These Tweets Depict How We’re Feeling at This Point in the Semester

It’s a Lifestyle.

University life is more to attending lectures. The life of a student is all about juggling through assignments, lectures, career fairs clubs and societies. Life of a student may generally vary from person to person. The toppers will be mostly found in the library, the average scorers are somewhere between the library and sports areas where some of them maybe always found lazing around in the university lawns. Despite such differences, typically, students go through the same kind of mental situations and experiences. And none of them will deny it.
Here are a few tweets which rightly depict how all of the students feel at some point in a semester.


When in stress, Netflix it away! This one here talks so honestly about the student-Netflix relationship. No wonder this ultimate love-hate relationship is inseparable.   


Image 2

Who would approve of constant reminders of the bad that you did in past? No one! This one is really mad at the cumulative exams for the horrific past mistakes.


Image 3

And you thought to fill in the university applications and handling rejections was worst? Wait, till you reach there. Such stress, much wow!


Image 4

Talking about study breaks, It takes so much more than getting back to desk in time. This one speaks for all of us. Doesn’t it?


Image 5

As much as we want to get into a university, we hate being tested. And we will go to any length to get rid of an exam. Absolutely any length! This one just did. Check for yourself.


Image 6

Even if you are prepared for the finals, there is always a news ready to explode your mind off at the professor’s desk. This one feels you all here.


Image 7

Exams are not the only stress that students endure. Budgeting is bigger. This one here shares the dilemma of being on a stressful budget.


Image 8

If only all the formulas could get into the mind like A-B-C and *POOF*. Congratulations you are Ph.D. in Chemistry now! If Only!

Image 9

When despite of all the failures your parents are proud AF of your existence and you play it so well.


Image 10

This one still dreams big and doesn’t let go of them this easy!


Couldn’t you just relate to all of these? This is how the student life is so similar and it can be conveniently related in one aspect or another. Do you have more fun Tweets to share or relate to? Send them in the comment section or reach to us @stcathys to add your collection of relatable tweets.

Places to volunteer in Montreal

In an effort to bulk up resumes and graduate study applications, many students may be seeking a volunteer position at some point this year. There’s always the need for volunteers within various organizations around the city, so we have created the ultimate list of interest categories and potential corresponding volunteer locations for seeking students this year:





Tutor at Le Baobab Familial 

Ladies Learning Code 

World Computer Exchange

C2 Montreal

The Centre for Literacy 

Concordia and Mcgill Universities


Business – Internships


Narcity Montreal/ MTL Blog 

C2C Ventures Inc

Montreal Arts- Affairs

Conseil des Arts de Montreal- business volunteers


Arts and Culture

arts and culture

Dress to Impress Montreal – Donate clothing

Artscene Montreal 

Volunteer Association of Montreal Museum of Arts 

Conseil des Arts de Montreal 

C2 Montreal



health volunteer


Alzheimers society 

Montreal Heart Institute 

Doctors without Borders

St. Mary’s Hospital

Douglas Mental Health University Institute 





SPCA Montreal 

Animal Rescue Network

Humane Society Canada/International

World Wildlife Foundation 


Children and Montreal Youth



Big Brothers Big Sisters Montreal 

Sun Youth Organization

Montreal’s Children’s Hospital 

Starlight Children’s Foundation



Politics and Human Rights



Engineers without Borders 

Bureau of Montreal                  

Montreal Climate Action 

Amnesty International

Unicef – ORT Montreal

Canadian Council for Refugees 

Exploring Student Life In Montreal

Student life in Montreal Quebec Canada can be one of great bliss and discovery. Even if you’re traveling thousands of miles away to study in one of the large universities or smaller colleges, the area opens up to students and tourists in a way that most other cities don’t or can’t. This island has 19 boroughs and is the second largest city in Canada. It’s rich culture allows for linguists to have a fruitful adventure as it is the only French-speaking city in the continent of North America. There are incredible opportunities for international and local students staying in the city to explore, as it is one of the best locales to live, learn, and play in.

For students that are seeking diversity, the bilingual atmosphere is just the start. The city has been known as one of the happiest in the world, and has been ranked high in terms of celebration and diversity. The city hubs play a role in hosting some of the largest festivals of music, education, and more. Whether you’re studying deep academia or exploring the far reaches of art and music, you’ll find that the area is home to a wide range of events throughout the seasons, even in the cold.

When it comes to art, you will not be disappointed. The city comes alive with contemporary art, museums, and installations. From major festivals that celebrate cultural history, to pop art and much more. As far as exploring the arts, you’ll be home with the incredible options to explore. From the Montreal Planetarium, Centre d’historie de Montreal, Montreal Science Center, to the Redpath Museum, McGill University and others, you will never have a dull moment in terms of exploring the artistic history of the city and surrounding educational centers.

Economic development has been growing in the area, and recently has boasted large scale projects around the borders. While the global economies are struggling, Montreal has seen vibrant employment rises, and major engineering, research, development and academic projects. This is a good thing for students that fall in love with the area and decide to stay after graduating from their studies. With so many employment opportunities abounding in nearly every industry, sticking around may just very well be one of the keys to the success the city has enjoyed for many years.

Student life can be more than just about studying, as Montreal Quebec Canada boasts some of the largest shopping, tourist, and nature areas in the nation. Not only that, professional sports as well as collegiate sports thrive in the city. With large scale arenas that house just about every type of sport, you will find yourself lost in the cheers of the local favorites. Professional sports teams include major teams in the MLS, NBLC, CFL, NHL, Canadian Women’s Hockey League, USL W-League, and so many others.

No matter what brings you to study in Montreal Quebec Canada, you will find that student life can be filled with a diverse array of activities. You will not be holed up in a dorm room studying alone, as there’s so much to explore.

Enjoying The Student Life in Montreal

Going away to college and enjoying the greatness of the city where you’ll spend your academic years can be tough. For those that aren’t familiar with a new city, things can be somewhat scary, and in some instances lonely. For those wondering about Montreal Quebec Canada, for instance, anxiety can cause a great deal of misconceptions about living and studying abroad. If you or someone you know is a bit worried about the next four years, and need a little bit of a push, consider some of the fine highlights about enjoying the student life in this beautiful city. Don’t worry about this, St Cathy’s residences is here to help you enjoying the student life in Montreal!

Happiness Reigns In Montreal

First and foremost, if you’re not from the area, you’ll be surprised to discover that the city has been named by many travel experts as one of the happiest cities in the world. Not only that, it’s been given awards for being safe, clean, and artistic. That’s a huge credential to have in a locale, and if you’re a student, you’re definitely not alone. The city has 4 large scale universities, and 12 other colleges in the area. If you’re wondering if you’re going to have a hard time meeting friends or finding others that are studying and trying to make sense of their academics, you are going to be in good hands.

Learn A New Language or Converse in Native Tongue

As far as student life in Montreal Quebec Canada goes, you will find that you can converse in both English and French. For those that are Bilingual this becomes a great location to learn how to speak a second language, as French is predominantly spoke throughout. Don’t worry though, English is not far behind as there are a great deal of English speaking locations, and of course people speak it throughout as well. However, if you wanted to converse in your native tongue of French or English, you have a diverse array of opportunities unlike many places in the world. If you’re a linguist, you’ll find the area to be a haven for communication.

The Ultimate Transportation Hub

Most major cities have a hard time connecting students with various local areas, and centers. Large cities around the nation and internationally are notorious for being hit or miss in this regards. However, you’ll find that in Montreal, the transportation hubs that connect students are second to none. Whether you look at the bus system, subway, trains, or perhaps something more adventurous, the area connects you to the rest of the city with relative ease. If you want to venture on two wheels, however, you’ll find that Montreal has a public bike sharing system most months known as the BIXI. This allows students to gain access to small to medium sized bicycles for free, or with a subscription. The city has been also named one of the more bicycle friendly cities in the world.

As you can see, if you’re a student that is venturing off to a new location, and aren’t sure about Montreal Quebec Canada, you’re going to be in for a lot of great opportunity. Whether it’s the culture, language, or travel, your studies will become illuminated with the beauty and complexity of this metropolis.

Discover the Golden Square Mile – If you want to get your bearings and explore Montreal, then check out the popular Golden Square Mile Tour. This self-guided tour can be easily enjoyed on foot, allowing you to stop off along the way for refreshments. Start at Rue St.-Catherine and head towards Rue Sherbrooke via Avenue McGill College. Make sure you have your camera or smartphone charged to capture some amazing photos.

Instagram our White Water Rapids – You haven’t seen Montreal until you have experienced our natural white water rapids. Located in the heart of Parc des Rapides, just a few kilometres away from the centre of Montreal, take a free trip by foot to the 30-hectare waterside park. While you’re there, also look out for the amazing Heron Island bird sanctuary located close by.

Meet a Dinosaur – If you enjoyed Montreal’s summer blockbuster Jurassic World, then you will love the exhibits offered from our very own Redpath Museum. This free venue has a collection of some of the best real Dinosaur fossils in the whole of Canada for you to enjoy a selfie with. The venue is open most days however will be closed between September 5th – 7th and as always, donations are welcome.

Want to be in the heart of the action?

St Cathy’s student accommodation is located just a short distance from all of these free activity outings. We are an established hub at the heart of Montreal’s student communities and offer a collection of rooms to match a range of student budgets. If you would like to have a free chat about how we can help with your student accommodation this semester, then call free today on 514-574-3336.