-quality makeup and beauty  ADD hair products. From eyelash curlers and Dermalogica face wash to beauty blenders and Smashbox mascara, this subscription box will have all beauty lovers ~geeking~.


Loot Pets


Yep, there’s even a subscription box that caters to your pets! With pet accessories, toys, and treats, this box is the ideal box for your beloved pet friend.



Did we miss your favorite subscription box? Let us know which boxes you subscribe to in the comment section below.


5 Things to Do The First Day of Summer in Montreal

Summer is upon us!

Guys, we made it – today is officially the first day of summer AND hump day! Needless to say, this gives us the perfect excuse to go out and do something fun in an effort to celebrate the coming of everyone’s favourite season while simultaneously grooming us to get through the rest of the week. To ensure you make the best of  today, we have curated a list of great Montreal activities you can partake in tonight to commemorate the coming of the summer sun:


Rent a Bixi


Enjoy the warming weather by going for a bike ride around our beautiful city.
With Bixi station at every corner, you’re free to ride wherever.


Get Some Ice Cream!


What better way to ring in the summer than with everyone’s favourite summer sugary treat? Better yet, try out one of Montreal’s premier ice cream spots for an especially mouth-watering experience.


Chill Out on a Rooftop Terrasse


Feeling tired after a long day at work? What better way to decompress than enjoying a drink or some apps (maybe both) in the sun at one of Montreal’s amazing rooftop terrasses.


Head to Mount Royal


Okay, we know hiking up the mountain has made countless lists/activity suggestions, but how can we help ourselves? The top of Mount Royal is debatably the best view in the city. Not feeling so adventurous? Then simply take a few minutes to soak up the sun or enjoy a bite in the park. Either way, this is a prime spot to enjoy the first day of summer in Montreal.


Enjoy Some Greenery


From Jardin Botanique to Atwater Market, there are tons of places in Montreal where you can enjoy flowers, fruits, greenery, and so much more! From Japanese-inspired gardens to fresh fruits and vegetables, celebrate the coming of summer at one with nature – or at least getting some fresh food in your system.


What will you get up to tonight? If you know of any other great activities to celebrate the first day of summer in Montreal, let us know in the comment section below. Happy first day of summer everyone!


7 Places You Can Travel From Montreal For Cheap!

No money, no problems. 

Most people want would love to travel around the world if they could. Unfortunately, traveling is an especially expensive activity, which limits many young people. Luckily, there’s tons of cool places around the country and globally that Montrealers can travel to without breaking the bank. From Quebec to Caribean, we’ve compiled a list of 7 flights you can get the last week of August for under $550.


Quebec – Quebec City ($289)

qc cty

Experience your host province by traveling to Quebec City – Quebec’s capital city. With tons of heritage and culture in the city, you are sure to feel like you’ve traveled to another country.


New York – New York City ($284)


Take on the city that never sleeps, and travel to NYC this summer. With an inexpensive and short flight, you will have ample time to explore everything New York City has to offer.


Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown ($349)


Take a domestic flight to Charlottetown and learn about an entirely different aspect of Canadian culture. With a heavy Irish-English-Scottish influence, the coastal area is unlike any other.


Puerto Rico – San Juan ($481)

puerto rico

For just under $500 you can get both a great tan and amazing cultural experience. I mean just look at those beaches!


Mexico – Cancun ($458)


Again with the dreamy beachy vacation, Cancun Mexico is the perfect destination whether you’re into relaxing, partying, or both. As a popular tourist destination, you are sure to find everything you may want while on vacation, and so much more.


Illinois – Chicago ($378)


Bold architecture, a flourishing art scene, and delicious pizza, what’s not to love about Chicago? With a considerably cheap flight, you’re only a few hundred dollars and miles away from a comprehensive American cultural experience.


Bahamas – Nassau ($514)


If you’re looking to really get away for a good vacation, Nassau Bahamas is the place to go! Although just slightly over-budget, this trip is destined to be a unique experience full of beach days (and parties).



We will be taking a trip this summer – which one will you go on? Do you know of any other cheap travel destinations that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

7 Best Shows on Netflix Summer 2017

For when time simply needs to be wasted. 

Both TV series and Netflix are undeniably awesome. That being said, as you may have noticed Netflix changes often changes their queue. This can pose some issues for a dedicated audience, expecting their favorite shows to be readily available. If you’ve fallen victim to a queue update resulting in the removal of your favorite TV shows, don’t worry – we are here to help. We have put together an updated list of our top seven favorite TV shows on Canadian Netflix right now – May 2017.


Bill Nye Saves the World

Follow everyone’s favourite scientist as he tackles issues from climate change to fad diets through a scientific perspective.


Scream Queens

Join the “Chanels” as they wreak havoc all over their campus, while a serial killer lurks. This horror-satire is one healthy season of entertaining episodes.



Renowned astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson teamed up with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to create a docu-series that highlight humankind’s quest for knowledge, with clearly portrayed concepts, presented with both skepticism and wonder.


Walking Dead

Luckily the hit series Walking Dead doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Season 1 to 7 are readily available on Canadian Netflix!


Family Guy

Feeling like something a little more laidback? Enjoy ~everyone’s~ favorite adult cartoon – Family Guy. Canadian Netflix currently hosts 15 seasons. Needless to say, you will be amused for a while.



The 90’s classic sit come Friends is a perfect show to watch, no matter your tastes. With a healthy 10 seasons available on Canadian Netflix right now, this cast will have you laughing for (at least) a few weeks.



Yet another hugely popular series, Suits is currently available on Canadian Netflix. With seasons 1 to 6 readily available, you will be able to follow Mike, Harvey, Lewis, and Donna’s journey from the very start.


Did we miss any great shows that are currently hosted on Netflix? Let us know which of your favorite shows are on Canadian Netflix right now, in the comment section below.





10 Coolest Courses Offered at Concordia University

Fill those electives.

Most undergraduate students have at least one free elective within their degrees, some with many more. When you’re left to choose a course (for once), it’s important to pick one that truly spikes your interest. To help fill your schedule with some ~really cool~ courses next semester, we’ve compiled a list of Concordia University’s most exciting educative courses.



Montreal’s Festival Culture


Let’s face it – this city is full of festivals. From Igloofest, Jazzfest, and Osheaga to Beerfest and Poutinefest, if we know one thing, it’s that Montreal likes to ‘fest. Why not build a course around it? That’s exactly what Concordia’s Fine Arts department decided to do, offering a course entitled Montreal’s Festival Culture. If you’re taking a summer course (and you should)why not dedicate that time to studying some awesome parties festival culture? We bet there’s at least one awesome field trip involved.

Course Code: FFAR298


When Good Kids Go Bad

Angry Asian girl frowning

Ever wonder why some kids go on to graduate at the top of their classes while others make significantly poorer decisions? This entertaining psychology course will answer all of your questions regarding behaviours in infants, childrens, and teens that range from problematic to straight-up dangerous. Aside from engaging content, the prof is known for his original teaching style and wisecracks, making this an ideal elective for any student.

Course Code: PSYC235



The Art Of Cool


Because as all of you cool people know, it really is an art. Brought to you by Narycist (Yasim Aslaman) a Montreal MC and journalist, Concordia offers a course discussing what it means to be cool. Okay, so you won’t exactly get a step-by-step guide to becoming the freshest on the block, but the content is pretty intriguing nonetheless. From discussing the social construct of being “cool”, to how the media perpetuates this idea, this course determines what it means to be, and why people are perceived as cool.

Course code: FFAR298


Forensic Analysis


Do you dream of performing autopsies and being a ~bad ass~ forensic scientists (maybe with your own tv show?). Concordia is here to help you make your dreams come true. This forensics science course teaches students the fundamentals of forensic analysis and research, as well it’s capacities and limitations. The prof warns however, he will not take responsibility for damages caused when you begin yelling at your TV during you favourite crime shows after taking this cool course.

Course code: CHEM298AA


Hip Hop, Past Present & Future


Imagine sitting through a lecture discussing Snoop, Biggie, and Kanye? Well now you don’t have too. From the prof who originated “The Art of Cool”, comes “Hip Hop, Past, Present, and Future”. This course explores contemporary issues surrounding Hip Hop, allowing for an open-ended platform that can be interpreted differently depending on your area of study. From feminist studies students to engineers, this course is guaranteed to facilitate intriguing discussions, with diverse issues, debates, and responses from students of all faculties. Oh, and we bet you’ll listen to some good tunes.

Course Code: FFAR398




The History of Satan


Ever wonder how Satan came about? Probably not, but now that I’ve mentioned it, you have to be a little bit curious. Luckily there’s an entire course to answer this question. Concordia’s course “The History of Satan” not only discusses the construct and portrayal of Satan in Christianity and Judaism, but also allows students to ponder the ways in which the idea of the devil and evil have affected us from the Middle Ages to the present.

Course Code: RELI394


Introduction to Artifical Intelligence 


Afraid that computers might take over the world? Mind as well go straight to the source in hopes to find a solution. Concordia’s Introduction to Artifical Intelligence is probably the coolest engineering course available at the school. From game-playing to cancer-curing algorithms, artificial intelligence and self-teaching machines are sure to be a staple of the future. Unfortunately, there are prerequisites, so this cool course is not open to all students.

Course code: COMP472


Don’t ever take a lame elective again. Now that you know the coolest courses to take at Concordia, which ones will you add to your schedule? Personally, we love the idea of the “Art of Cool”. Did we miss any awesome courses – leave us your suggestions in the comment area below. Happy Studies!

10 Things to Do in Montreal This June

Get out there!

Montreal is always busy. From recurring weekend events like Picnik Electronique and Tamtams, to the abundance of terraces calling your name in Old Port, the city has something to offer every weekend. If you find yourself wondering what to do in Montreal this June, check out one (or all) of these exciting festivals and events occurring this month:


Check off a few items from the ultimate MTL Bucket List.

Hilton Mtl Pool


See gorgeous art at Montreal’s Mural Festival.



Enjoy Montreal’s premier event – the Montreal Grand Prix!



Check out fashion from the 60’s at this month’s Fashioning Expo 67.



Try one of these awesome 15 places to spend a night on the town.



See the amazing digital creations at MUTEK.



Eat some delicious food truck food at Montreal First Fridays.

first fridays


Beer enthusiast? Good thing Montreal’s Festival Mondial de la Biere is coming up!



Wish a happy birthday and celebrate Quebec with the rest of the city during la Fete Nationale June 23rd-24th.

les francofolies catherine major

Chase the thrills for a day at La Ronde – Montreal’s top amusement park.

la ronde



From partying to food celebrations, now that you know the best events around the city this June, which ones will you go to? Let us know in the comment section below!


20 Little-Known Facts about Canada

O Canada.

As many of you know, this year marks the 150th year of Canadian sovereignty since the country’s independence from the British Empire. In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary coming up this July, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fun facts pertaining to the Great White North. From geographic to historical, below are Canada’s top interesting facts:


1. The world’s first UFO landing pad was built in 1967 in Alberta.


Yes, we believe in aliens.


2. Canada is the exclusive home to reindeer (a.k.a caribou).



3. The Canadian Mint has a 1 million dollar coin that is USEABLE.



4. The first known use of the word “Canuck” was referring to a Canadian

Brian Burns adjusts his Canadian flags on the beach, during a Pub Crawl event for the Canadian Legion, Saturday, May 18 2013 in Port Dover, Ontario. THE CANADIAN PRESS//Dave Chidley


5. Only 8 countries in the world are deemed less corrupt than Canada



6. Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined.lakes


7. Over 75% percent of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec.


 Quebec is even home to a maple syrup reserve.

8. 42% of the Candian population has higher education qualifications.



9. Basketball was invented in Canada.



10. Although denied by the Bank of Canada, it is rumored that $100 bills smell like maple syrup.


Just sniff one and you’ll see.


11. Nanaimo bars come from Nanaimo, BC.



12. License plates in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are shaped like polar bears.



13. One in five Canadians were born outside of Canada.



14. Hawaiin pizza was invented in Ontario, Canada.



15. 80% of all alcohol consumed in Canada is beer.



16. Canada is home to the deepest underground lab in the world – Snolab in Sudbury, Ontario is more than a mile (1.6 km) underground.



17. Canadas is home to cities that are the garter snake, nickel, and maple syrup capitals of the world.




18. Canada is home to three of the world’s top universities – University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and Mcgill University.



19. Ottawa holds an annual Tulip festival, filled with thousands of Tulips sent from the Netherlands.


For one day in 1943, Ottawa designated a hospital room to be international ground so that a Dutch princess could be born a full Dutch citizen, so she could keep her princess title. The annual tulips are a sign of gratitude from the Netherlands.


20. Hate speech is a penalized offense by the federal and provincial government.



21. Canada has a special quarter with a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur on it.



22. Santa Claus lives in Canada – his address is Santa Claus, North Pole H0H 0H0. Better yet, if you write him a letter from anywhere in the country, he will respond.



23. Canada’s official phone number is literally 1-800-0-Canada.



24. 35%-50% of all music broadcast on Canadian radio must be Canadian.



25. Canada is the exclusive home to ketchup and all dressed chips.




Now that you’ve been through the list of our favorite facts, how many of these little-known Canadian facts did you know? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section.


8 Reasons to Take Summer Courses

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.



Although the thought of summer school was dreadful in high school, as we grow up and move through post-secondary, the stigma starts to shift. Whether it be to ameliorate your GPA or avoid repeating a course during the normal academic year, summer classes have been growing in popularity. As some of you might already know, there are some serious advantages to adding a course or two to your summer plans. We have come up with a list of the top 7 reasons to enroll in a summer course:


Graduate Quicker


I may be stating the obvious with this one, but arguably the number one reason for taking summer courses is to graduate quicker. One course per summer and you’re 3 courses down! Two courses per summer and you cut an entire semester off your academic career. There is no question, earlier graduation is a great reason to take summer courses.


Get Better Marks


As students who take 4-6 courses a semester, taking only 1 or 2 courses allows you to centralize your attention on a smaller amount of content. With a stronger focus and less to learn, you will inevitably get better marks. You might not want to sit through summer lectures, but you GPA will be thanking you.


Smaller Classes

small classes

Without all enrolled students running through campus, summer courses allow for smaller classes and a much less busy campus. No more filing through giant groups of people in narrow hallways or waiting in a 20-minute line to talk to your prof. after lectures.   


Decreases Normal Workload


Another great reason to take summer courses is to decrease your workload during the scheduled school year. Fewer courses = higher grades (and fewer finals!).


Stay Sharp


Taking a summer course undoubtedly helps you get over that September slump. You know the one – when you’re not quite ready to be back in school so you ~slack off~ a little too hard during the first two three weeks. Taking a summer course allows you to do the bare minimum to stay in a routine and avoid that dreaded slump come the start of the new academic year.


Take a Cool Elective


Whether you’re taking summer courses to get ahead in your studies or decrease your workload throughout the academic year, taking a summer course can offer the opportunity to enroll in a cool elective you may not have had the chance to take otherwise. The Art of Listening, Sociology of Deviance, Horror & Fantasy Films? Count. Me. In.


Try Another School


Another great reason to take summer courses is that you can sign up to take a class at another institution. With a simple “Letter of Permission”  or “Visting Student” application, you gain your ticket to ~summering~ in another city. Toronto, Vancouver, California, New York City – where will you vacation next summer?


Stay on schedule


Avoid repeating a failed course in the normal academic year by taking it over the summer. This way, you won’t be stuck with a semester with the dreaded course overloading, nor will you be a course behind. Staying on schedule after a failed course is a great reason to taking summer courses.



What are you waiting for? Plan to sign up for a fun summer course!


8 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives

Healthy = delicious.

As summer approaches, many of us are making some changes in an effort to get that summer ‘bod. Whether you’re a ~seasoned~ juice cleanser, have doubled up on the cardio sessions, or are trying a (ridiculously unsustainable) fad diet, simply making some subtle adjustments to your daily routine such as adding 30 minutes of exercise to your day or increasing your fiber intake, can have an substantial influence on your efforts. If you’re a snacker, one proven way to slim down is by swapping your favorite junk foods for some healthy alternatives. We’ve put together a list of top 7 favorite healthy snacks and meals to substitute your preferred junk foods and meals, proving lifestyle changes don’t necessarily mean you will go hungry:



Chip Lovers

Alternative: Kale, Zucchini, Apple, or Sweet Potato Chips


Who doesn’t love that crave that satisfying chip crunch? Luckily, there are many literally delicious healthy alternatives that deliver the same amount of crunch and flavour. Get 16 healthy chip alternative recipes here.



Wing Lovers

Alternative: Cauliflower Buffalo Bites


When you just ~need~ buffalo wings, try this easy and healthy alternative to get both the flavor and the crunch of your favorite wings. Not a buffalo fan? Switch the sauce to your preference! Get the recipe here.



Chocolate Lovers

Alternative: Avacado Brownies


I won’t insist that chocolate lovers switch to 70% cocoa chocolate (although delicious,  it’s not actually that healthy) because I’m here to help innovate your diet. For something completely different yet equally satisfying, try chocolate avocado brownies. You can eat these babies guilt free. Get the recipe here.




Popcorn Lovers

Alternative: Coconut Oil Popcorn


A personal favourite, this is a great healthy (and cheap) alternative to junk food for when you’re on the go. Feel like spicing it up a bit? From chilli powder, lime powder, and salt & pepper, to traditional popcorn seasoning or vinegar, this snack is both quick and customizable. Get the recipe here.



Peanut Butter Lovers

Alternative: Healthy Peanut Butter Cups


Peanut butter lovers, I get you. I could eat spoonful after spoonful, and you probably can too. Aside from simply switching over to natural peanut butter, another health-ish recipe to satisfy any peanut butter craving is dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Made with cocoa, coconut oil, and natural peanut butter, these are suitable for your healthy (and even ketogenic) lifestyle. Get the recipe here.



Pizza Lovers

Alternative: Cauliflower Pizza

cf pizza

Why yes, there’s a healthy alternative for all of you pizza lovers too. With an abundance of veggies and healthy fats, cauliflower pizza is a personal pizza. Get the recipe here.



Candy Lovers

Alternative: Ketogenic Gummy Bears


When you get a serious sugar craving, these gummy bears will help you get through the day. Get the recipe here.



Ice Cream Lovers

Alternative: Frozen Yogurt


This healthy junk food alternative may seem basic, but I prefer calling it timeless. In a rush? Simply freeze your preferred type of yogurt add your favourite fruit, nut, or topping for the perfect snack. My personal favourite is strawberry greek yogurt with sunflower seeds. Get the recipe here.



No excuses! Try one (or all)  of these healthy alternatives to your favourite junk foods today.

Best Montreal Music Festivals

‘Tis the (festival) season.

No matter where you’re from in the world, it’s’ an undeniable fact that music brings people together. Even more so, there’s nothing like a music festival – summer vibes, like-minded music lovers, and top tier acts; it’s easy to see how music festivals inextricably linked to a great summer. Montreal being one of Canada’s premier art scenes, the city offers an abundance of festivals no matter your taste in music. Check out our list of the various MTL music festivals by music genre.


Ile Soniq

EDM lovers, this one is for you! Montreal’s somewhat new electronic dance music festival has proved to keep up with other big Canadian festivals like Toronto’s Veld and B.C.’s Pemberton.



This huge music and arts festiva gains attention globally, with top artists headlining and performing at the event. Not only are the shows amazing, but Osheaga village is a must-have experience at least once in your life!



Jazz lovers, you’re in the right city. Join people from all over the world at MTL’s renowned Jazzfest.


Heavy Montreal

There’s even one for those that prefer heavy metal.


Montreal International Reggae Fest

We’re jammin’.


Picnik Electro


Picnik is a Montreal staple that runs every weekend during the summer – yes Every. Weekend. Make sure to grab your EDM loving friends and hit up Picnik for an unforgettable Saturday.


Valhalla Sound Circus

Rock-lovers, this is a premier rock-centric weekend event, packed with great acts alongside an environment of free expression synthesizing art, music, and adventure all into one weekend.


Festival Mondial des Cultures




In the mood for a cosmopolitan event, incorporating music from all over the world? Expand your horizons and embark on a new cultural experience at this dance festival in Drummondville!


What are you waiting for? Pick an event and get to dancing!