Looking for a new opportunity in the city? Moving to Montreal from the rural outlays? Maybe you’re moving for the duration of your studies? At any rate, before you move, you’ll definitely need to know what to expect and the few things that can make your life much, much easier.
July is the busiest time of the year for apartment rentals.
There are rentals available year round, but July is the month that offers the most rental opportunities.
There’s no law or official ruling that says it’s the first of July, but it’s something of a tradition that has set in and stuck. If you’re moving to Montreal, start looking as early as March for a place to rent from July, the places disappear quickly
A 3 1/2 room apartment doesn’t mean there are 3 bedrooms
All the rooms in the apartment are counted. The kitchen and bathroom are also counted, the bathroom being counted as a half.
Some buildings are over 100 years old
Some have been refurbished and others not. You’re likely to see interesting things.
Rent is somewhat cheap when compared to Toronto and Vancouver. So moving to Montreal will be great on your wallet. It’s not necessary to go through an agency for a rental
Montreal is gloriously bilingual.
Brush up on your French while here. Really, it’ll come as second nature after a while. Luckily for newcomers, Montrealers are relatively easy going and will be happy to help you in both languages.
Looking for a job can get tricky if you don’t speak French.
There are a number of English Jobs out there. However, for the most part, finding a job in Montreal will require you to be bilingual, so brush up on your French if you want to be first in line for that job.
You’ll need permits to work in Montreal
Either a Residence permit or Temporary work permit.
Try to get your things in order even before your big move to Montreal.
The taxes are astronomical. Many people complain about the very high tax rate, but there are benefits like free health care and education right up to college.
The traffic is a killer going in and out of the Island.
‘nuff said
Parking is very hard to find
There are decent public transport options in place thanks to the STM
The STM Company services just about all the areas. 185 Bus lines, 4 subway lines (known as Metro) and taxi vans available to make the commute from one point to another as efficient as possible.
There is a huge cultural diversity
That can be likened (somewhat) to New York’s cultural diversity.
Winters can get cold, wet and icy.
Make sure you have clothing that can keep the chill out. Oh, and shoes that are suited to the slippery layer of ice on the ground.
The Habs are a huge thing for us here in Montreal
If you’re not a hockey fan, you better become one quick. The only way you’ll survive.
Festival time!
There’s always a festival going on somewhere, but there’s no need to complain about it. They’re always lively, always fun and there’s always the possibility of meeting new people. Which is exactly why moving to Montreal is so great, as the next point clearly shows.
There’s always a reason to party
Like the wonderful Igloofest. The cold is definitely not going to stop us from partying up a storm.
Cycling and walking are a huge part of daily life in Montreal
Because of the terrible traffic. Look on the bright side: you’ll get plenty of exercises.
Montreal is a beautiful and interesting place.
We know you’re going to love moving to Montreal. It’s a vibrant place to be and the St Cathy’s residence make the experience simply awesome.

Enjoying The Student Life in Montreal

Going away to college and enjoying the greatness of the city where you’ll spend your academic years can be tough. For those that aren’t familiar with a new city, things can be somewhat scary, and in some instances lonely. For those wondering about Montreal Quebec Canada, for instance, anxiety can cause a great deal of misconceptions about living and studying abroad. If you or someone you know is a bit worried about the next four years, and need a little bit of a push, consider some of the fine highlights about enjoying the student life in this beautiful city. Don’t worry about this, St Cathy’s residences is here to help you enjoying the student life in Montreal!

Happiness Reigns In Montreal

First and foremost, if you’re not from the area, you’ll be surprised to discover that the city has been named by many travel experts as one of the happiest cities in the world. Not only that, it’s been given awards for being safe, clean, and artistic. That’s a huge credential to have in a locale, and if you’re a student, you’re definitely not alone. The city has 4 large scale universities, and 12 other colleges in the area. If you’re wondering if you’re going to have a hard time meeting friends or finding others that are studying and trying to make sense of their academics, you are going to be in good hands.

Learn A New Language or Converse in Native Tongue

As far as student life in Montreal Quebec Canada goes, you will find that you can converse in both English and French. For those that are Bilingual this becomes a great location to learn how to speak a second language, as French is predominantly spoke throughout. Don’t worry though, English is not far behind as there are a great deal of English speaking locations, and of course people speak it throughout as well. However, if you wanted to converse in your native tongue of French or English, you have a diverse array of opportunities unlike many places in the world. If you’re a linguist, you’ll find the area to be a haven for communication.

The Ultimate Transportation Hub

Most major cities have a hard time connecting students with various local areas, and centers. Large cities around the nation and internationally are notorious for being hit or miss in this regards. However, you’ll find that in Montreal, the transportation hubs that connect students are second to none. Whether you look at the bus system, subway, trains, or perhaps something more adventurous, the area connects you to the rest of the city with relative ease. If you want to venture on two wheels, however, you’ll find that Montreal has a public bike sharing system most months known as the BIXI. This allows students to gain access to small to medium sized bicycles for free, or with a subscription. The city has been also named one of the more bicycle friendly cities in the world.

As you can see, if you’re a student that is venturing off to a new location, and aren’t sure about Montreal Quebec Canada, you’re going to be in for a lot of great opportunity. Whether it’s the culture, language, or travel, your studies will become illuminated with the beauty and complexity of this metropolis.

Delicious and Cheap Eats Near St. Cathy’s Residence

Delicious and Cheap Eats near St. Cathy’s Residence

Students live on a budget, that’s not a surprise. But to say that you can’t try to treat yourself to something from time to time is absurd. Luckily there are a few tasty haunts near the St. Cathy’s Residence that won’t break the bank and they’ll definitely be worth your time if you’ve had a stressful week. The area also offers a huge amount of ethnic variety and makes it so that you’ll never be bored, even while trying to keep your meals out at a minimum. Here are 4 awesome places to add to your go to list of emergency cheap eats.

Cuisine Bangkok- This delectable Thai based restaurant is amazingly close to St. Cathy’s and boasts very affordable dinners. They offer a variety of South East Asian fare such as shrimp pad thai, beef pad thai, and green chicken curry. On Yelp they have 4 out of 5 stars, so a perfect place to get more bang for your buck.


Sandwich Cao Lanh- Over on Rue Ontario, there’s a great sandwich shop for grabbing some grub on the go, or taking it to a nearby park or square. They boast fresh veggies and meats to concoct the sandwich of your choice, and even freshly rolled sushi. A great place to eat in between classes or after a long workday.


Boustan- Another lovely taste of the world can be found in this Middle Eastern based restaurant that has a variety of pitas, shawarmas, and combo plates. It’s also a great take out spot for busy days, or just a casual lunch spot with classmates. With stellar reviews and such filling portions for so cheap, frequenting Boustan is a no brainer.


Dahlia’s Mediterranean Bistro- Though this isn’t the closest to St. Cathy’s, it’s still within walking distance. As the restaurants name portrays, there will be a variety of Mediterranean cuisine including stuffed grape leaves, falafel, and hummus. The fresh food makes for healthier options and also a great place to relax.


Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Student Housing

Going off to college and getting an education is often times looked at as a rite of passage. Millions of students are leaving the comfort of home and are looking into student housing. Whether you’re going somewhere relatively local, or venturing off thousands of miles away, there are some mistakes that you will want to avoid making. If you look for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada, for example, you will want to ensure that your school has options on campus first. The school you go to may be one of the best bets you have, as they’ll be able to offer you a discounted rate and a roommate that could very well could become your best friend for life.

Signing A Lease On Your Own

Here’s something that you shouldn’t do, even if you have friends that are going to promise to help you with rent, and that’s sign a lease alone. If you sign a lease and then move in your friends, you will be responsible for the payments even if they fail. If they fail to pay their share, and it goes on for months, your credit history will be ruined and your name will be the one that gets run through the mud. It’s with that in mind that you should always look at signing a lease with all parties involved to ensure that there are no problems. This becomes a tricky matter, so keep this in mind before you move into any place.

Only Looking At Locations Near Campus

Here’s one big mistake that people make, especially when looking for student housing in Montreal Quebec Canada and other locales, and that’s location. Location can be a very difficult thing to wrestle with. Most students want to be on or close to campus, but that could incur a great deal of costs. If you have a reliable vehicle, or there’s a great transit system in place, think about moving further away from the immediate campus area. This may sound like it’s going to be arduous to get to classes, but with the money saved, you could afford some creature comforts and luxuries that you otherwise couldn’t get.

Finding student housing is a balancing act of wants and needs. Finding what your needs are and weighing them against your wants is not easy, but in the end, it will either make or break your financial future while in college. Avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

Find Your Own Home in St. Cathy’s: Montreal Apartments for Students

Find Your Own Home in St. Cathy’s: Montreal Apartments for Students

The place where you hang your coat; the place you share laughter with the people who matters to you most; the place where you belong and cherished is…your home. “There is no place like home” is a famous quotation known to many of us because what it speaks is true. There is no other place that we feel safe, cared for, loved, and protected than our home, our resting place, our safe roof as we weather life’s tough storms.

Live Independently.

The importance of the place we live is something that we cannot disregard. Our home is our shelter and as much as possible we wanted to live comfortably with our loved-ones. While there are also many of us who wanted to live independently, still the essence of a good home remains.

Live in Harmony with the Fast-paced Life.

However, our generation made it difficult for many of us to find a place perfect to live peacefully and in harmony with nature especially in urban areas. The fast-paced life is something that many people are required to adapt. Fortunately, there are Montreal apartments like St. Cathy’s that can make a dream of peaceful and sustainable lifestyle possible for students.

Live in Comfort and Style.

Many people are becoming interested to live in urban places which are accessible and can offer them optimal livability. The challenge is to find the best among Montreal apartments that offer sustainable lifestyle, vibrant spaces, while building a healthy community. St. Cathy’s ensure great services with an amazing deal of amenities to ensure your comfort in your student life.

Live where you belong.

Look for a place that can encourage sense of belonging, a place that you can be proud to say, this is my home, and this is where I belong. Find the space where urban and sustainable living meets. There can be a lot of Montreal apartments to choose from, but the sense of community at St. Cathy’s is definitely exceptional.

Our blog is intended for students looking for awesome Montreal apartments where they can enjoy the best of both worlds—beautiful and functional units, and sustainable, friendly community. Feel free to go through the posts and find useful information, tips, news, and topics that tackles all about Montreal and things that may matter to your student life.

Urban living may sound chic or high-end living, but there is more to a building that makes life better and easier for many.

3 Essential (and free) Montreal Student activities for fall 2015

3 Essential (and free) Montreal Student activities for fall 2015

Are you ready to begin your new student life in Montreal this fall? Our beautiful city is gearing up to welcome more than two hundred thousand students for the new fall semester. With so much to do, it can be easy to forget to have some fun in the busy weeks ahead. To help you explore our amazing city, we’ve compiled a simple to-do list of 3 essential free activities in Montreal you can enjoy over the next few months.

1) Discover the Golden Square Mile – If you want to get your bearings and explore Montreal, then check out the popular Golden Square Mile Tour. This self-guided tour can be easily enjoyed on foot, allowing you to stop off along the way for refreshments. Start at Rue St.-Catherine and head towards Rue Sherbrooke via Avenue McGill College. Make sure you have your camera or smartphone charged to capture some amazing photos.

2) Instagram our White Water Rapids – You haven’t seen Montreal until you have experienced our natural white water rapids. Located in the heart of Parc des Rapides, just a few kilometres away from the centre of Montreal, take a free trip by foot to the 30-hectare waterside park. While you’re there, also look out for the amazing Heron Island bird sanctuary located close by.

3) Meet a Dinosaur – If you enjoyed Montreal’s summer blockbuster Jurassic World, then you will love the exhibits offered from our very own Redpath Museum. This free venue has a collection of some of the best real Dinosaur fossils in the whole of Canada for you to enjoy a selfie with. The venue is open most days however will be closed between September 5th – 7th and as always, donations are welcome.

Want to be in the heart of the action?

St Cathy’s student accommodation is located just a short distance from all of these free activity outings. We are an established hub at the heart of Montreal’s student communities and offer a collection of rooms to match a range of student budgets. If you would like to have a free chat about how we can help with your student accommodation this semester, then call free today on 514-574-3336.



Montreal Pride 2015 – Where to stay for Fierté Montréal?

Montreal Pride 2015 – Where to stay for Fierté Montréal?

Montreal is about to become a lot more colourful, as our vibrant city hosts the annual spectacular that is Montreal Pride 2015. This week long event is expected to be bigger and better than ever before, with organisers planning a collection of new surprises for this year’s community festivities. Over 400,000 participants and spectators both local and international, will be taking part in the largest LGBT celebration in the Francophone world.

Beginning on Monday 10 August, the party starts with Urban Forest at the McCord Museum, a popular free musical event that is now in its fifth year. Other highlights of the festival include a one-off performance from The Trouble-Maker’s Sister Show and a Mega Jump Dance event hosted by Ubisoft that aims to encourage thousands of visit to take park in street dancing with simple choreographed moves. With more than a 100 different culture and entertaining attractions planned over the week, organisers are promising something new to explore every day.

The Parade itself is the star of the event once again and will take place on Saturday 15th August. The biggest parade of its kind in Montreal, this year the theme is “Our Flag, Our Energy” in reference to the colour yellow so expect to see lots of cool yellow outfits along the route. The highlight will also feature a giant yellow doll that will meet and greet the thousands of visitors along the 2.6km route.

Where to stay during Montreal Pride 2015

St. Cathy’s is the perfect location to stay during the Montreal Pride 2015 festival and beyond. We are located next to the Start Line of the Parade itself and with most of the Montreal Pride taking place near downtown and central areas, we are super convenient to the action. We’re also close to some popular student bars and cool places to eat. To add even more colour to your experience and see how we can help with your stay in Montreal, call St Cathy’s today on 514-574-3336.

Top-5 Reasons to Choose a Residence over an Apartment

Top-5 Reasons to Choose a Residence over an Apartment

Living as a student can be stressful – especially if they choose the wrong place to set their roots. With the demanding schedules that fill the contemporary student’s mind, a student residence center is clearly a step above the hassle and problem-filled life of apartment renting.

Why? Let’s have a look……..


Living in a student residence can definitely have its perks over apartment life. Here at St. Cathy’s, there is a wide assortment of hosted activities ranging from sports nights, community dinners and even video gaming festivals (Yes, you heard that right). These things are simply not available in the majority of apartment complexes around Montreal. With all of the self-evident social advantages of residence living, why would anyone want to pay to experience dull apartment life? Yeah, I don’t know either.

All-Inclusive Amenities

The stress-inducing task of remembering to pay for your lights, cable, phone, water, and internet fees can easily break the spirit of many apartment renters. After all, that energy should rightly be focused on accomplishing academic success. Residence centers take care of that by offering these amenities all inclusively. Because of this, students are able to spend more time worrying about their grades, and not digging for that light bill they misplaced.

Furnished Rooms

Moving can be EXTREMELY stressful. Don’t worry! The rooms at St. Cathy’s also come furnished with beds, desks, chairs, microwaves, refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, satellite cable, and landlines with local calling included. Plus, they also provide wireless internet all throughout the building. Sounds awesome, right?

Location and Community

When contemplating where to place down one’s college roots, student residence centers should definitely fall under the college student’s radar. As opposed to the unknown population of any given apartment building, living at St. Cathy’s is simply more suitable for students. As soon as they arrive, the student’s life will be filled with new faces and friendly people. It’s a great place to start the next phase in their educational journey.

Plus, you can’t beat our location. St. Cathy’s is located only a few moments from the majority of major universities in the area. When considering the huge role punctuality plays on a college student’s life, the ease and practicality of resident-life easily shines above apartment living.


When parents are forced to experience the inevitable task of setting their children free on the road to independence and educational success, safely is most-definitely on the majority of their minds. Residence centers help to ease that pain with complex security camera set-ups, new-age security systems and caring staff members. In St. Cathy’s, Residence Assistants are there to help students with any problems they may be facing when transitioning into university life. They also ensure the community is running smoothly, thus helping parents to remove one more entry on their “worry list”.

Something to Think About…

When searching for a quality place to live for their univesity-aged young adults, parents typically look for places with a sense of community, ease, convenience, and high standards of safety. Trust me, these things have never been in a more-pleasant bundle than with St. Cathy’s Student Residence.


Montreal hosts the World’s Largest Outdoor Games Festival

Montreal hosts the World’s Largest Outdoor Games Festival

Are you ready to play? Montreal is about to become the most fun place on Earth as the largest outdoor games festival kicks off on July 11th. This unique games festival is expected to attract thousands of players from Montreal and beyond, seeking to enjoy the very best board games, video games and local outdoor gaming events all for free.

The action will take place at Quartier des spectacles where students, locals and tourists are encouraged to come together in a true multiplayer experience. The event will last just over two weeks and is expected to exceed last year’s 150,000 players.

Visitors can also expect to meet some of gaming’s leading creators from both the digital world and traditional games industry. Warner Bros will be sending their local Montreal Games team, who will be joined by other legends including Nintendo and the team behind the popular ‘Just Dance’ game.

Montreal’s Gaming Boulevard

At the heart of the festival will be Maisonneuve Boulevard, which is being transformed into an open-air playground. Even for those who don’t wish to participate, this outdoor gaming event is a spectacle not to be missed. This summer will see a collection of new games available from multiplayer shooting action on the WiiU, to giant sized board games from the popular gamers Sociojeux. The Boulevard will have an assembly of Booths available to explore with some of the latest and coolest games to try out before most of the world.

Montreal Video Games Lounge

Feeling competitive? Complexe Desjardins will be the home of an epic video games lounge during the festival. Here the best players will battle to become the festival’s ultimate gaming champion. A live studio will also be broadcasting a special eSports contest to millions of Twitch users around the world.

The annual Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec event will take place from July 11th until July 25th and is likely to be the biggest event yet. With over 100 different games on offer, this festival will cater to gamers of all different ages and tastes.

St Cathy’s is ideally located for this summer’s Gaming Festival. We are just a 12 minute cab ride away from the Boulevard and at the heart of an area popular with students. To find out why we receive such amazing reviews for our rooms, give us a call today on 514-574-3336.

St. Cathy’s Residence- A safe home for your child

St. Cathy’s Residence- A safe home for your child

Education is most essential part of life and parents always try to provide best education to their children. Leaving home for higher studies as at earlier age is common now a day because people wish to join the best institute ever to beat the competition. But for parents, the matter of worry is just the residence for their child when they are going for a strange place to take education. If one got perfect place to live, everything get managed easily and parents can stay tension free.

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies and in Montreal there are most of the popular colleges that you would like for your child’s higher education. With high quality education and huge exposure, these universities or colleges will give you best experience ever. If you have planned to join this place for studies, you must be searching for accommodation facilities that fulfill all your needs at one place. St. Cathy’s residences are best housing option for all students who want to study at Montreal. Students can find affordable and well furnished rooms in the locality of their university so that they need not to travel everyday and can spare more time for studies. St. Cathy’s housing options provide you secure safe and beautiful rooms where students can stay happily and enjoy their time in this amazing city.

Students can live at four to five minute walking distance from their college and rooms are well equipped with all necessary services. For shopping, you also need not to go far away because you will find a number of shops or market around the residential area. Students can easily go anywhere to buy any item of their need. The most loved aspect of St. Cathy’s housing complex is its peaceful atmosphere with fantastic environment where students love to spend more time. This place is perfect for studies as you will never ever disturb with unnecessary noise and everything will remain as quiet as you need for your concentration. All rooms are designed perfectly with attractive interior decoration and these residences offers attached bathroom as well as kitchen with every room. Rooms are having perfect electricity arrangement and students can enjoy fresh air and natural light by opening windows. The weather conditions are very friendly for students and they can enjoy studies in all seasons without any tension.

Usually many events are organized in this area to entertain students such as “Butterflies Go Free” festival and Tribute shows etc. Students can attend these events with best safety facilities of St Cathy’s residence. With all these facilities, it becomes home like environment for students where they can study well as they don’t even feel homesickness. Students love to have fun together and they find best study companions over here. For those who choose to reside at St. Cathy’s housing, spends most beautiful time of their education career with safe and caring environment. Parents can feel free from all tensions after sending their lovely child to St. Cathy’s home where every student is given proper care and best environment for studies.