Your Ultimate Guide to Montreal F1 Grand Prix Weekend


It’s that time of the year!

Montreal hosts one of the biggest Canadian festival F1 Prix. The amazing town is holding this big event around 7-9th of June 2019. A lot of international tourists are attracted to attend this Formula 1 Frenzy. So if you are an F1 fanatic then don’t even think of missing this. Witness the best F1 drivers hitting up to the highest of speeds at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Montreal offers the best of itself around this time of year. So if you are planning to come over to attend this grand festival you are in for a great treat!

F1 Grand Prix



The Great grand Formula racing event is held in Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Packed with thousands of people this is one of the biggest events of Canada hosted by Montreal. People from all over the country descend to the city of Montreal and the hotels and living spaces have full houses. A lot of other festivities are chained to this grand event to show the visitors the best of Montreal. Click here for the full details of the event.


The St. Catherine Festival


Experience the biggest open sky gathering of Canadian merchants at Sainte Catherine Street.  Get to witness almost 30,000 visitors altogether, jam-packed at the Catherine street like never before!  The whole town pours into the heart of downtown Montreal to enjoy animations, outside shops, musicians, acrobats, live artistic creations, dance, refreshing drinks and great food in a pleasant festive atmosphere. Enjoy the giant open sky street festival hosted by all your favorite downtown stores and restaurants.




Auberge St-Gabriel, A 330 year’s old inn situated in Montreal’s Old Port, hold ABGE annually. Be prepared to be astounded by the celebrities, moguls, media stars, models, and racing pilots. As they all are present on the Auberge for 4 days of luxurious festivities. Get to experience outstanding food experience, flowing champagne and lots of beautiful people all under one roof! The schedule of the party is as follows:

7th The Friday- partnership with Paris’ l’Arc Nightclub for Paris, Mon Amour.

8th The Saturday – we bring you Bagatelle, an incomparable day party that lasts well into the night.

9th The Sunday- Marking of the Official After-Party of Grand Prix du Canada featuring the Montreal debut of superstar DJ Guy Laliberté.

Brace yourselves because it’s going to be busy at ABGE!




A space inspired by the 1920s, that will make you feel as if you have traveled back to a time of great prestige. Enjoy the fabulous dinner followed by the course of sophisticated wine round to end your day in style. Experience Montreal’s Grand Prix experience at a premium and exclusive supper club! Enjoy most tantalizing 4 and 5-star meals coupled by aerial performances and circus. Enjoy the sight of best-styled showgirls and enjoy Montreal’s best after party.


So if you are planning to come down to Montreal to attend this festivity make sure you try at least one of the above-mentioned places. We bet you won’t regret it! Have something more to add? Leave a comment or tag us at Instagram @stcathys. 

Ten Apps that will Change Your Life for the Better

Relying on smartphones has become our commodity. Where earlier we used to rely on various gadgets to relieve stress or for other random chores, now everything is just a touch away. Whether its unwinding time or you need to reach somewhere on time. From making notes to keeping a record of your budget, a smartphone is the first thing that you reach out for!

Here are a few amazing apps that will change your life better. And if not change at least it will make life easier!



image 1

This amazing app works great for students. It allows them to create flashcards for a test or quiz. You may download the relevant information straight from Google Documents or Excel spreadsheet to organize the preparation material. It’s simple and quick! You may get several options of multiple choice questions, matching the columns or video aid embedding!



image 2

My homework is a helpful study partner that helps you reminding and check to list the submissions! Isn’t that great? It instantly gives you access to your due assignments and dates for upcoming papers, homework, and tests. Once you are done with it, you may delete it from the list by swiping right.  It’s like having a study friend, with no strings attached and absolutely no competition!



image 3

This stylish, yet simple to-do list app makes adding and completing tasks easy and satisfying. Any.Do allows you to create as many lists as you need, prioritize your items, add notes, and set reminders. Separating items into four lists—today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday—ensures you’ll never forget something again. No more mental checklists.



image 4

The internet can take you down into its world with absolutely no guilt trip of time. If you’re like the rest of the internet-addicted world, and you probably spend way too much time trolling over Facebook memes or Scrolling through your favorite Insta celebrities, when could you be getting work done?  Here is your savior! RescueTime keeps track of the time you spend on apps and websites and then reports back to you. The results are often shocking, so prepare to cut down on your Twitter usage.



image 5

Use less paper, save trees! You may cut down on the amount of paper in your life with Shoeboxed. Instead of balling up receipts and saving them in, well, a shoebox, the app will scan and extract all relevant information and organize it into the most common tax categories. And yes, it also generates expense reports.


 Two Foods

image 6'

It is widely known that we are what we eat. The most important decisions that we make through the day are half comprised of what to eat during the day. The battle between healthy eating and eating outside takes a serious toll on the mind! Two foods is a simple app that allows you to make a comparison between two foods that your brain is debating upon. The comparison is made on the basis of money, nutritional value and health properties. Isn’t it cool? That’s like your personal food advisor on your phone!


Tech makes our life easier! So without a doubt, download all these apps and make your life easier in a touch. If you have friendlier apps that you use to make your life easier, do share your thoughts in the comments section or tag us @stcathys.

10 Montreal Summer Internships That You Can Apply for Right Away!


Sitting idle or drinking away the summers is not something successful people have done in the past. Therefore, come this summer if you thrive in a student residence than a nice internship in the summer may get you on your track financially, academically and socially. We have dug up 10 summer internships in Montreal that you can take up this summer.


FairStone Operations Intern

image 1


The Summer Intern – Branch Operations will be introduced to every aspect of the business from administration/cash management to past due to account management to business generation, credit underwriting and sale of financial solutions.


SAP –  Controlling Associate


You will work in a business partner role and help maintain operational excellence along with contributing to assigned controlling tasks, deliver defined tasks for project work, and support relevant controlling processes


United Nations – Environment Affairs

image 2


Well, everybody knows the career jump if you end up at the UN as a summer intern.


SourceKnowledge – Digital Marketing Intern


SourceKnowledge’s paid internship is a 3-month program, where university graduates and young professionals based in Montreal can develop hands-on experience in digital marketing, performance advertising, and web analytics.


TandemLaunch – Marketing Intern


Part-time marketing intern that will act in the digital sphere working with new startups.


Fraud Analyst


There is no cooler Hollywood like internship then a fraud analyst for a leading financial group. Get your Sherlock mask on, that too for a bank.


Sales and Marketing Intern

image 3


You will develop market knowledge, improve the sales processes and support the delivery of the sales plan. Moreover, customer service will also fall on your desk on a daily basis.


Canadian National Railway – Audit Internship


You will under the supervision and guidance of Internal Audit Management, complete audit assignments that provide assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of CN’s internal controls and assist Management in achieving business objectives


Valtech – Operations Interm


You will assist Valtech’s customers in the research, ideation, design, and marketing of intelligent digital experiences, interfaces and innovative products.


Java Logix – Digital Intern


Not many companies offer over the shoulder training to interns. However, an internship at Java Logix where you will be handling digital content for different customers does exactly that.


Therefore, sitting idle must not be the plan. Even, if you want to have a good time, you can take time off your internship and have fun. However, for most Montreal student residence, an awesome internship is the way to go to cover expenses as well as get fruitful experience when school is out.

10 Montreal Staycations You Need Before the Summer Internship Stress Hit

Are you a Montreal student resident stuck in Montreal before the summer internships? Try out a staycation at one of the lesser known places this summer!

Internet is a funny world, coming up with terminologies that Oxford did not even know existed 10 years ago. Staycation is a similar word that was not even used before 2008 and then suddenly burst into the scene. It actually means to stay home on your vacation and see the local attractions that you may or may not know about. Therefore, if you are a Montreal student resident, these are the 10 attractions you need to hit before the stress of summer internships take over:


Home Spa Day

download (3)

There is no better feeling than staying at home or your Montreal student residence and giving yourself a royale spa treatment. The skin glows and fear of the finals diminishes away even if for a few hours.


Amusement Parks


La Ronde, Montreal’s premier amusement park is waiting for you to spend a lot of quality time with your friends or family. 


Winter Rooftop Pool


This winter pool is a special treat for staycationers. It provides you a warm swim in the winter night and a room to forget all your problems away with a drink or two.  Try Apartment Hotel or Hotel Bonaventure!


Bike Rides


The summers are the best time to bike around your favorite places around Montreal. You don’t even have to own a bike as you can just rent one!


Parc National d’Oka

image 2

A park with water splashing and sand to play with, what else do you need for a whole Sunday affair?


Old Port of Montreal

old port dine

You can rent a quadricycle and have fun hovering around the old port square people watching, eating and shopping on the way!


Coteau-du-Lac National


Get in touch with Montreal’s history by grabbing a snack from the farmer’s market and sitting beside the rapids while you eat.


Eagle Canyon


Walk across the longest, scariest man crossing hanging bridge in Montreal. That walk of shame after a club night into your student residence will look like a happy hour once you cross this bridge.


Allez up


A fun way to live a healthy life on your staycation by climbing walls for fun.


You do not have to go away for the weekend and spending an exorbitant amount of money in an isolated cabin to distress. Google maps are your best friend in this situation as you can find hidden gems in and around Montreal that you don’t have to take a bus for. Get your weekend bag and distress like never before


Our Favorite Montreal Late-Night Snacks.. Whether Studying or Partying!

Bored in your Montreal student residence, coming in from a night out, or even hanging at a friend’s place? Grabbing a bite is the best alternative, and Montreal offers a score of late night foodie entertainers! Try out some of our favorites tonight:

As a student resident, you know that you cannot survive from getting your heads smashed by books or your liver by alcohol, without the intake of delicious food. Therefore, whether you are a student resident in Montreal or just visiting to levy up, late night snacks are an absolute must! We bring you some of the most delicious late night snack spots that will bring out the positivity lacking in your nights.


Isle De Garde


The join is opened till 1:30 on the weekdays and 3 am on the weekends. That along with some of the finest beer collection tagged with Charcuterie and cheeses, tartinades, and beer’s best friend, patates frites, makes it a must visit late night snack place.


Nouveau Palais


This place turns into a late night going after 11:30 pm when it closes the regular dinner serving and provides with the basics of students that includes burgers, cheese fries, pierogis along with a lot of music and hustle bustle of the late nighters.




Looking for some tacos to fill up before you hit the bed, club or your books? If yes, then Mezcaleros is the place to be especially on the weekends as it hits up late till 3 am.


Otto Yakitori


Looking for some Japanese cuisine that includes Japanese skews and other delicacies. This bar type Japanese joint is then the place for you to eat and have fun, forgetting the downsides of living in a student residence away from home.


Chef on Call


This is our personal favorite where we order in almost every other night. Most of the delivery foods and takeaways outlets are presenting faux food with limited taste. However, Chef on Call provides with fast food as well as gourmet options that you can savor at one tap of your phone screen through there awesome food ordering app!


All student residents in Montreal know that they cannot survive without food but only a few of them know that they cannot survive without good food. Check out these places and never have a boring snack night, be it between your end terms or in the nights where you decide to steam off!

5 Summer 2019 Research Opportunities for Montreal Undergrads

Looking for some interesting options this summer? Apply for one of the five top research positions in Montreal that we have brought down in one article for your convenience!

With the summer break around the corner, you can always plan a getaway. However, many student residences in Montreal believes that this is the time to explore their potential as a research guru. However, many undergrads residing in Montreal student residence run on the wrong path all summer and end up researching about Penguin knee joints on Facebook. We have put up 5 research opportunities that won’t be a part of a scrapbook in the future but put real value in your academic life.

image F

JLL internship

Looking to learn the basics of how a Fortune 500 company works? JLL offers you a unique opportunity to assist the big shots in real estate investment. If you have an academic background in Business Administration, Urban Economics, Urban Planning, or Urban Geography; then this is the place to be this summer.


Marketing Associate at TrickSmith Corp

Looking to make an impact? This research position will allow you to spearhead selection teams that gauge and assist cool startup companies to get on their feet running. An ideal research opportunity for students willing to work in the digital sphere in the future.



Some research opportunities are generalized in its own way so your core subject and competencies don’t hamper your selection for the requisite field. One such opportunity is Valtech summer program where you will help the company in supporting their customers in the research, ideation, design, and marketing of intelligent digital experiences, interfaces and innovative products. If you have basic management skills then this is the place to be.


Industrial Design Research

If you have or dream of following a profession in design than this summer research opportunity is exactly what you need. You will help Revision Military in researching for better designs to develop armor, helmets and other life-saving equipment. One place where you can grow and help the protectors who protect the nation!


Concept Artist

If you belong to the design fraternity, then this opportunity is perfect for your career and future academic path. You will be working as a team with people looking to formulate the right design for the right place/people. You will work in a cooperative and interdisciplinary team environment to conceptualize the universe of the game


Therefore, if you a student resident and thinking of blowing up all your savings on beach parties and long cruises, think again because this summer may not come back again. You will always have a lot of time to party your worries away in the future!

Brain Fog? These Brain Foods Will Clear That Right Up!


Get that brain working for you!

Having trouble with memorizing things? Does it go all hazy whenever you get to wear your thinking helmet on? Well, it is the silly brain fog taking over the thinking capacity of your otherwise awesomely working brain. You might feel trouble while concentrating and remembering things. It could be due to a number of things, but since we live in an age where we eat pesticides and inhale chemicals, diet plays the most imminent role for effective cognitive functioning. The brain needs nutrient-rich food to function properly. Cutting on bad calories such as sugars and excessive carbohydrates can lead to better and clearer functioning mind.

So when your exams are near and you feel even a slight if brain fog, switch to these amazing foods for a focused and improved mind.


Leafy Greens

image 1

It is said, ‘the healthier the diet is, the clearer the mind will be’. Leafy greens are the safest stop for the healthy diet regime. A brain of a person eating greens performs as effectively as a five year’s younger’s brain. So next time when you are in doubt for what to eat? Pick a salad!



image 2

Avocados help in maintaining a healthy blood flow hence promoting an increased brain function. Avocados also are a rich source of fatty acids which help in protecting the neurons.  



image 3

We all know salmon is richly packed with omega 3 fatty acids which help in efficient cognitive functioning of the brain.



image 4

An instant source of energy to your brain is carbohydrates. Beans help stabilize blood sugar levels. Research shows that lower levels of folic acid may hinder the learning process of the brain. Beans are also a rich source of vitamin B12 and Folic acid.



image 5

Choline, a nutrient, specifically found in eggs helps in retaining and improving cognitive functioning. If you have new information to absorb, eggs may play a key role in helping so. The nutrients found in eggs helps in learning and memorizing quickly.



image 6

Nuts are a great and healthy snack. Nuts high in Omega 3 is a great support to your brain as they affect instantly to boost the nutritional value to charge the mind up. Eating a handful of walnuts can improve your memory. So next time think twice before opening a bag of crisps for munching.  



image 7

All the coffee drinkers have a fair idea, how difficult it is to produce without having a mug of coffee. Caffeine makes your brain alert and pin targets special areas in the brain that are mainly involved in attention, monitoring and planning.


Complex Carbs

image 8

Taking complex carbs in your breakfast can improve your efficiency twice as taking fats. A research was carried out and it was deduced that ‘A high fiber early morning meal taker was twice as alert than a normal breakfast eater’.


Dark Chocolate

image 9

As yummy as it sounds, dark chocolate can help greatly with brain fog. A piece of dark chocolate daily can help improve concentration as it releases endorphins. It acts as an antioxidant and stimulates to help focus. According to research people who ate chocolate weekly showed better exam results and performed better in reasoning.  



image 10

Blueberries are the king of antioxidant properties amongst all the fruits and vegetables. They are prescribed to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as they help in improving cognitive thinking and improve memory.


Water and a lot of exercises can also help you clear your mind as well. An ample amount of water intake flushes out antioxidants and maintains a healthy body.  So the next time you think the cloud is about to take over, you know exactly what to pick! We would love to hear your feedback on what would you choose for reducing brain fog.

Any tips or suggestion to add? Let us know in the comment section!

Ways To Get Through This ~Crazy~ Montreal Snowstorm

Snow in April? Yeah, that sounds about right.

It is widely and rightly said that you can’t ever control the weather. All thanks to the evolved technology and advanced meteorological systems, that at least now we are intimated well in time for the upcoming weather situations. Being on the North, the temperatures in Montreal are always extreme. The temperature in winters generally goes down till -30 Celsius, and that’s an absolutely freeze anything around. Snowstorms in Montreal are really crazy. They can come on quickly, switch direction without notice and build up intensity within no time.
So if you are residing in Montreal, be ready to witness an extreme situation and prepare yourself in advance for few things to get through crazy Montreal snowstorm, because “WINTER IS COMING!”



Be Prepared

image 1

Check all your water pipes. Below 7 Celsius the pipes tend to get frozen. Check if any of those need extra foam insulation. Once the temperature begins to drop, let your faucets drip so that the water keeps running through the pipes. Charge your cell phones and power banks. And use phones on low power mode just in case of power failure you have enough battery to make emergency calls. Bank on extra cells and batteries for the same reason.


Stock Up on Comfort Food

Image 2

As soon as the news of a snowstorm will hit the news the store aisles will become crowded. It is very important that you stock up your house with an ample amount of groceries. Check for weather reports for almost how long the storm will last and shop accordingly. The grocery items must include dry grocery as well as a lot of water supply. It is smart to make a list so you don’t run out of anything in your pantry. If you have a pet, make sure you shop for their commodities in advance. Include a few canned items, in case there is a power or gas outage you still have something readymade to eat.


Stay Indoors

image 3

It is very much advisable to stay indoors during severe snowstorms in Montreal because you wouldn’t want to face the deadly consequences. Since the visibility goes down to zero there are chances of meeting fatal accidents. Also, the roads might be blocked, to keep you indoors. Even if there is a need to go out, keep yourself warm. Dress up in loose, layered clothing. Lose clothing will keep the blood circulation efficient, increasing warmth. Mittens are better than gloves as the fingers stay close enough to be warm


Learn the Signs of Hypothermia

image 4

Hypothermia is a condition where your body fails to produce an ample amount of heat to keep it warm. The body tends to dissipate more heat than it absorbs. It starts with shivering and may lead to high blood pressure due to the contraction of blood vessels. A person may feel out of breath and find it hard to make any decisions. Loss of control over bladder is also one of the symptoms.


Stay Hydrated

image 5

Drink lots of water. The more hydrated you will be, the warmer you will stay. Once you get dehydrated there are more chances of catching frostbite and hypothermia. The low temperature during a snowstorm in Montreal tends to freeze around everything. Loss of water in the body cells will freeze them in a shorter span, hence causing frostbite.  A hydrated cell, on the other hand, will keep itself warmer. Consult a doctor to thaw. If it is impossible to reach to a doctor place your hands in warm water. It will be painful but will work for a while.

Keep Yourself Busy

image 6

Find yourself interesting board games or cards to keep your mind off these dire circumstances. Enjoy your indoor time, stay warm and eat lots.


The snowstorm in Montreal can really take a toll on you, but if you will keep yourself ready, it will not bother you much and you may end up enjoying your indoor off time. Give time to yourself, read, pamper yourself, munch and Netflix it away. Do you have something more to add to it? How do you spend your indoor time in Montreal during snowstorms?

Let us know in the comment section below or tag us in your creative endeavors Instagram at @scathys. 

Need to write an A-List paper? Here’s How!

Let’s get busy!

Where being a university student brings you a lot of perks of independence, there, the first jolt that you get is when you are asked to write a paper.  Most of the students, tend to put off the hard task on the fact that since they can’t produce a good one. Suddenly, the days go by and often you end up submitting a ~somewhat plagiarized~ or third-grade paper when they fall short on time. This ultimately leads to bad grades and, and as we all know too well, papers usually make up a large portion of students grades. Here are few tricks to guide you through writing your paper so you don’t have to toss out plagiarized version a night before.



Before you begin writing a paper it’s very important to know what your professor wants. Go through the assignment you are provided with. It’s more effective to do it that very day when it handed over. Generally, teachers tend to give a rubric containing eminent things that they will be looking for while grading. If you haven’t gotten one, do not hesitate to ask for one. It will be completely unfair to assess students without letting them know what is expected of them. Once you make a rubric, you need to be clear how will you end the paper. Craft the paper in the same manner. Read the assignment critically to analyze what it asks of you. Write anchor sentences in the rubric as a reminder to stay on the track while writing the paper.


Sit down! Yes, that’s the foremost thing you ought to do. You might have come across a few tasks which are only hindered because of not getting time to sit down. It is said 90% of the tasks are considered done the moment you sit down for them. Specify yourself a time slot in your daily routine for the paper. It’s important that your targets are realistic and are being met each day. This will give you a feel of accomplishment. Commit yourself to the process and do a bit of it every day. Remind yourself that this little bit is an important addition to your overall career.


Once you have achieved the first two steps, now is the time to open your thinking bag and get to work. Gazillions of ideas come floating in through a small window and are hard to interpret. A lot of people recommend free writing. Freewriting helps you make records that can be used in the future as key points. Free writing generally seems vague and disorienting in later stages. Mapping, on the other hand, is quite useful. Map your thoughts in an organized manner like a flow chart. This will pop guiding questions for your research and will clearly demonstrate how your ideas are linked. This technique is super beneficial for writing long research papers.



Create an excellent topic overview upon which the paper is based. The topic should be generic. After this narrow down to construct the specifics of your paper. Present at least three solutions to the problem you presented in the overview. And then at the end, trim it down to the best of three and make connections with the most appropriate one.


After finishing it still won’t let you go this easy. Revise your paper thoroughly. Ask a good study partner to do this favor for you. Edit the mistakes and apply proper formatting techniques. Review it again and at the end give it a read for the last pass. Once you are done with these three steps refer to the rubric, and honestly review if you filled the requirements?


After finishing these tasks off print it and hand the devil off. It’s very unlikely that you don’t get a good grade unless there are some major errors involved! There is still a tip to it. Start working on it the day you get it. It won’t take your grade records down.

Any brilliant addition to the list? Do share with us in the comment section or tag us on instagram at @scathys. 

7 Tricks for Students to Relax and Treat Yourself

It’s time to treat yourself! Honestly, you deserve it. You’ve had a long week of work or an exhausting couple of days at school. You need to relax. It could only be Tuesday and you’re over the week. That is definitely okay! Focusing on yourself and providing the care your body needs is nothing to be ashamed of. Take the day for yourself and recuperate. Here are some tips to have the ultimate relaxation day.

1) Beauty Sleep
large (20)
Before your big day of relaxing, you need to get a good night’s sleep before the big day.If you’re deciding the night before that you’re going to have a relaxation day, get a good night’s sleep. You want to wake up feeling rejuvenated. If you start your day off tired, the rest of the day will feel pointless. Get the full eight-hour sleep you’ve been craving so badly. You’ll instantly love yourself a little more in the morning.

2) Relax and Unplug From Social Media

Although this might sound like the last thing you want to do, you will not regret it. I promise you at the end of the day you’ll feel more at peace knowing you spent the day just thinking about yourself. Realistically, you’re just going to sit on your phone creeping through Instagram to see what your ex-boyfriend is doing. It’s not worth it! Unplug from social media and give yourself the attention that you deserve.

3) New Sheets = New Me
large (21)
The feeling of crawling into your bed at the end of the day to freshly washed sheets is indescribable. Throw your sheets in the wash or replace them with brand new ones. Your relaxation day doesn’t need to end the minute you get into bed. If you have problems with breakouts, changing your pillow cases and sheets regularly can help prevent them. Treat yourself by sleeping in some nice sheets!

4) Bubble Baths
large (22)
Light yourself a nice teak-wood mahogany candle and get some calming music to feel relaxed. Bubble baths are so soothing and will instantly make you feel at peace. Don’t have a bathtub? Hot showers are just as relaxing. Get your shower playlist ready and go live your best life in the bathroom.

5) Food, Lots of Food.
large (23)
Today is your day. If you feel like going all out for breakfast, do it. However, if you’d rather take yourself out to brunch, go right ahead. You deserve to be well fed and happy. You don’t want to ruin your day by being hangry so treat yourself to your favourite meal or dessert!

6) Art
large (24)
Whatever popped into your head when you read “art,” do exactly that. If that means you want to draw, grab a sketchbook and a pencil. If you want to paint a canvas, go grab your paint brushes. Expressing yourself through art allows you to relax and show what you’ve been feeling lately in a creative form. Take the time during your day to express your thoughts and emotions.

7) Dress For Yourself

Self-care days are what you make of them. Dressing for yourself in the morning is important! If you feel like going all out with a full face of makeup because you have the time, you can. If you would prefer to be in sweatpants, hair tied, chilling’ with no makeup on, I don’t think Drake would oppose! Overall, this day is all about you so dress the way you want.

With these tips, you’ll be on the road to relaxation in no time! Remember that self-care is important and it is okay to take the time you need to get back on track. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

What are your favorite self-care tips for an especially stressful time? Let us know in the comment section below.