From day to night, Montreal is just as bumpin’ without alcohol.

With so many in-your-face partying options, it’s easy to feel somewhat lost as someone who doesn’t drink in Montreal, but don’t worry because with world-class sites and culture, Montreal has many alcohol-less options to offer. 

Ceramic Cafe-Studio

ceramic cafe

If you’re the artsy type, this place is absolutely perfect. Paint and decorate ceramics while enjoying the cafe’s divers lunch, dessert, and drink menus, for a lovely afternoon.

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Moksha Yoga Studio


Sweat it out while enjoying one of Moksha’s various hot yoga classes that target specific workout goals from strength training to flexibility classes- they have it all. Just make sure to bring lots of water because its gets H-O-T!

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Cat/Dog Cafe


Hangout at the cat OR dog cafe- yes these are both real places where you get to hang out with some fur babies for an afternoon.

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Biodome and Planetarium


A Montreal must-see- say hi to the monkeys and see an astronomy presentation that would put Neil Degrasse Tyson to shame, at the Montreal Biodome and Planetarium. This interactive experience is unlike any other in the city, and you surely won’t be disappointed.  (hint hint: there’s delightfully social penguins).

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Olympic Stadium

parc olympique

Enjoy the (literally) lit Olympic Stadium that’s been a Montreal landmark for over 40 years. It’s absolutely gorgeous day or night, and the perfect place to hangout with a special someone. The stadium also hosts events which are also lit- in a different sense of the world.

For more info and an event calendar here.


Tea-time at the Ritz Carleton

tea time

Hangout lavishly at the Ritz Carlton- one of the top hotels in Montreal and arguably one of the top hotel chains in the world. Tea-time at the Ritz, a tradition which originated in 1912 as place for the upper class to enjoy the social ritual of afternoon tea, has been revamped today, making it a perfect opportunity for anybody seeking an elegant afternoon.

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Botanical garden

botanical garden

Yet another Montreal must-see, check out the beautiful Botanical Gardens. This huge 75 hectare garden features many thematic garden sets and greenhouses, and is absolutely gorgeous!

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Rent a Bike and Tour up Mount Royal

bike mount royal

Head to Mount Royal and rent a bike! The bike path begins at the George-Etienne Cartier monument on Park Avenue, and will take you up the mountain, ending in a gorgeous view of the city.

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Go Sidewalk or Thrift Shopping


Montreal is not shy of sidewalk sales, thrift, or vintage shopping, and what better way to spend an afternoon or evening! Not only are you guaranteed to find some treasures, but with St. Catherine Street and Verdun’s annual sidewalk shopping festivals, you are also sure to find some truly unique pieces (and deals)!

Check out MTL Blog’s list awesome Montreal thrift shops here.

Get Montreal sidewalk sale info here.


Spend The Day in Old Port

old port

Depending on the time of year, Montreal’s Old Port offers many daily possibilities for adventure, from zip lining, to obstacle courses and giant mazes, to a delightfully lit skating rink. No matter the season, a day in Old Port is a decision sure to create cherished memories and likely to give you Old Port fever (you’ll be back).

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Centre Ballroom MTL


Learn something new! Centre Ballroom MTL offers various dance classes and is a great way to get active while adding some spice into your life- with Latin, Salsa, and Ballroom dance classes, you can leave a true star.

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Visit one of Montreal’s Art Galleries


As one of Canada’s culture capitals, Montreal has many art galleries that can cater to even the finest art buff’s tastes.

Here’s a list of Montreal Private Art Galleries: 


Amusement 2000

1amusement 2000

Hit up Montreal’s giant arcade Amusement 2000. Not only is it bound to be an exciting outing, but open until 3am, it’s an ideal late night activity for non-drinkers!

Get tickets and more info here.


Imax and Montreal Science Centre

1science centre

Didn’t we tell you to learn something? If you didn’t feel the idea of dance classes, you can learn interactively at the Montreal Science Center, or by (GIANT) movies at Montreal’s IMAX. This outing is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

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Phi Centre


Be ahead of the trend, and go experience virtual reality at the Phi Centre! Not only will you be one of the firsts to experience what’s bound to be our future, but you will have a unique experience that beats going out to eat any day!

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Peur Depot

peur depot

Get scared at Montreal’s Peur Depot Haunted House, as they claim to transform fear into an immersive and sensory experience. Check it out, if you dare…

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La Ronde

la ronde

If you’re a thrill-seeker, La Ronde, the huge amusement park at Parc Jean Drapeau, is your solution. With many roller coasters and rides, events, restaurants, games, and sometimes even fireworks, this is sure to be an action-packed day or night.

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Late Night Comedy Show


Check out one of Montreal’s various late-night comedy shows! The opportunities are endless between the many comedy lounges in the city like Yuk Yuk’s, The Comedy Nest, and ComedyWorks Montreal- one of the clubs is sure to suit your comedy style.

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Exploring Student Life In Montreal

Student life in Montreal Quebec Canada can be one of great bliss and discovery. Even if you’re traveling thousands of miles away to study in one of the large universities or smaller colleges, the area opens up to students and tourists in a way that most other cities don’t or can’t. This island has 19 boroughs and is the second largest city in Canada. It’s rich culture allows for linguists to have a fruitful adventure as it is the only French-speaking city in the continent of North America. There are incredible opportunities for international and local students staying in the city to explore, as it is one of the best locales to live, learn, and play in.

For students that are seeking diversity, the bilingual atmosphere is just the start. The city has been known as one of the happiest in the world, and has been ranked high in terms of celebration and diversity. The city hubs play a role in hosting some of the largest festivals of music, education, and more. Whether you’re studying deep academia or exploring the far reaches of art and music, you’ll find that the area is home to a wide range of events throughout the seasons, even in the cold.

When it comes to art, you will not be disappointed. The city comes alive with contemporary art, museums, and installations. From major festivals that celebrate cultural history, to pop art and much more. As far as exploring the arts, you’ll be home with the incredible options to explore. From the Montreal Planetarium, Centre d’historie de Montreal, Montreal Science Center, to the Redpath Museum, McGill University and others, you will never have a dull moment in terms of exploring the artistic history of the city and surrounding educational centers.

Economic development has been growing in the area, and recently has boasted large scale projects around the borders. While the global economies are struggling, Montreal has seen vibrant employment rises, and major engineering, research, development and academic projects. This is a good thing for students that fall in love with the area and decide to stay after graduating from their studies. With so many employment opportunities abounding in nearly every industry, sticking around may just very well be one of the keys to the success the city has enjoyed for many years.

Student life can be more than just about studying, as Montreal Quebec Canada boasts some of the largest shopping, tourist, and nature areas in the nation. Not only that, professional sports as well as collegiate sports thrive in the city. With large scale arenas that house just about every type of sport, you will find yourself lost in the cheers of the local favorites. Professional sports teams include major teams in the MLS, NBLC, CFL, NHL, Canadian Women’s Hockey League, USL W-League, and so many others.

No matter what brings you to study in Montreal Quebec Canada, you will find that student life can be filled with a diverse array of activities. You will not be holed up in a dorm room studying alone, as there’s so much to explore.

Career and Professional Development Fair for St. Cathy’s Students


Career and Professional Development Fair for St. Cathy’s Students

This Thursday’s career and professional development fair is an excellent opportunity for St. Cathy’s students to promote their talents and network with numerous companies gathered together for this national career event in Montreal. Countless employees and assistants help to make this event a success, which it’ll most likely be: 5 fairs, 160 exhibitors and 2000 job offers – all under one roof. This is a great opportunity for you to grow your career by finding a training program or a position in the field that you’re interested in.

Furthermore, several conferences and workshops will be made available to students during the event, in order to help them with finding a job. Plenty of topics will be covered, such as: resume, interview, networking, social media etc.

Also, to top it off, the career and professional development fair has added specialized pavilions, in order to cover as many areas as possible:


•                A Careers & Employment Pavilion where you can meet recruiting employers

•                An Entrepreneurship Pavilion if you wish to open you own business

•                An Employment Services / Immigration / Region Pavilion presented by Immigrer.com for those who need information and assistance for finding employment in Quebec

•                Electrical and Electronics Pavilion presented by Élexpertise – to discover job offers in this industry

•                SME Pavilion – for employment in SMEs in Montreal


The Career and Professional Development Fair takes places from April 13 – April 16, 2016 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Palais de congrès de Montréal, Métro Place d’Armes. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! It is a wonderful opportunity for any student interested in securing a future. What is more, the admission is free – all the more reason not to miss an opportunity to meet your future employer!

How to deal with reading assignments

Unless you’re a genius or very lucky, the most effective way to have a successful academic record is to get yourself ahead. Depending on your field of study, your teacher may assign dozens of chapters a week. Throughout your whole education, you will learn how to read faster and more efficiently, so here are a few tips that I have learned:
You have to do your readings everyday, so you don’t end up with hundreds of chapters to read for the next morning. Take breaks so you don’t waste your time being unfocused.
Before reading, you must assure you’re ready for it. Make sure you’re motivated, had enough sleep, understand the context by reading the subtitles and words in bold or underlined.
Whenever you can, try to have your readings with you so you can catch up a bit when you’re on the bus or metro or waiting for them, in a waiting room or during your breaks. If your textbooks are too heavy to carry all the time, you can take a picture of them and read them on your smartphones. Moreover, many books can now be found in electronic format so update your eBook or tablet regularly with your weekly reading assignments.
As soon as you’re done with an article or a chapter, develop the habit to always write its summary, it will save you time when you’re revising at the end of the term. The summary should include the main ideas and its supporting points or arguments. Try to make it as complete as possible and write it with your own words as much as you can— it will assure your own comprehension.
 Try to always have pen and paper with you if you don’t want to highlight in your books. Write down key words or main ideas and even the page reference if you’re writing a paper.
Good luck on your assignments!

Easy Dorm Room Hacks At St. Cathy’s Residence

Want to learn some quick and easy dorm room hacks that are easy to do, low cost and saves you time? Here at St. Cathy’s Residence, we have compiled a number of practical and useful dorm room hacks that will turn your ordinary dorm room into a pop culture inspired loft.

Heads Up!

Sleeping without a headboard? No problem. We have you covered! This super easy headboard can be made from stuff you probably have lying around your room. Now you can  free up the mess in your closets by combining two things into one!

 What You Need

  • ·wallpaper or fabric of your choice
  • ·cardboard
  • ·tape
  • ·utility knife
  • ·scissors

How To Do It

Simply draw a pattern of your choice on the cardboard with a pencil or sharpie. Newspaper works well if you want to first make a template to trace onto the cardboard. Once you have the pattern traced out, then simply cut firmly into the cardboard until the pattern is completely cut into. Now after you’ve cut out your headboard, take your tape and start taping down the fabric onto the cardboard. When you start taping around the curved parts (patterns) of the headboard, you can make little snips into the fabric to get it to curve around the headboard. Once your done just simply hang it or tape it behind your bed. Instructions can be found here: http://www.starsforstreetlights.com/2012/09/how-to-make-simple-headboard.html

Room A Little Funky?

Sometimes our rooms can get pretty stuffy especially during the dead of winter when its really cold out. If you keep the windows closed often then you’re not letting fresh air in your room.  If you’re out of candles or fragrances, then simply tape a dryer sheet to the vent in your room. As the air blows through the dryer sheet it will let out a pleasant aroma. This also works well on air conditioners during the summer.

Frame Your Posters Without Putting Holes In The Wall

If you want to make your poster collection look a little more creative and cohesive then try using washi tape as a border. Simply tape around each poster you hang. You can make all different types of abstract shapes and angles around the poster and the best part is the tape is easily removable and doesn’t leave any marks.

Have A Green Thumb?

Add some color and some energy to your room by adding miniature potted plants. This little bit of nature will help your dorm room come to life instead of feeling unbearably sterile. Get a little creative and paint the pot with some acrylic paints or embellish it with some stickers.

Need Some Lighting?

Decorate a mason jar with your favorite type of decorative fabric and place a battery operated tea light candle in the jar. Makes a great lighting fixture for your kitchen table or nightstand. Instructions can be found here: http://fellowfellow.com/sweet-diy-votives/

Keyboard A Bit Wobbly?

Having problems writing your thesis because your keyboard is dancing while you type? Simply use binder clips to fix the broken keyboard feet. Just clamp the binder clips to the bottom of the keyboard where the broken keyboard feet are. Problem solved.

Tea Please!

If you have a mini fridge, you can use empty tea cans to store your pens and pencils. Simply place a small magnet on the inside of the back of the tin!

The Benefits of Feng Shui at St. Cathy’s Residence

We all know as college students we can get a bit messy at times, especially after a long night out with friends. Here at St. Cathy’s Residence we thought it would be a great idea to shed some light on how to utilize the space within your room more effectively and turn it into your very own harmonious sanctuary.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and spirituality. The ancient Chinese believe that placement of objects in your living space creates a harmonious balance with your inner energy. This strict discipline is based on the belief that decorating your surroundings affect us.

A few things we can do to better create a tranquil atmosphere in our living space is through the use of welcoming and calming colors. Color has a great impact on our psychology and physiology. Feng Shui practitioners recommend warm, rich earth and skin tones such as cotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan, and cocoa for creating a cozy welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. Try decorating with candles in these colors or bed sheets for your mattress to drive color to the smaller quarters of your room that are more neutral.

In Feng Shui they say you should keep your bed as far away from the door as possible. Either turning your bed or turning the position in how you sleep, make sure to keep your feet in the direct opposite position of the door. This gives you a sense of safety and protection while you rest. This also allows from negative energy from entering.

We’re not fans of clutter but most college students fall victim to it because of their lifestyle and habits. Feng Shui is all about perspective. Clutter symbolizes something being incomplete or unfinished and hampers forward progress in life. Try to keep all clutter contained and away from furnishings. This enables chi to freely flow around the room creating positive energy. Minimize messes by keeping shoes and boots in the hallway and jackets in your closet or hung behind doors.

Keeping plants in the room is great energy and a great added décor to your living quarters. Placing plants on night stands creates a powerful Zen. Plants placed in corners help to prevent energy from stagnating there.

Another necessary part of Feng Shui is about the importance of natural light. We all know that many of our students at St. Cathy’s Residence live in the darkness with the curtains closed like they’re something out of a Lord of the Rings movie. Exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning influences serotonin levels and can help energize the rest of your day. They say to have natural light during the day, soft light in the evening and darkness while you sleep. With the winter hours putting a damper on our day light, make sure to keep the curtains open during the day to let the sun in and help energize you and your room while you do what you do best. STUDY!

Best Student Housing In Montreal

Canada is among the best destinations for pursuing higher studies. In Montreal Quebec, there are some fine educational institutions. The universities present in the region are popular all over the world. Students studying in the universities here gain quality education and quality exposure. This is why they are able to excel in their field of expertise. Every year students from far off places come to Montreal for studies. The Concordia University and McGill University Montreal are the top institutions where the students usually aim for admission. Students eagerly wait to get admission in these two prestigious institutions.

All those planning to study here in the future need not worry about aspects like housing, transport, etc. There are good housing options available for all the students studying here. The kind of housing students usually look for are present in Montreal Quebec at affordable prices. Students can find rooms in the vicinity of their university. The Student Housing options in Montreal Quebec offer safe and secure rooms. The students can live happily here and enjoy their time out there in the beautiful city. A new student in any of these universities should not forget to read the benefits of these student housing options.

Benefits of Student Housing Options in Montreal

There are residences available in the region lying close to the Concordia University and the McGill University. Students opting for rooms here will be able to reach the college within four or five minutes of walking distance. The rooms are big spacious ones and equipped with all the basic services that are needed by the students. Each and every kind of room is available to suit to the needs of the various students. There is no issue of security as such here in the place. Proper security arrangements have been made to ensure that the Private Student Residence allotted to each student is completely safe and secure. For making purchases the students don’t have go far away. There are plenty of local shops and markets present nearby. The students can go there and buy the items needed easily.

Besides this, the environment of the place is just fantastic especially for the students. It has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Students will love living here at the residence. Out of all the residence options here, St. Cathy seems to be the best one. St. Cathy’s residence offers rooms with attached kitchen and bathroom along with the other unmatched quality services.


Looking for a new opportunity in the city? Moving to Montreal from the rural outlays? Maybe you’re moving for the duration of your studies? At any rate, before you move, you’ll definitely need to know what to expect and the few things that can make your life much, much easier.
July is the busiest time of the year for apartment rentals.
There are rentals available year round, but July is the month that offers the most rental opportunities.
There’s no law or official ruling that says it’s the first of July, but it’s something of a tradition that has set in and stuck. If you’re moving to Montreal, start looking as early as March for a place to rent from July, the places disappear quickly
A 3 1/2 room apartment doesn’t mean there are 3 bedrooms
All the rooms in the apartment are counted. The kitchen and bathroom are also counted, the bathroom being counted as a half.
Some buildings are over 100 years old
Some have been refurbished and others not. You’re likely to see interesting things.
Rent is somewhat cheap when compared to Toronto and Vancouver. So moving to Montreal will be great on your wallet. It’s not necessary to go through an agency for a rental
Montreal is gloriously bilingual.
Brush up on your French while here. Really, it’ll come as second nature after a while. Luckily for newcomers, Montrealers are relatively easy going and will be happy to help you in both languages.
Looking for a job can get tricky if you don’t speak French.
There are a number of English Jobs out there. However, for the most part, finding a job in Montreal will require you to be bilingual, so brush up on your French if you want to be first in line for that job.
You’ll need permits to work in Montreal
Either a Residence permit or Temporary work permit.
Try to get your things in order even before your big move to Montreal.
The taxes are astronomical. Many people complain about the very high tax rate, but there are benefits like free health care and education right up to college.
The traffic is a killer going in and out of the Island.
‘nuff said
Parking is very hard to find
There are decent public transport options in place thanks to the STM
The STM Company services just about all the areas. 185 Bus lines, 4 subway lines (known as Metro) and taxi vans available to make the commute from one point to another as efficient as possible.
There is a huge cultural diversity
That can be likened (somewhat) to New York’s cultural diversity.
Winters can get cold, wet and icy.
Make sure you have clothing that can keep the chill out. Oh, and shoes that are suited to the slippery layer of ice on the ground.
The Habs are a huge thing for us here in Montreal
If you’re not a hockey fan, you better become one quick. The only way you’ll survive.
Festival time!
There’s always a festival going on somewhere, but there’s no need to complain about it. They’re always lively, always fun and there’s always the possibility of meeting new people. Which is exactly why moving to Montreal is so great, as the next point clearly shows.
There’s always a reason to party
Like the wonderful Igloofest. The cold is definitely not going to stop us from partying up a storm.
Cycling and walking are a huge part of daily life in Montreal
Because of the terrible traffic. Look on the bright side: you’ll get plenty of exercises.
Montreal is a beautiful and interesting place.
We know you’re going to love moving to Montreal. It’s a vibrant place to be and the St Cathy’s residence make the experience simply awesome.

Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Student Housing

Going off to college and getting an education is often times looked at as a rite of passage. Millions of students are leaving the comfort of home and are looking into student housing. Whether you’re going somewhere relatively local, or venturing off thousands of miles away, there are some mistakes that you will want to avoid making. If you look for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada, for example, you will want to ensure that your school has options on campus first. The school you go to may be one of the best bets you have, as they’ll be able to offer you a discounted rate and a roommate that could very well could become your best friend for life.

Signing A Lease On Your Own

Here’s something that you shouldn’t do, even if you have friends that are going to promise to help you with rent, and that’s sign a lease alone. If you sign a lease and then move in your friends, you will be responsible for the payments even if they fail. If they fail to pay their share, and it goes on for months, your credit history will be ruined and your name will be the one that gets run through the mud. It’s with that in mind that you should always look at signing a lease with all parties involved to ensure that there are no problems. This becomes a tricky matter, so keep this in mind before you move into any place.

Only Looking At Locations Near Campus

Here’s one big mistake that people make, especially when looking for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada and other locales, and that’s location. Location can be a very difficult thing to wrestle with. Most students want to be on or close to campus, but that could incur a great deal of costs. If you have a reliable vehicle, or there’s a great transit system in place, think about moving further away from the immediate campus area. This may sound like it’s going to be arduous to get to classes, but with the money saved, you could afford some creature comforts and luxuries that you otherwise couldn’t get.

Finding student housing is a balancing act of wants and needs. Finding what your needs are and weighing them against your wants is not easy, but in the end, it will either make or break your financial future while in college. Avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

Montreal hosts the World’s Largest Outdoor Games Festival

Montreal hosts the World’s Largest Outdoor Games Festival

Are you ready to play? Montreal is about to become the most fun place on Earth as the largest outdoor games festival kicks off on July 11th. This unique games festival is expected to attract thousands of players from Montreal and beyond, seeking to enjoy the very best board games, video games and local outdoor gaming events all for free.

The action will take place at Quartier des spectacles where students, locals and tourists are encouraged to come together in a true multiplayer experience. The event will last just over two weeks and is expected to exceed last year’s 150,000 players.

Visitors can also expect to meet some of gaming’s leading creators from both the digital world and traditional games industry. Warner Bros will be sending their local Montreal Games team, who will be joined by other legends including Nintendo and the team behind the popular ‘Just Dance’ game.

Montreal’s Gaming Boulevard

At the heart of the festival will be Maisonneuve Boulevard, which is being transformed into an open-air playground. Even for those who don’t wish to participate, this outdoor gaming event is a spectacle not to be missed. This summer will see a collection of new games available from multiplayer shooting action on the WiiU, to giant sized board games from the popular gamers Sociojeux. The Boulevard will have an assembly of Booths available to explore with some of the latest and coolest games to try out before most of the world.

Montreal Video Games Lounge

Feeling competitive? Complexe Desjardins will be the home of an epic video games lounge during the festival. Here the best players will battle to become the festival’s ultimate gaming champion. A live studio will also be broadcasting a special eSports contest to millions of Twitch users around the world.

The annual Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec event will take place from July 11th until July 25th and is likely to be the biggest event yet. With over 100 different games on offer, this festival will cater to gamers of all different ages and tastes.

St Cathy’s is ideally located for this summer’s Gaming Festival. We are just a 12 minute cab ride away from the Boulevard and at the heart of an area popular with students. To find out why we receive such amazing reviews for our rooms, give us a call today on 514-574-3336.