What makes it so great?

If you ever wonder why people in this city are so patriotic towards living in Montreal, it’s because of the countless things that make this city undeniably ~awesome~, and completely unique. If you’re not exactly sure what we’re talking about, this list may just be your answer: 



Cheap rent. 


Accessibility of literally everything. From arts and culture, to sports, to different types of food, festivals, shopping, and more, Montreal offers experiences of all sorts.

Rafting Mtl

Hilton Mtl Pool

bixi mtl

Mtl Casino

poutine mtl

mtl bagel


Easy access to food and alcohol, and bars are open later than 2am.


Montreal is extremely multicultural and cosmopolitan,  there’s something to celebrate everyone’s culture and lifestyle.



sunday montreal.1


I don’t think there’s a type of food that exists, that you can’t find in Montreal. The food here is DELIGHTFUL.





From Old Port to the Plateau Mount Royal, every part of the city is SO different and full of it’s own culture and history (street art, architecture, food, and more).


pride mtl



Plateau Mont-Royal



Cheap transit fares for students. #winning


The nightlife, and corresponding culture, vibe, and people.




le lab

apt 200 travi


There’s always cool things around the city– a giant zip line through the city, an urban forest, free musical swings in the downtown core… need I say more?


urban forest



And somewhat adding to the previous point, fun is encouraged! Montreal doesn’t ban things in similar style to other cities- in fact, Montreal has a by-law that even allows you to drink in public on Sunday’s if you have food on you. Yes, the city is setting you up for the perfect picnic day.






Doesn’t matter the time of year, the city adapts to each season; it’s a winter wonderland during the winter with events like Igloofest, the Olympic Village, and Fete de Neige,  and easily one of the top places in Canada to spend your summer with huge events every weekend.


Rogers cup

Beachclub 2

Osheaga 2






Tons of celebs stop by.

celbmtl jake

travis and rihanna



jlaw mtl




Montreal was voted the world’s second happiest place to live!



Life is hard enough already.

The student life is incredibly entertaining, fast-paced, and full of opportunity and reward, but is also undeniably tricky- especially at the beginning. Have no fear! We decided to set you up with a list of some student/residence/Montreal life hacks to facilitate you in getting acquainted with your new city and lifestyle.


X2 the Speed

Playback Speed

Come cram time, the only way to get through all of your recorded lectures is by setting the playback time at twice the speed. Thank me later.


No Credit Card?

prepaid visa

Visa gift cards can get you free trials online. No apple music subscription? Fix that now!



student discount

Take advantage of the various student discount options that pop up around Montreal – Topshop, STM’s Opus card, Roots, Greyhound…. it saves pays to ask if a discount is offered!


Kijiji is Your Friend!

Kijiji books and shit

Tickets, textbooks, or anything else your heart desires, almost always comes cheaper via Facebook groups and Kijiji. Not only that, but Facebook groups localized to Montreal will help you with some seriously hard-to-get information (Concordia Book Exchange, Montreal Rave Community, Used Clothes Exchange Mcgill, etc.).


For All Those Presentations … 

raising hand

When giving a presentation, set a friend up to ask a question you already know the answer to- ways to impress your Prof 101.


Discount Groceries and Markets

Cheap Grocery Stores 

Discount grocery stores- they exists, they’re cheap, they help when you gotta “save dat money”.

Check out this list of cheap grocery stores around Montreal.


$5 Food


From hot dogs at Montreal Pool Room to a deli sandwich at Super Sandwich, munchie meals for under $5 in Montreal DO exist. My personal favorite? $5 meals at Crescent Street’s Warehouse.


Warm Drink?

wet paper

For those times you forget to put your drinks in the fridge, wrap a warm drink in a cold/wet paper towel and place it in the fridge. After allowing it to sit for 15 minutes, it’ll be cool enough to drink thereafter.


24h Study Spots


Come finals, the libraries get crammed- and quick. Second Cup and Cafe Noir are just two of the 24 hour cafes with wifi in Montreal. Keep a good list, because by finals these places will become your saving grace!


Scope Out The Steals

dollar cinema

Montreal, as expensive as it can be, is also full of great deals; there’s a place called Dollar Cinema, where admission is as little as $2.50 and snacks go for $1 each, and a thrift store called Eva B with floors and floors of $5 clothes (and a vegetarian terrasse for when your feet get sore). Taking the time to find the discounts can sometimes really pay off- try an app like RetailMeNot or Shopular.


Ride Share


If you’re looking to get to another city for the weekend, the cheapest way is via ride share. You can find them on Kijiji, your university or college’s Facebook groups, or ride share apps like Kangaride. Prices are as low as $15 between Ottawa and Montreal, and $30 between Toronto to Montreal. Although a great deal, it’s always suggested to take a ride share with at least one other person if possible, and to use your best judgement when entering someone’s vehicle. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Missing a TV?

tablet attach

If you’re a tablet or Ipad owner, the answer is quite easy! Your recipe simply needs Dollar Store hooks to fasten your tablet to the wall, and voila!, a new TV or second screen for your place.


What about a speaker?

phone in glass

Heavy sleeper, or speaker-less? Place a phone or Ipod in a glass cup- it will double as speaker with the glass amplifying the phone’s sound.


The Flask Hack

brush flask 2

Need I say more? Also available in cameras, binoculars, and a few other various items.


And finally,

fold fitted bed sheet

Because who are we kidding, after at least 17 years of trying to figure this out, we all thought the only possible answer was to crumple it up and throw it in the back of your linen closet.