Montreal Summer Jobs Calling your Name


Now that the school year has come to an end, the next important order of business for most students is to find a job. And yes, your parents have probably been nagging about locking down your summer job for weeks (and maybe even months) now, but the procrastination is inevitable. In case slacked a little and are now rushing for a job, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Montreal summer jobs and internships that are available right now! Thank us later.




Use all your knowledge from higher education to tutor some younger students this summer. Know a second language? Even better!

Apply here.


Laboratory Assistant

lab assistant

Science students, a lab job in your field is sure to look great on those precious med school applications!

Apply here.


Student Painter

Man painting billboard

Spend time both inside and outside working as a painter this summer! It may not be the most glamorous job, but you’re sure to have a great crew full of people your own age, and still avoid a minimum-wage paycheck.

Apply here.


Multimedia and Communication Specialist


Looking for something more interesting than a classic retail/fast food part time job? Seize your opportunity to network and build your resume as a Multimedia and Communication Specialist at CHIP.

Apply here.


Office Intern


Want to get first-hand experience in a non-profit organization and build your resume, but still get paid? Well, then this internship has your name written all over it!

Apply here.


Customer Relations

customer relations

Get your foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry with this customer relations positions. This summer job can hold great benefits for science, business, and communications students, while simultaneously serving as an alternative to the classic part-time job.

Apply here.


Summer Camp Facilitator


For those in the health field, this position as a summer camp facilitator helping people with disabilities will be a great opportunity to ditch a PSW position and try something different, sure to be a fulfilling experience.

Apply here.


Brand Ambassador


Change your pace with a brand ambassador position. Not only are these jobs well-paid, but what’s better than hanging out and interacting with people all day, both inside and outside. Oh, and did we mention there’s usually an exciting event and a freebie or two involved?

Apply here, here, here, or here.


What are you waiting for? Grab an awesome summer position while they’re still available.


Yeah, we got you.

Fill your weekends up, take your friends from out of town, find a date, blow off studying… find pretty much any reason to complete our Montreal bucket list. This list of 40 must-do Montreal activities will have you feeling the city’s vibe!



Walk, dine, and adventure in Old Port



old port dine


Get your dose or culture at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

fine arts


Go shopping and grab an organic bite at Eva B on St Laurent

eva b



Hit up a Montreal Beach (or topless beach if you dare!)


beach day


Visit the ever-changing Mcgill’s Urban Forest, downtown on Sherbrooke

urban forest


Go hang out with the kitties (and maybe Dillon Francis) at the Montreal Cat Cafe

cat cafe

cat cafe.dillon francis


Spend a lazy Sunday at Tamtams




Rage at Montreal’s premier winter rave, Igloofest





Learn something at the Montreal Science Center

science center 2

science center



Check out one of Montreal’s renowned music festivals (Osheaga, Ile Soniq, Jazzfest, etc.)


Osheaga 2




Be a ride warrior at Parc Jean Drapeau’s La Ronde

la ronde

la ronde



Enjoy the themed gardens at Montreal’s Botanical Garden

botanical garden



Watch the sunset at Parc Lafontaine




Don’t stop the party at one of Montreal premiere after-hours bars like Stereo, open until a whopping 10am!


stereo (1)

Enjoy tea-time at the Ritz Montreal



See a concert at le Centre Bell- Kanye’s coming on September 7th






Enjoy Parc Jean Drapeau’s International Firework Festival

international fireworks



Try rooftop drinks on a terrace downtown




Dance the night away at Le Belmont


Le belmont



Take an insta pic at Place des Arts (or any of these prime locations)





Make it to the top of the Mount Royal lookoutmountroyal2



mount royal


Festival Mondiale de la Biere






Picnic and take advantage of Quebec’s picnic law on a Sunday afternoon at Parc Angrignon

parc angrignon

parc angringon



Head to Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival (just don’t get pranked!)


Just for Laughs Montreal


Get lost in the underground- you know it’ll happen

lost on stm

lost stm


Try a French delicacy from Le Maison Du Macaroon

maison du macaroon



Visit the Montreal Biodome




Go shopping on St Catherine Street


st cat



Try a Montreal style bagel (and never go back)

bagel etc 2

mtl bagel


fairmount bagel 2




poutine mtl



Lounge at one of Montreal’s many amazing spas





spa scandinave



Check out these secret swimming spots




Hang out in Apartment 200’s living room

apt 2001

apt 200

apt 200 travi



Go night skating on one of Montreal’s gorgeous lit up skating rinks

SKATING.old port




Take a ride on Montreal’s musical swing set




Take the challenge and try finding some of the coolest street art spots you can in Montreal (hint hint: Old Port)






Take the Mile End Food Tour




Try some maple syrup and check out “La Cabane a Sucre au Pied de Cochon” (oh, so Canadian)

la cabane1

la cabane



Experience “Fete des Neige” at Parc Jean Drapeau this winter






Experience the winter village at the Olympic Stadium

olympic villge


D’s get degrees, but A’s are much better.



Not caring about your GPA is all fun and games until we realize it actually determines a lot. With a low GPA sports teams, activities, societies, case competitions, associations, exchange programs, and even some jobs may deem you as ineligible. To help ensure your GPA stays sky-high and that you can enjoy your post-secondary experience to the fullest, we have created a list of 10 easy habits to becoming an effective student:



Don’t cram

Because forcing your eyelids open isn’t exactly considered studying.


Plan out your study time

Like budgeting, planning out your study time tends to lead to higher performance among students, this is because designating specific time for each course will not only allow you to build a routine, but also allow for excess course-review time when you’re actually caught up with your studies.


Set Goals

If you set goals in each course or during each study session,  you are sure to pinpoint the important areas of focus and study effectively by setting clear direction instead of spending time on a topic that may or may not be of serious relevance to your course.


Start with the Most Difficult Subject

Since motivation is at it’s all-time highest when you actually begin a task, start with your hardest subject first, that way it only gets easier as the session progresses.


Initiate Group Work

Group work forms a highly effective study session for a few reasons; first off it’s nice to have someone else there in case you don’t understand a concept, you complete assignments more quickly, and as you reiterate or teach lessons to one another, you’re also internalizing the subject matter which ultimately makes for a better understanding and an easier time remembering certain concepts and information.


Organize Yourself

The key to efficiency is organization, and although this may seem like an initially time-consuming, tedious job, after the initial organization having your notes, computer files, assignments, and books organized will aid in maximizing efficiency, having ready access to information, and handing in assignments promptly.


Take Great Notes

Instead of shuffling for course notes right before an exam, take great notes in the first place! This will surely make studying and organization easier due to the accessibility of your course notes, but will also aid in accumulating actual course knowledge as you’ll be rewriting concepts now and at the time of studying.


Don’t Procrastinate

It’s insanely easy to ignore that above mentioned study schedule, but if you do a little bit of studying daily, you’re sure to remember the course better, have an easier time building and connecting subject matters.


Live Healthily

Ok, not to go all elementary school on you, but getting approximately 8 hours of sleep, maintaining a generally healthy diet, and getting some regular exercise, are all immediate factors of  how much brain power, motivation, and stress- relief your body is ready to output, all seriously important components to maximizing efficiency as a student.


Read your Course Outline

I can’t stress this enough!! Not reading your course outline can be detrimental to your grade. Not only are all your important due dates and corresponding grade percentages included, but profs tend to include very important information on these sheets that they may not bother telling you in class, even if you make it to the intro lecture. An example of this may be the amount of classes you can miss without failing or whether or not neglecting to hand just 1 assignment can lead to automatic fail (this is actually a thing!).


Personality traits have favorite colours too.


Ah, the satisfaction of getting a new place… It’s almost like dying your hair, getting a new job, or starting at a new school – it feels like a new start, and a chance to redefine yourself. That’s because it is! To make sure your room screams boss babe/boy this September, we have put together some of our favorite Res room looks, by colour and corresponding personality traits (& suited zodiac signs- just for fun!).



Personality Traits: reliable, trustworthy, sincere and genuine, rational, logical, responsible, harmonious, confident, self-controlled, friendly and sociable, sensitive, thirst for knowledge, approachable, sentimental, hard on yourself

Blue Zodiac Sign(s): Sagittarius, Aquarius



blue and white and colours

blue decor again

blue decor

blue dorm decor

blue dorm




men blue

Find out more about the colour blue here:



Personality Traits: extroverted, optimistic, courageous, confident, active, energetic, ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, impulsive, can be aggressive.

Red Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Aries


clean red

red bed

Well, then the question arises on how to select the bedroom scheme of a teenager?Go out and have a coffee or hot chocolate and figure out the feelings of your teen on certain favorite shades that brought about.Bedroom color schemes may fade out, but the sweet memories of their living heavens would be there for years to come, hence let them decide what they want.

red dorm

red mandala

red manly



royal red

Find out more about the colour red here:



Personality Traits: Sensitive, compassionate, understanding, supportive, free-spirited,s peaceful, idealistic, a dreamer, inspiring, intuitive

Purple Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Guest Room Amethyst West Elm bedding with Ikea Ekby Shelves at



purp n pink

purple and blue

purple dorm

purple n white

purple n white2

purple room




Find out more about the colour purple here.



Personality Traits: cool, neutral, protected, will compromise, balanced, calm, composed, collected, reliable, keep the peace, committed, loyal, hard worker, indecisive, good judgement, controlling, practical, can be lacking confidence, doesn’t always show excitement, good critic, impartial in arguments

Grey Zodiac Sign: Virgo


grey and pink

grey and silver

grey and silverr

grey brown

grey clean

grey comforter again

grey dorm

grey light

grey marble bed

grey mens



Find out more about the colour grey here:



Personality Traits:  intuitive, spiritual, insightful, introspective, imaginative, creative, good writer, deep thinker, open-minded, resourceful, flexible, positive, sophisticated, classy, romantic, snobby, conceited

No associated Zodiac sign


silver and blue

silver and pink bed

silver bed




white and silver

Read more about the colour silver here.



Personality Traits: honest, down-to-earth, wholesome, steady, reliable, quietly confident, approachable, sincere, homebody, family life is important, simple, loyal, enjoys comfort, trustworthy, sensitive (esp. to criticism), hard working, open, structured, dry humour, frugal, safety is of concern

Brown/Black Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


brown antiqu

brown cozy

brown mandela





Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset


closet inspo

Find out more about the colour brown here.



Personality Traits: loving, kind, generous, approachable, soft, nurturing, protective, sensual, sensitive, optimistic, organised, methodological, romantic, refined, naive, sweet, youthful, can struggle with self-reliance and trust

No corresponding Zodiac sign 


pink and clean

pink bed

pink bnw

light pink

pink boho

pink n white

pink travel






Find out more about the colour pink here.



Personality Traits: importance on prestige and power, conservative, rational, serious, can be intimidating, mysterious, intriguing, sensual, methodological, detail-oriented, keeps distance, dignified, keeps people at a distance

Black/Brown Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


black dorm

black room decor

black room







boho black

bold b

Find out more about the colour black here


White and Light

Personality Traits: neat, immaculate in personal and home appearance, high standards, hygienic, positive, cautious, practical, frugal, wise, well-balanced, sensible, discreet, poised, confident, self-controlled, rational, very critical, moody, fair, hides flaws- perfectionist, can be closed minded

Light Zodiac Sign: Libra and Virgo



different white

dorm white






white and grey

white and lighht

white and silver bed

white bed

Find out more about the colour white here.



Personality Traits: practical, down-to-earth, nature-loving, balanced, can be anxious, caring, nurturing, intelligent, love to learn, involved, lover, high moral standards, loyal, is a faithful partner, strong-willed, peaceful, can be envious/jealous, can forget to put self first

Green Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Taurus


green bold

green chill

green dorm

green dormm

green nwhite

green room

Find out more about the colour green here.



Personality Traits: charismatic, very individual, loving, compassionate, warm, ambitious, optimistic, loving, understanding, respect, friendly, sophisticated, appreciative of life, practical, honest, wise and successful, leader, cheerful, good friend, selective, can cause yourself to be stressed and overwhelmed, hard time trusting others, can be unrealistic  

No corresponding Zodiac signs


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset









Read more about the colour gold here.



Personality Traits: extroverted, flamboyant, warm, optimistic, good-natured, assertive, determined, social, life of the party, helpful, can be a showoff, tolerant, accepting, intuitive, must keep up with trends, risk-taker, full of life, adventure, unpredictable, tend to care a lot about what people think, indecisive, practical joker

Orange Zodiac Sign: Leo, Gemini


orange and blue

orange colored

orange dorm

orange dorm2

orange mandela

Read more about the colour orange here.

10 of Montreal’s Cheapest Eats

Living cheap in Montreal is surprisingly not impossible.

When your bank account has reached the “span $40 for the next week” state, it’s important to know where the cheap food options are in the city. This is why we created a reference list of some of Montreal’s yummiest/cheapest eats, averaging at around $5:


Le Warehouse1446 Rue Crescent, Montréal

le warehouse

le warehousemtl

Delicious and cheap, what more do we need? With a fixed $5 menu, Warehouse is the place to go for premiere cheap eats, and features many delicious drink options, making it a Montreal after-class favorite!


Montreal Pool Room 1217 Boul St-Laurent

mtl pool room colour

mtl pool room1

Famous hot dogs, and many other delicious fast-food staples


Nilufar1923 Rue Sainte-Catherine



Many vegetarian bites and $3 pitas; Nilufar’s Middle Eastern food is sure to blow you away while keeping your wallet nice and thick.

Cinko  1641 Rue Saint-Denis




With a name like Cinko, you know you’ve found that prime $5 menu.


Blanche Neige 5735  Cote-Des-Neiges

blanche neige2

blanche neige

Cheap + 24h = just plain awesome.


Vua Sandwiches1579 St. Denis & 227 Bernard



Sushi, sandwiches, and bubble tea – this simple Asian eatery has many low budget options with higher budget tastes!


Bagel St Henri -4354 Rue Saint Antoine O

st henri

bagel st henri

All sorts of bagels, Benedict, sammies, and more, for under $5!


L’entrepot Mount Royal 1019 Mont-Royal



You must purchase a drink but the menu comes at $4.99 (heart eye emoji).


Super Sandwich 1115 Rue Sherbrooke O

super sandwhich


All sorts of deli, all sorts of cheap.


La Chilenita 130 Rue Roy E



Calling all Mexican food lovers! La Chilenita offers a deal of $2.75/Empanada with price breaks on group orders. Bring a few friends, and fill up for hella cheap at La Chilenita!


Its. Not. Over. Yet.


As the closing month of  the summer quickly reached its midpoint, it’s easy for that summer nostalgia to fade – but luckily, we realize it ain’t over yet! And what better time to kick-off that end-of-summer bucket list? To give you a head start, here are 15 activities to cross off your list before the end of the summer:


See a tourist attraction in your city.

tourist attt

notre dame


Indulge in some street food from one of Montreal’s (or your city’s) many food trucks.



Get rowdy at a Montreal Expos or Impacte game.

baseball game



Spend a day at the beach.

beach day



Head to Montreal’s La Diperie, or another amazing Montreal ice cream spot, ice cream for breakfast anyone??

la dip


Take advantage of the lasting days of fresh markets like Marche Jean Talon.

farmers market

farmers market jean talon


Enjoy stargazing at the top of Mount Royal Lookout after a night hike.

mount royal lookout at night

stragazing mount royal


Have a picnic at Mount Royal- you can make it extra summer by first cooking a grilled pizza at home, and take advantage of Montreal’s picnic law which permits drinking in public on Sundays if you have food on you!

picnic mount royal

grilled pizza


Enjoy a day paddle boarding (stand up board), canoeing, or kayaking.

sup board


Have a campfire.. And don’t forget roasted hot dogs and s’mores!!


smores campfire


Wear an all white outfit (it’s not Labour Day yet).

mens white outfit

white outfit


Jump off something really tall into the water; that’s a Canadian summer staple!

jumping water

jumping waterr



Spend the day drinking (or eating) with friends in the sun on one of Montreal’s many summer terraces, like this one:


or this one…


OR this one…


Or even this one.. (there’s  a lot of terraces here)

terr 4


Do the old port zip line before it closes down for the season (it’s not as scary as it looks).



Rejoice because festival season is never over with Villa Paradizo – the free 24hr rave to kick off the end of summer, is coming back to Montreal on the 9th and 10th of September!!




How to work in the “me” generation.

Ah, the everlasting money chase- it seems to be a common theme among students, no matter their situation. Between a strange class schedule,  a commitment phobia,  or just really not wanting an unfortunate part-time job, motivation to hand out resumes is often lost, thus creating an increasing group of students who may want to work, but don’t have the opportunity. We’re all about solutions here, so have created a list of 13 unconventional student jobs that may be suited for you this school year, and we’re not talking paid survey taking or essay selling here – our list will really work:


Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

Take your passion to the next level and become a fitness instructor. This can be great for those who love being at the gym anyway, and even more so for outgoing people with a passion for fitness. Not only that, but becoming a fitness instructor leaves you with many options for personal training, to yoga, to aerobics or dance aerobics, and more!


Get information of the Fitness Instructor Training program ran through the YMCA here:



Brand Ambassador or Promotional Model


LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 20: Dr Pepper models attend the 2013 Latin GRAMMY Street Parties at Plaza Olvera on October 20, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/WireImage)

If you love people, are extremely smiley and outgoing, and have a flare for customer service and interaction, this job is for you! Many companies hire promotional models and brand ambassadors on behalf of their event, brand, or product, in order to create brand, campaign, and product awareness. These jobs are typically contractual, and tend to pay very well as they tend to be short programs and long shifts- but are extremely beneficial- not only is the work easy, fun, and well-paid, but you’re constantly interacting and making new connections, get to attend the hottest events, and can also walk away with some free stuff! Best of all, MINIMAL COMMITMENT because most activations are no longer than 1-3 shifts.


Check out some Montreal Brand Ambassador positions here:


Dog Walker/Sitter

Dog Walker

For those of us lacking a pet, this is an ideal position because you get to make money while spending time with a furry friend. There are many people who are simply too busy to walk their dogs, and this is where you come in, as the dog walker extraordinaire you are.


Check out Pet Sitting and Care jobs here:



Entrepreneur 2

Take what you like, and make money from it. Are you the type of person that like to get what you want no matter what, if something isn’t there for you, do you make it happen for yourself? Maybe you should consider entrepreneurship of sorts. Running your own business can have many advantages and can be kept simple when you are simply looking to build a revenue instead of a brand. You can capitalize on your talents, or find an answer to an issue that needed solving; either way, entrepreneurship can reap many benefits at this age that other jobs cannot.


Check out a Canadian-wide incubator and sponsorship program here:





Task apps like Kutoto- Canada’s version of TaskRabbit, is the answer for people who don’t have time to commit. This app works similar to Fiverr, but offers matching local errands and jobs with local job seekers, worth $10 or more. Jobs vary from standing in line, baking cakes, walking dogs, and much more. It’s like the Uber or Tinder for quick errands and quick money making- all cashless (a credit card is required).

Get more information on Kutoto here:

Check out similar apps here:



Social Media for a Small Business

Social Media infograph

You’re hanging out on instagram all day anyways ….

Take advantage of your consistent knowledge of social media and reach out to a small business seeking social media help. Many small companies are looking for someone with basic skills such as setting up a Facebook and various social networking pages, something you can do in your sleep! Thus, surprisingly, your fluency in social media, hashtags, and posting, turns you into an ideal social media intern for a small business.


You can check job ads on sites like Kijiji and Indeed. and



Tutor or Teacher


If you show scholastic aptitude towards a certain subject, or can speak another language (or two), you might actually be the ideal tutor! Not only does it pay well, but you can choose to tutor in subjects that interest you or that you excel in, but you’re guaranteed to meet some cool new people and students, and it looks great on a resume!


You can check out tutoring jobs here:,-QC


Club Work

Bottle Service

Similar to social media, since you’re probably spending time there anyways, why not work in a club? Working in a club has a schedule benefit because typically you won’t be working before 10pm, but is also ideal to make new friends, get into the nightlife scene, and offers diverse roles- from a bottle service girl/boy, DJ, promoter, shooter girl, or bartender, to a bouncer, host/coat check, marketing and PR agents, and promotional model – the club industry, provided you’re a night owl, has a job to suit you.



To apply to work in a club in Montreal stay tuned- most clubs will host a job fair early September that will be advertised on their Facebook or Instagram pages.



Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a really cool part-time job- you essentially assess customer service at various stores, from a boutique, to a spa, to a restaurant, the opportunities are endless. Although the pay is somewhat lower, you end up getting many fun outings paid for by the company, provided you can stay discreet within your assessment and fill out the corresponding report. I must warn however, if you see ads claiming to pay $400 or high amounts per assignments, it may be a scam (even if they send you a job application), be wise and weary- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Apply to one of Montreal’s many Mystery Shopping firms here:  



Create an Etsy or Ebay Store

Etsy Ebay Store

If you’re artistic, create a homemade product, and start and a corresponding Etsy store! Etsy specializes in selling handmade and vintage products, and is incredibly easy to use. If you’re not into making something or scouting vintage finds, you can always downsize and sell some used items Kardashian style via your very own Ebay store.


Check out Etsy and Ebay Stores here: and



Valet Parking Attendant

Valet Parking Attendant

If you’re car-less but enjoy driving, try finding a Valet Parking Attendant job- this is something different and surely a cool way to drive nice cars and spend work your time, differently.


Check out Valet Parking Attendant jobs in Montreal here:


Ride Share or Uber Driver

Uber Driver

If you have your own car, become a ride share or Uber driver – although Uber is banned in the city of Montreal (hyperlink this), it’s up and running as close as the area of Laval.


Furthermore, ride share drivers tend to make a huge profit and have their gas paid for. So when travelling between Montreal and another city, think about doing a ride share. Consider this: if you’re travelling from Ottawa to Montreal and fill your car up at $15 a person, you’re making $120 for the round trip. Not a bad profit, especially if you’re driving from point A to point B regardless.


Get more information on becoming an Uber driver here:

Get rideshare information here: and and check your local and university rideshare groups on Facebook (hyperlink fb)


Freelance Writer/ Blogging

Freelance writing

If you have a lot to say, or extended knowledge in one subject, freelance writing or blogging could be for you. Many websites are seeking bloggers and freelance writers, and allow submissions from the public- best of all, if they choose your story or piece, you will be paid!


Check out websites that pay to feature your writing here: