H3G has never been so handy. 

Let’s be honest, Montreal has the BEST food. Next time you’re up late studying or heading back from the club, check out one of these awesome and diverse delivery restaurants with great food and tastes from around the world:


Chef on Call

For students by students (and a personal favorite), enjoy the ~best~ delivery place downtown with delicious homemade food of all sorts and prime milkshakes.


Lola Rosa

Enjoy this Mexican-centric Montreal staple with a diverse menu and many vegetarian dishes.


Vua Sandwichs

Sammy lovers, try out Vua with delicious Vietnamese food and sandwiches


Sanga Sushi

Enjoy tastes of Japan with this authentic Japanese food and sushi delivery restaurant.


Pizza Nutella

We can’t not add at least one dessert restaurant, also pizza and halal so … #winning.


Copper Branch

Even if you eat vegan, you can still enjoy Montreal delivery places like Copper Branch- an all-vegan restaurant that cooks solely with plant-based ingredients. YUM!


Le Gourmet Burger

It’s all in the name.



Greek lovers, this one’s for you! Enjoy this upscale Greek restaurant and their big delivery menu complete with hot and cold appetizers, seafood, salads, grilled dishes, and so much more.


Saj Mahal

If you’re looking for some premier Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes, try out downtown Montreal’s Saj Mahal delivery- you won’t be disappointed.


Ta Pies

Fans of food from down-under, don’t think we forgot about you either! Ta Pies is your place for Australian and New Zealand bites (or should we say pies).


La Folie de Koshary

If you’re seeking to satisfy a craving for Egyptian and Middle Eastern food, check out La folie de Koshary. On top of catering delicious food, this restaurant also offers many veggie-centric dishes.


No Starbucks here.


One of the best parts of living in a big city like Montreal is the option to totally avoid chain restaurants and cafes like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, and Second Cup. With so many cute (and delicious) unique spots in the city, we decided to create a list of the best Montreal coffee shops and cafes. Check out these top spots to get your caffeine fix in Montreal:


Cafe Hublot

Take a small trip to Rosemont and check out Cafe Hublot; a cafe featuring all local ingredients, and delish coffee choices.


Les Oubliettes

Les Oubliettes- and yes “oublie” your diet for these delicious coffees and pastries (and cakes, did we mention cakes??)


Cafe Larue & Fils

Café Larue & Fils – they even have a coffee truck!


Myriade Club Monaco

Myriade Club Monaco- right down the street from Concordia (yes, it is calling your name)


Cafe Falco

Cafe Falco- Japanese inspired grub, Siphon coffee, and awesome interior design? This may just be the ~dopest~ Montreal coffee spot in the Mile End.


Cafe Castel

Cafe Castel- two words late, art. Located inside the Best Western in Ville Marie, you will receive a pleasant surprise upon getting your late that will have you ordering cup after cup.


Le Doggy Cafe

Le Doggy Cafe- when your friends are too busy, grab your puppy pal and  head to Le Doggy Cafe for some bonding time with your furry friend.  Better yet, it’s the perfect place for a puppy date!


Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

Pourquoi Pas Espresso bar is a happening spot featuring coffee beans curated from around the world! Not only that, but with friendly baristas, a chic atmosphere, and the infectious passion for coffee, Pourquoi Pas is the perfect spot for any coffee connoisseur.


Cafe Cagibi

If you were waiting for the cafe featuring live music- you won’t be let down! Cafe Cagibi located in the Mile End is the perfect cafe to hang at while enjoying some live music, delicious coffees, and features an unforgettably comfortable atmosphere.


Ceramic Cafe Studio

And finally, Ceramic Cafe Studio is the perfect spot for anyone who wants a little coffee and a little art. This awesome cafe will serve up the java and light snacks while you paint your ceramic, and finish with not only a lovely outing, but also a personalized piece of ceramic for a truly memorable experience.

10 of Montreal’s Cheapest Eats

Living cheap in Montreal is surprisingly not impossible.

When your bank account has reached the “span $40 for the next week” state, it’s important to know where the cheap food options are in the city. This is why we created a reference list of some of Montreal’s yummiest/cheapest eats, averaging at around $5:


Le Warehouse1446 Rue Crescent, Montréal

le warehouse

le warehousemtl

Delicious and cheap, what more do we need? With a fixed $5 menu, Warehouse is the place to go for premiere cheap eats, and features many delicious drink options, making it a Montreal after-class favorite!


Montreal Pool Room 1217 Boul St-Laurent

mtl pool room colour

mtl pool room1

Famous hot dogs, and many other delicious fast-food staples


Nilufar1923 Rue Sainte-Catherine



Many vegetarian bites and $3 pitas; Nilufar’s Middle Eastern food is sure to blow you away while keeping your wallet nice and thick.

Cinko  1641 Rue Saint-Denis




With a name like Cinko, you know you’ve found that prime $5 menu.


Blanche Neige 5735  Cote-Des-Neiges

blanche neige2

blanche neige

Cheap + 24h = just plain awesome.


Vua Sandwiches1579 St. Denis & 227 Bernard



Sushi, sandwiches, and bubble tea – this simple Asian eatery has many low budget options with higher budget tastes!


Bagel St Henri -4354 Rue Saint Antoine O

st henri

bagel st henri

All sorts of bagels, Benedict, sammies, and more, for under $5!


L’entrepot Mount Royal 1019 Mont-Royal



You must purchase a drink but the menu comes at $4.99 (heart eye emoji).


Super Sandwich 1115 Rue Sherbrooke O

super sandwhich


All sorts of deli, all sorts of cheap.


La Chilenita 130 Rue Roy E



Calling all Mexican food lovers! La Chilenita offers a deal of $2.75/Empanada with price breaks on group orders. Bring a few friends, and fill up for hella cheap at La Chilenita!

10 of Montreal’s Top Bagel Spots

Providing you with the really really important information.

Bagels, bagels, bagels, who are we kidding they’re one of the few god sent foods that’s widely appropriated (I mean who doesn’t love a good bagel?), and that Montreal specializes in/ is absolutely famous for. Given those two well-known facts, we decided to create a list of Montreal’s top 10 bagel places to ensure your experience is right-on the money:


St. Viateur Bagel

viateur 1 viateur 2

One of Montreal’s most famous!

Address: 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, 1127 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, 5629 Av de Monkland


Bagel Etc

bagel etc bagel etc 2

….. It’s calling your name.

Address: 4320 Boul St-Laurent


Bagel St- Henri

bagel st henri bagel st henri 2

Address: 4354 Rue Saint Antoine O


Fairmount Bagel

fairmount bagel1 fairmount bagel

fairmount bagel 2

Address: 74 Avenue Fairmount O


Beauty’s Luncheonette

beautys 4 beautys beautys1 beautys3

Bagel Madness.

Address: 93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O


Brossard Bagel

brossard 2 brossard brossard3

Clearly they’re into grilling to perfection (we’re not against it).

Address: 286 Rue Gladstone


Mount Royal Bagel Factory

mount royal1 mount royalkl

When you need a bagel stop post hike (who are we kidding, you do).

Address: 709 Chemin Lucerne, Mont-Royal


Hinnawi Bros

hinnawi hinnawi1

Address: 372 Rue Sherbrooke E


REAL Bagel Montreal

REALbagel2 REALbagel

Address: 6647 Boulevard Decarie


Bagels on Greene

bagelsongreene bagelsongreene1

Address: 4160 Rue Sainte-Catherine


So many delicious places, so little time.