Your Ultimate Montreal 2019 Summer Festival Guide

Summer time is the only time in Montreal when people come out of hibernation to enjoy the sun. A lot of festivals occur during the same time of the year as for to entertain maximum crowd. The summer calendar is crammed up with so many of these, that its hard to pick out the best ones to attend.


MURAL Festival


Somewhere, between the 6th to 16th of June this colourful festival is held to promote the public art. Artists from around the globe are invited over to paint graffiti and murals on the facades of buildings. You may take an art tour, have BBQ and enjoy the night!


Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada


 If you are an F1 fanatic then don’t even think of missing this. Witness the best F1 drivers hitting up to the highest of speeds at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Later the drivers sign autographs for local public at downtown!  


Montréal Chamber Music Festival 


Get to experience the beautiful symphonies of chamber music. World renowned musicians come over to showcase their talents with their special musical instruments. 


Eureka! Festival 


Targeted for all ages this interesting festival is all about new advancements in science in technology. There are displays and demonstrations of what’s new in to attract and entertain the children. 


Festival ELEKTRA 


Festival ELEKTRA showcases the contemporary concept of digital arts in audiovisual performances, live music, innovative design, gaming and interactive art. The year 2019 will be marking 20 years of Elektra being celebrated!


Montreal Folk Festival on the Canal


Over the Canal waterway, witness the locals promoting the folk and traditional music. This is an entirely family festival and people from around the city come to enjoy for days. Local and traditional footstalls and games are a favourite of this festival.  


Francos de Montréal 


Skeptical about your French speaking skills? Yet, this festival is for you! Get to hear pop, jazz and rock French music. Get to see, hear and meet French musicians. Who knows you get to meet your favourite this year!


 Montréal Baroque Festival


International musicians and emerging artists play baroque music in intimate concerts in churches and cafés as well as cheery outdoor concerts in Philips Square downtown. 


Mtl en Arts


 Is an outdoor art exhibition where more than 160 artists showcase their artwork. People talk to artists, watch their paintings and sculptures and buy the art pieces.  


Festival International de Jazz de Montréal


The biggest Jazz festival celebrates its 40th birthday this year! This amazing festival fills the downtown with jazz lovers who tend to groove on the tunes from morning to night. Get to witness big names like Buddy Guy, Diann Reeves, Alan Parsons, Peter Frampton and many more!


L’International des Feux Loto-Québec 


This unique festival is competition of world class fireworks by some of the best pyrothetic companies of the world. The sky lites up with the beautiful fireworks over the Lawrence river is a sight for everyone to witness. 

So if you staying back in town for this summer, we bet Montreal is going to offer you the best of itself. 

How to Survive Dreaded Summer Courses 101

Where summer courses are generally offered to ‘lighten’ up the usual semester load, they can also totally eat up your summer break! You may want to enjoy volleyball at a beach like your friends but inside you know you will have to work on numerical analysis. Even the thought is cringe-worthy!

With that in mind, here are few tips that can help you get through the courses without missing on the summer fun!

Two is Enough

Student Studying Hard Exam and Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Difficult Book in Library

Keep your cool with taking the courses!  Since you will be staying back in the campus you would want to take as many courses as possible, but practically it is no good. Take no more than two courses considering the fact that you are already cramming the sixteen weeks of coursework into 8 weeks. A little loose routine will let you breathe through because at the end we all need breaks.


Try Learning Online


Who would want to wake up early in holidays to attend the class? No one! Absolutely, no one. Since you are on a break, and most summer classes start early, consider taking online classes.  If you have a good attention span and you are kind of a pro at self-studying then it shouldn’t be a great deal for you. Rather, it will take half the burden off you!


A 100 $ Tip


You may take courses that you would want to get through quickly. For a fact some people aren’t comfortable with public speaking. You may take such courses during the summer since you won’t have to go through the turmoil of speaking between a big strength and also the duration will be relatively shorter.


Keep Yourself Occupied


It is hard to accept the fact that you will be staying on the campus where others will be carrying out their vacation plans. The mere thought makes it agitated enough. It is better to accept it sooner to make it easier on yourself. Try making lots of plans so you are on your toes for completion. This way, you will hardly get time to procrastinate and won’t let the weird thoughts wander in your brain. Try finding a nearby activity that you can attend daily in addition to dry coursework!


Have Fun with Sun


Immersing yourself in the land of books can be very depressing. Enjoy the sunlight streaming through the glass or somewhere outside. It will make you more productive and less depressed about the fact that you have an essay to finish. Take a ride on the bike to classes or try arranging a study group in a park!


With these tips, you may have a little less school-centric summer, although we don’t promise a cent percent result. That comes from the inside. So, it is best that you take mental breaks and accept your fate; after all it is you, who signed up for it!

Your Ultimate Guide to Finals Week (Yes, Even Summer Finals)

Looking for a methodology to relieve stress through out the finals? Look no more, as the best-researched methods are listed below so you gobble them up!

Some points in life define the way your personality is shaped up.  Finals can be a life-shaping event for any university students, We all have gone through the stress and high temper of the finals week. However, there are small things that you can do, bits and piece changes that can allow you to focus more and stress less! We have made a list for you to ponder upon and act towards reducing the boiling point rather than enhancing it

image 1


  1. Make your own study guide as following someone or a group of people usually takes you down the wrong path
  2. Start early as you get more time in the day to study when your energies are at the peak level
  3. Organize your study hours and take regular breaks to utilize optimum energy
  4. Resting properly is the key to a sharp mind that can whirl around the finals week
  5. Time management is the key to success along with eating well

Stress Relieving

  1. Utilize on-campus stress relieving programs before and during the finals
  2. Hit the gym or the track to clear your mind and conscience
  3. Always eat healthy as the tendency to binge is far more in finals week than normal days of the year
  4. Catch some sound sleep and 8 glasses of water (at least) daily
  5. Select a good study space or group. Studying on the bed gives you a complete downer at times

image 3


  1. Rule Number 1: Do not forget to eat!
  2. Never skip breakfast!
  3. Tea, coffee and nuts are the sources of instant energy boosters that you must use
  4. Dark chocolates, Avocados and water should be your best friends for the finals

image 9

Therefore, if you are stressed, you need to let some of the steam go. Boiling up under the lid can only make it worse for the finals week. So take a chill pill, put your feet up and relax your mind before you enter the examination room!

Celebrate Canada’s Day in Montreal

Canada celebrates its national holiday on July, 1st. Canadians all over the country, celebrate this day with full zeal and zest. Like all the other countries an excellent array of fireworks, parades and other celebrations is witnessed throughout the day in all the cities.


Montreal celebrates the special day in its own unique way starting from Défilé de la Fête du Canada; A special parade, unique in its own way. 

Witness Canada Day Parade Montreal:

People from all over the town gather at the corner of Fort and Ste. Catherine streets where the parade starts. More festivities wait for the people at the end point of the parade at the corner of Ste. Catherine and Peel. 

Parade participants March through the streets adorned in attractive dazzling outfits and entertain the people along the way.

Get your slice of the cake:

Place du Canada hosts a special cake cutting ceremony for the people. A giant cake is cut and distributed amongst the crowd. The cake is almost about 8 feet in width and four feet in length. So don’t forget to get your free cake slice with a glass of water!

Dragon Dance

The colourful dragon dances are a courtesy of Chinese immigrants to pay a loyalty tribute to the local citizens of Canada. Don’t forget to play a game or two before you leave the venue!

Old Montreal Festivity

Get to enjoy the old Montreal’s celebrations. Though these are generally confined to high command officials yet you can witness the ever-so-roaring 21 gun shot salute to regain the Canadian zeal within you! 


Whatever you do through the day, just don’t miss this! Each year, the beautiful display of extravagant fireworks leaves everyone in awe. Find yourself best spot to witness this festivity. Mount Royal Summit, Old Port, Clock tower Beach and Jacques Cartier Bridge are few of the best places to watch the fireworks. 

Plan a road trip to Ottawa

Gather your friends and hop in a car. You may want to drive to Ottawa to witness the exclusive Canada Day festivities this year. Enjoy the two hour road trip and get to experience the celebrations in both the cities. 


Head to a park and enjoy a bbq with a cold beer along with all the on going festivities. Have something more to add? Nudge us at @stcathys on insta or leave a comment down here. We will make sure to add it in our list.


10 Things To Do This Summer in MTL

As soon as the first sun of summers hit, everyone around the city starts to find ways to soak up the warm sun. This time is the most ideal time to sightsee the most beautiful town. So butter up some sunblock and slip on your flip flops because we are about to reveal the ten most exciting things you have to do this summer in Montreal.

 Summer Festivals


Montreal hosts a frenzy of summer festivals. Starting from the International Jazz festival, Osheaga’s live band performance, and showcase of Jazz, folk, Rock, electronic and African music. The oh-so-famous ‘Just for laughs’ and an International Fireworks competition attracts the competitors from all around the globe.


Indulge in outdoor eats


It is widely believed that Montreal is a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking a church window. As the summertime starts, something similar can be said of Montreal’s plentiful terraces. After a long winter, the entire population of Montreal comes out of hibernation to drink and dine al fresco. Indulge in local specialties like smoked meat, poutine and craft beers.


Explore Green Spaces


Head to ‘Mount Royale’ to breathe out the toxins of the concrete metropolis city. The wide green space is famous for its beautiful pond and offers a panoramic view of the entire city!


Spa Yourself!


Pamper yourself in the Nordic styled spas which are abundant and easily found. Head to Nun’s island to find one, it is a little far off from the downtown but what bad is the distance once you will get to experience the services.


Experience the Magical Old Montreal


Walk through the cobblestoned streets and experience the taste of historic cafes, stores and art arenas. You may zip line over the blue waters of Bonsecours Basin to have a bird’s eye view of the city. Not to forget the ride of the largest wheel in Canada, Montreal Observation Wheel.  


Surf Away on the Waters of the City


Experience Jet Ski, jet boats and electric boats for adrenaline! A variety of cruises welcomes the visitors aboard to let them sight see the beautiful skyline. If you got extra bucks with you, you may charter a yacht in the Old Port.


Montreal Tower Observatory and Botanical Garden


Get spectacular views of Montréal from the Montréal Tower Observatory, standing 540 feet tall at a 45-degree angle. Then, see up to 22,000 plant species at the 10 exhibition greenhouses and 20 thematic gardens of the Montréal Botanical Garden.


Seek the Hidden Gems


Summers are probably the right time to explore the city’s hidden gems. New hot spots regularly pop up in the Plateau, St. Laurent, downtown. Try finding secret speakeasies like Prohibition-style emporium The Cloakroom on Mountain Street, or O. Noir on Prince Arthur where you can experience dining in the dark and even the servers are legally blind. In the Village, you may try the trendy new Agrikol for authentic Haitian food, drink, and music.


Montreal Helicopter Tour


This 20-30 minute Helicopter ride is one of the most amazing experiences you will have in the city. While flying over the city get bird’s eye views of Olympic Stadium, Downtown Montreal, Mont Royal, Parc Jean Drapeau, the Jacques Cartier Bridge and Saint Lawrence River.


Quebec City and Montmorency Falls


Amazed by Niagra? Witness the Montmorency falls, 1.5 times bigger falls than Niagra. The narrow streets steep hills and historic treasures of the city take you back 350 years to rewind the French Canadian history.


Don’t let the summer be a bore and try out one of the shortlisted the best of bests of Montreal!

The Osheaga 2019 Lineup Has Been Announced (and You Won’t Believe It)

Running successfully for the past 14 years, Osheaga Art and Music Festival has revealed its promising line-up for the year 2019. The amazing music event will be held from 2nd to 4th of August at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. The big news is making rounds around the internet and it is doubted that the houses will be quickly sold around this time of the year.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 12.38.30 PM 1

The First Day:

On Friday, August 2, The festival will be headlined by The Lumineers, Flume, J Balvin and Interpol, with additional sets from Gucci Mane, Kurt Vile & The Violators, $uicideboy$, Mitski, Bob Moses, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Sharon Van Etten, Francis And The Lights and more.

The Following Day:

Saturday, August 3, The next day, The Chemical Brothers will headline alongside Logic, City and Coulour and Janelle Monáe. Other artists on Saturday’s bill include Rüfüs Du Sol, Beach House, Young the Giant, Louis the Kid, King Princess, GRiZ, Sofi Tukker, FKJ and others.

The Last Day:

On the final day — Sunday, August 4 , Osheaga will be hosting Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, Hozier, Kaytranada, Metric, Mac DeMarco, Normani and many more.


So make a quick plan with your gang to witness this amazing and exciting spectacle and get your tickets before it is too late. Head to the Osheaga official websitto get your passes now!

Your Ultimate Guide to Montreal F1 Grand Prix Weekend


It’s that time of the year!

Montreal hosts one of the biggest Canadian festival F1 Prix. The amazing town is holding this big event around 7-9th of June 2019. A lot of international tourists are attracted to attend this Formula 1 Frenzy. So if you are an F1 fanatic then don’t even think of missing this. Witness the best F1 drivers hitting up to the highest of speeds at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Montreal offers the best of itself around this time of year. So if you are planning to come over to attend this grand festival you are in for a great treat!

F1 Grand Prix



The Great grand Formula racing event is held in Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Packed with thousands of people this is one of the biggest events of Canada hosted by Montreal. People from all over the country descend to the city of Montreal and the hotels and living spaces have full houses. A lot of other festivities are chained to this grand event to show the visitors the best of Montreal. Click here for the full details of the event.


The St. Catherine Festival


Experience the biggest open sky gathering of Canadian merchants at Sainte Catherine Street.  Get to witness almost 30,000 visitors altogether, jam-packed at the Catherine street like never before!  The whole town pours into the heart of downtown Montreal to enjoy animations, outside shops, musicians, acrobats, live artistic creations, dance, refreshing drinks and great food in a pleasant festive atmosphere. Enjoy the giant open sky street festival hosted by all your favorite downtown stores and restaurants.




Auberge St-Gabriel, A 330 year’s old inn situated in Montreal’s Old Port, hold ABGE annually. Be prepared to be astounded by the celebrities, moguls, media stars, models, and racing pilots. As they all are present on the Auberge for 4 days of luxurious festivities. Get to experience outstanding food experience, flowing champagne and lots of beautiful people all under one roof! The schedule of the party is as follows:

7th The Friday- partnership with Paris’ l’Arc Nightclub for Paris, Mon Amour.

8th The Saturday – we bring you Bagatelle, an incomparable day party that lasts well into the night.

9th The Sunday- Marking of the Official After-Party of Grand Prix du Canada featuring the Montreal debut of superstar DJ Guy Laliberté.

Brace yourselves because it’s going to be busy at ABGE!




A space inspired by the 1920s, that will make you feel as if you have traveled back to a time of great prestige. Enjoy the fabulous dinner followed by the course of sophisticated wine round to end your day in style. Experience Montreal’s Grand Prix experience at a premium and exclusive supper club! Enjoy most tantalizing 4 and 5-star meals coupled by aerial performances and circus. Enjoy the sight of best-styled showgirls and enjoy Montreal’s best after party.


So if you are planning to come down to Montreal to attend this festivity make sure you try at least one of the above-mentioned places. We bet you won’t regret it! Have something more to add? Leave a comment or tag us at Instagram @stcathys. 

Ten Apps that will Change Your Life for the Better

Relying on smartphones has become our commodity. Where earlier we used to rely on various gadgets to relieve stress or for other random chores, now everything is just a touch away. Whether its unwinding time or you need to reach somewhere on time. From making notes to keeping a record of your budget, a smartphone is the first thing that you reach out for!

Here are a few amazing apps that will change your life better. And if not change at least it will make life easier!



image 1

This amazing app works great for students. It allows them to create flashcards for a test or quiz. You may download the relevant information straight from Google Documents or Excel spreadsheet to organize the preparation material. It’s simple and quick! You may get several options of multiple choice questions, matching the columns or video aid embedding!



image 2

My homework is a helpful study partner that helps you reminding and check to list the submissions! Isn’t that great? It instantly gives you access to your due assignments and dates for upcoming papers, homework, and tests. Once you are done with it, you may delete it from the list by swiping right.  It’s like having a study friend, with no strings attached and absolutely no competition!



image 3

This stylish, yet simple to-do list app makes adding and completing tasks easy and satisfying. Any.Do allows you to create as many lists as you need, prioritize your items, add notes, and set reminders. Separating items into four lists—today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday—ensures you’ll never forget something again. No more mental checklists.



image 4

The internet can take you down into its world with absolutely no guilt trip of time. If you’re like the rest of the internet-addicted world, and you probably spend way too much time trolling over Facebook memes or Scrolling through your favorite Insta celebrities, when could you be getting work done?  Here is your savior! RescueTime keeps track of the time you spend on apps and websites and then reports back to you. The results are often shocking, so prepare to cut down on your Twitter usage.



image 5

Use less paper, save trees! You may cut down on the amount of paper in your life with Shoeboxed. Instead of balling up receipts and saving them in, well, a shoebox, the app will scan and extract all relevant information and organize it into the most common tax categories. And yes, it also generates expense reports.


 Two Foods

image 6'

It is widely known that we are what we eat. The most important decisions that we make through the day are half comprised of what to eat during the day. The battle between healthy eating and eating outside takes a serious toll on the mind! Two foods is a simple app that allows you to make a comparison between two foods that your brain is debating upon. The comparison is made on the basis of money, nutritional value and health properties. Isn’t it cool? That’s like your personal food advisor on your phone!


Tech makes our life easier! So without a doubt, download all these apps and make your life easier in a touch. If you have friendlier apps that you use to make your life easier, do share your thoughts in the comments section or tag us @stcathys.

10 Best Locations for a Semester or Internship Abroad

If you are a Montreal student resident but want to travel the world, getting into an exchange program or vouching for a semester/internship abroad is your best shot. Not only does this save you money but also gives you a  unique opportunity to travel outside your comfort zone come to this fall/spring break. We look at 10 destinations that should be on your list for a semester or internship abroad. We have split the list in two (5 for a semester and 5 for internship) for convenience

image F


Australia – Bond University

image 1

The Bond University is located on the Gold Coast which means unlimited sunshine and a beach to vent off every time you hit a wall with your studies. Not only will you study on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world but also get a chance to hug kangaroos.


Japan – Keio University

This place is a model of imparting knowledge for the Japnese. Not only does it have the most qualified teaching staff available but also inculcates a culture in students which is far more important than writing papers and dishing out answers in exams.  


Ireland – American College Dublin

image 2

While you study on this beautiful campus, you will have easy access to the culture that Ireland has to offer which includes theatre, museums, galleries, food places and of course the world-renowned Irish Pubs.


Argentina – University of Belgrano

The campus features superb classrooms, as well as several libraries and cafeterias. Moreover, the campus is just minutes from downtown Buenos Aires which means you are always around the hustle and bustle.


Semester at Sea

This is by far the most attractive offers out there for a semester. Carried out under the umbrella of the University of Virginia, you get to sail on a boat and visit 11 countries while you gain academic profession along the way. Bon Voyage!




image 3

One of the most sought after countries by student residence for an internship abroad as France and especially Paris brings you the whole platter. From natural beauty to architecture and from Pubs to fine dining restaurants, France has it all.


The United Kingdom

The easiest place to pick up an internship because of the non-existent language barrier. Live a summer full of antique culture that has its roots in traditions from hundreds of years ago. You can also decide to work in a fast past city like London or slow paced suburbs as per your own wish and choice.



If you want to join your internship with an adventure-filled summer tagged along with religious history, then Israel is the place to intern this summer.


New Zealand

The most scenic countries of all with opportunities that can easily be grabbed as it is not the number one choice for people willing to intern away from home. An English speaking country with classy mountains, volcanoes, and beaches to devour. What else do you need?



image 4

Fall in love with a culture that has love embedded in it. With a busy lifestyle and cultural heritage to go along, you will find everything you want to see in the world in this one country alone. From the tomato fight to a bullfight, you can experience all of it in Spain.


Get out of your comfort zone and explore the world one summer at a time. Staying in a Montreal Student residence will not build up interesting stories to be told once you are a grandfather!

10 Montreal Summer Internships That You Can Apply for Right Away!


Sitting idle or drinking away the summers is not something successful people have done in the past. Therefore, come this summer if you thrive in a student residence than a nice internship in the summer may get you on your track financially, academically and socially. We have dug up 10 summer internships in Montreal that you can take up this summer.


FairStone Operations Intern

image 1


The Summer Intern – Branch Operations will be introduced to every aspect of the business from administration/cash management to past due to account management to business generation, credit underwriting and sale of financial solutions.


SAP –  Controlling Associate


You will work in a business partner role and help maintain operational excellence along with contributing to assigned controlling tasks, deliver defined tasks for project work, and support relevant controlling processes


United Nations – Environment Affairs

image 2


Well, everybody knows the career jump if you end up at the UN as a summer intern.


SourceKnowledge – Digital Marketing Intern


SourceKnowledge’s paid internship is a 3-month program, where university graduates and young professionals based in Montreal can develop hands-on experience in digital marketing, performance advertising, and web analytics.


TandemLaunch – Marketing Intern


Part-time marketing intern that will act in the digital sphere working with new startups.


Fraud Analyst


There is no cooler Hollywood like internship then a fraud analyst for a leading financial group. Get your Sherlock mask on, that too for a bank.


Sales and Marketing Intern

image 3


You will develop market knowledge, improve the sales processes and support the delivery of the sales plan. Moreover, customer service will also fall on your desk on a daily basis.


Canadian National Railway – Audit Internship


You will under the supervision and guidance of Internal Audit Management, complete audit assignments that provide assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of CN’s internal controls and assist Management in achieving business objectives


Valtech – Operations Interm


You will assist Valtech’s customers in the research, ideation, design, and marketing of intelligent digital experiences, interfaces and innovative products.


Java Logix – Digital Intern


Not many companies offer over the shoulder training to interns. However, an internship at Java Logix where you will be handling digital content for different customers does exactly that.


Therefore, sitting idle must not be the plan. Even, if you want to have a good time, you can take time off your internship and have fun. However, for most Montreal student residence, an awesome internship is the way to go to cover expenses as well as get fruitful experience when school is out.