5 Cool Internships You Can Apply for Right Now!

On the work grind.

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to bulk up your resume before graduation is to apply for a summer internship. Not only will you get hands-on experience in your field, but you make priceless connections that can even lead to a full-time position (oh and you get to ditch the annoying part-time job). From fashion to computer science, we’ve put together a list of 7 great internships available to Montreal students right now. 


Business Internship: Finance



Love finance and diamonds? Birks is the place for you. This established luxury jewelry company is seeking a finance intern for their Montreal corporate office. The selected intern will be mandated to work on a financial modeling project, making this internship the opportunity of a lifetime for a student that hopes to have an outstanding resume and outshine their competition when entering the job market.

Apply here.



Industrial Design: Product Innovation & Creation

SurfaceID is one of Montreal’s leading industrial design firms, and they’re looking for new talent. Specifically, they are looking to hire a summer intern with an interest in creating and conceiving innovative products. From communication with clients and defining products to choosing materials and sketching/building prototypes, industrial design interns will get comprehensive experience, sure to make their resume stand out from the crowd.

Apply here.


Engineering Internships: Research & Development
Apply here.

If you’re a senior (3rd & 4th year) engineering or biochem student, 3M wants to hire you this summer. The company aims to apply science in collaborative ways to improve daily lives.  The selected intern will assist with various projects from microbiology laboratory equipment validation to aerospace material testing and industrial application development. With an impressive portfolio amounting over $30 billion in sales and 90k employees, this internship could be a great first step for a dynamic engineering student.

Apply here.


Tech Internships: Developers


Software developers! SAP – an enterprise application development company is seeking summer interns to develop new features for existing customers. This 3-month position is perfect for any dynamic computer science student that can write ABAP, Javascript, HMTL5 and CSS, with object-oriented programming experience.

Apply here.



Fashion Internship: Social Media, Business, Communications

The Charter of Fashion, a Toronto-based luxury retailer is looking for interns with a passion for fashion and business! This job can be done from home and only requires a few hours of work per day, making it an excellent position for busy summer students.

Apply here.



Take the next steps to secure your future! Will you be applying to one of these internships? Let us know in the comment section below.

Montreal Summer Jobs Calling your Name


Now that the school year has come to an end, the next important order of business for most students is to find a job. And yes, your parents have probably been nagging about locking down your summer job for weeks (and maybe even months) now, but the procrastination is inevitable. In case slacked a little and are now rushing for a job, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Montreal summer jobs and internships that are available right now! Thank us later.




Use all your knowledge from higher education to tutor some younger students this summer. Know a second language? Even better!

Apply here.


Laboratory Assistant

lab assistant

Science students, a lab job in your field is sure to look great on those precious med school applications!

Apply here.


Student Painter

Man painting billboard

Spend time both inside and outside working as a painter this summer! It may not be the most glamorous job, but you’re sure to have a great crew full of people your own age, and still avoid a minimum-wage paycheck.

Apply here.


Multimedia and Communication Specialist


Looking for something more interesting than a classic retail/fast food part time job? Seize your opportunity to network and build your resume as a Multimedia and Communication Specialist at CHIP.

Apply here.


Office Intern


Want to get first-hand experience in a non-profit organization and build your resume, but still get paid? Well, then this internship has your name written all over it!

Apply here.


Customer Relations

customer relations

Get your foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry with this customer relations positions. This summer job can hold great benefits for science, business, and communications students, while simultaneously serving as an alternative to the classic part-time job.

Apply here.


Summer Camp Facilitator


For those in the health field, this position as a summer camp facilitator helping people with disabilities will be a great opportunity to ditch a PSW position and try something different, sure to be a fulfilling experience.

Apply here.


Brand Ambassador


Change your pace with a brand ambassador position. Not only are these jobs well-paid, but what’s better than hanging out and interacting with people all day, both inside and outside. Oh, and did we mention there’s usually an exciting event and a freebie or two involved?

Apply here, here, here, or here.


What are you waiting for? Grab an awesome summer position while they’re still available.