10 of Montreal’s Top Bagel Spots

Providing you with the really really important information.

Bagels, bagels, bagels, who are we kidding they’re one of the few god sent foods that’s widely appropriated (I mean who doesn’t love a good bagel?), and that Montreal specializes in/ is absolutely famous for. Given those two well-known facts, we decided to create a list of Montreal’s top 10 bagel places to ensure your experience is right-on the money:


St. Viateur Bagel

viateur 1 viateur 2

One of Montreal’s most famous!

Address: 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, 1127 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, 5629 Av de Monkland


Bagel Etc

bagel etc bagel etc 2

….. It’s calling your name.

Address: 4320 Boul St-Laurent


Bagel St- Henri

bagel st henri bagel st henri 2

Address: 4354 Rue Saint Antoine O


Fairmount Bagel

fairmount bagel1 fairmount bagel

fairmount bagel 2

Address: 74 Avenue Fairmount O


Beauty’s Luncheonette

beautys 4 beautys beautys1 beautys3

Bagel Madness.

Address: 93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O


Brossard Bagel

brossard 2 brossard brossard3

Clearly they’re into grilling to perfection (we’re not against it).

Address: 286 Rue Gladstone


Mount Royal Bagel Factory

mount royal1 mount royalkl

When you need a bagel stop post hike (who are we kidding, you do).

Address: 709 Chemin Lucerne, Mont-Royal


Hinnawi Bros

hinnawi hinnawi1

Address: 372 Rue Sherbrooke E


REAL Bagel Montreal

REALbagel2 REALbagel

Address: 6647 Boulevard Decarie


Bagels on Greene

bagelsongreene bagelsongreene1

Address: 4160 Rue Sainte-Catherine


So many delicious places, so little time.



Come, let us teach you how to snap.

To celebrate the launch of St. Cathy’s Residence’s new Snapchat account – essentially a snapchat live for residents- we have come up with a list of the top 12 most essential accounts to follow on Snapchat:


(Obviously) DJ Khaled.


djkhaled dj khaled snap

From daily life lessons to gourmet meals, join DJ Khaled on snapchat and you won’t regret it.

Snap name: djkhaled305

Day Job: Rapper


Kylie Jenner.

kylie kyga kylie-jenner-snapchat-dancing

You have to follow the King of Snap.

Snap name: KylizzleMyNizzl

Day job: Kylie Jenner


Cyrene Quiamco.


Cyrene Quiamco has become a prominent personality on a social media platform that is designed to make content disappear. Since joining Snapchat last year, Quiamco (who goes by "CyreneQ" across most social media) has amassed a following for her whimsical art - from celebrity portraits to collages of Disney characters - and interactive snaps. She engages her community with games, quizzes, and questions, transforming a series of short-lived snaps into a conversation. She's also the creator of The11thSecond.com, a blog and community for Snapchat artists to share their work off the platform. This year Quiamco was nominated for a Shorty Award, which recognizes the best in social media.

She is literally paid to doodle on snapchat??? OK.

Snap name: cyreneq

Day Job: Snapchat Influencer


Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Motivation, behind the scenes, travel, and more are waiting for you from Arnold’s snap.

Snap name: arnoldschnitzel

Day Job: Actor, Politician, Motivational Speaker (probably a bunch else)


Yvan Rodic.

yvan rodic1 yvan rodic

He’s one of the best street style photographers out there, and his snap is not misleading.

Snap Name: mrfh

Day Job: Style photographer, creator of FaceHunter


Julieanna Goddard.

yesjulzz yesjulz yesjulzzz

The “director of vibes” is your all access pass- she’s constantly at the hottest events and clubs, and now you can join the party from your couch (which who are we kidding, we really aren’t mad).

Snap Name: yesjulz

Day job: Blogger and promoter at “Yez Julz!”



dougthepug doug

Doug the Pug. Icecream, costumes, outings, you name it, Doug does it.

Snap Name: itsdougthepug

Day Job: Pug


Eva Chen.

eva chen2 evachen2 eva chen

Fashion enthusiasts, this lady is the head of fashion partnerships for instagram- the app made to induce jealousy- need we say more? Her Snapchat stories will definitely do that (from the front row of course).

Snap Name: theevachen212

Day Job: Head of fashion partnerships for Instagram


Paris Hilton.

paris flying paris

She’s just genuinely entertaining.

Snap Name: realparishilton

Day Job: Heiress and CEO


Evan Garber.

evan garber2 evan garber

Another Snapchat Influencer, he’s also an artist and Snapchat Influencer, only focuses on creating prolonged projects- the result is really unique and entertaining.

Snap Name: emgarber

Day Job: Snapchat Influencer


And of course, remember to add @StCathys on Snapchat and join the fun!


For your special day.

When that time of the year comes around, make sure you know where to spend it. Check out our list:


Le Beachclub


Head to Le Beachclub for an unforgettable day. You can rent a private cabana, get VIP tickets, or enjoy a private deck for your celebration. Get tickets and more info here: http://beachclub.com/


Bota-Bota Spa

BotaBota BotaBota2

Relax in lux at Old Port’s Bota-Bota Spa, you won’t regret this one.  Get tickets and more info here: http://botabota.ca/en/


Le Bateau Mouche

le bateau mouche

Cruise, dine, and celebrate in style! Le Bateau Mouche is your destination to eat and celebrate on the water.  Get tickets and more info here: http://www.bateaumouche.ca/en/home.html


Rosewood Pub

Rosewood Pub

If you’re a bruncher, head over to Montreal’s Rosewood Pub, with the mimosas flowing and their delicious brunch selection, you won’t be disappointed. Get more info here: http://www.rosewoodmontreal.com/en/


Old Port of Montreal


For the adventurous type, check out ziplining in old Montreal. Get tickets and more info here: http://www.oldportofmontreal.com/activity/tyrolienne-urbaine-montreal


Croisieres AML

Croisiere AML

Croisieres AML for the ones who want to cruise AND brunch (you know you want to). Get tickets and more info here: http://www.croisieresaml.com/en/plan-your-cruise/montreal/tout/


White Water Rafting

Rafting Mtl

If ziplining doesn’t satisfy your adventure craving, you can always check out white water rafting with your crew. Get tickets and more info here: http://raftingmontreal.com/en/rafting-jet-boating-downtown-montreal/


Host a Private Party 

Cabaret undeworld Cabaret undeworld 2

Rent a venue and throw a private party- check Clubzone.com for private rentable venues like Club Soda or Cabaret Underwood. Get more info here: http://clubzone.com/montreal/places/private-rental-venue/


Le Balcon Cabaret Music Hall

Cabaret Music Hall

Head to Le Balcon Cabaret Music for fine drinks, food, and a creative dinner experience you surely won’t forget! Get tickets and more info here: http://www.lebalcon.ca/


Montreal Casino

Mtl Casino 32 Montreal Casino

Get dressed to the nines and hit the Montreal Casino for a poker night with your friends. Get tickets and more info here: http://casinos.lotoquebec.com/en/montreal/home


3 Amigos

3 amigos

Have a fiesta, many margaritas, and a free birthday sombrero at 3 Amigos. Get more info here: http://www.3amigosrestaurant.com/


Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Enjoy a free bottle of champagne for you and your group from Club Electric Avenue. Reserve guest list and get more info here: http://www.clubsmontreal.com/en/


Skorpion Paintball

Skorpio Paintball MTL

Have a (painfully) fun time playing paint ball with your friends at Skorpion. On top of that, birthday boy/girl gains free admission. For more info check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Skorpion-Paintball-157268990967666/


Rooftop Pool

Hilton Mtl Pool

Take a rooftop dip at the Hilton Bonaventure or L’Apartement hotel’s rooftop pool. Although you need to rent a room to do so, with 5 friends it comes to just over $25 each!


Calypso Waterpark

The Summit Tower is a spectacular new attraction which features 10 new waterslides, each more impressive than the next. With a total height of 10 stories, it is the tallest free-standing waterslide tower in North America. (CNW Group/Calypso Park)

If all else fails, take a road trip to Calypso Park- huge waterslides, an intense wave pool, lit up bars, totally greasy irresistible snacks, what else do you need to celebrate? Get tickets and more info here: http://www.calypsopark.com/en/waterpark/



How to work in the “me” generation.

Ah, the everlasting money chase- it seems to be a common theme among students, no matter their situation. Between a strange class schedule,  a commitment phobia,  or just really not wanting an unfortunate part-time job, motivation to hand out resumes is often lost, thus creating an increasing group of students who may want to work, but don’t have the opportunity. We’re all about solutions here, so have created a list of 13 unconventional student jobs that may be suited for you this school year, and we’re not talking paid survey taking or essay selling here – our list will really work:


Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

Take your passion to the next level and become a fitness instructor. This can be great for those who love being at the gym anyway, and even more so for outgoing people with a passion for fitness. Not only that, but becoming a fitness instructor leaves you with many options for personal training, to yoga, to aerobics or dance aerobics, and more!


Get information of the Fitness Instructor Training program ran through the YMCA here: http://www.ymcaquebec.org/en/Health-and-Fitness/Fitness-Instructor-Training/Fitness-Instructor-Training-Program-FIT



Brand Ambassador or Promotional Model


LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 20: Dr Pepper models attend the 2013 Latin GRAMMY Street Parties at Plaza Olvera on October 20, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/WireImage)

If you love people, are extremely smiley and outgoing, and have a flare for customer service and interaction, this job is for you! Many companies hire promotional models and brand ambassadors on behalf of their event, brand, or product, in order to create brand, campaign, and product awareness. These jobs are typically contractual, and tend to pay very well as they tend to be short programs and long shifts- but are extremely beneficial- not only is the work easy, fun, and well-paid, but you’re constantly interacting and making new connections, get to attend the hottest events, and can also walk away with some free stuff! Best of all, MINIMAL COMMITMENT because most activations are no longer than 1-3 shifts.


Check out some Montreal Brand Ambassador positions here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brandambassadorsofmontreal/


Dog Walker/Sitter

Dog Walker

For those of us lacking a pet, this is an ideal position because you get to make money while spending time with a furry friend. There are many people who are simply too busy to walk their dogs, and this is where you come in, as the dog walker extraordinaire you are.


Check out Pet Sitting and Care jobs here: https://www.care.com/en-ca/jobs/dog-sitting/montreal



Entrepreneur 2

Take what you like, and make money from it. Are you the type of person that like to get what you want no matter what, if something isn’t there for you, do you make it happen for yourself? Maybe you should consider entrepreneurship of sorts. Running your own business can have many advantages and can be kept simple when you are simply looking to build a revenue instead of a brand. You can capitalize on your talents, or find an answer to an issue that needed solving; either way, entrepreneurship can reap many benefits at this age that other jobs cannot.


Check out a Canadian-wide incubator and sponsorship program here: http://www.futurpreneur.ca/en/





Task apps like Kutoto- Canada’s version of TaskRabbit, is the answer for people who don’t have time to commit. This app works similar to Fiverr, but offers matching local errands and jobs with local job seekers, worth $10 or more. Jobs vary from standing in line, baking cakes, walking dogs, and much more. It’s like the Uber or Tinder for quick errands and quick money making- all cashless (a credit card is required).

Get more information on Kutoto here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/kutoto-get-things-done-locally./id585915367?mt=8

Check out similar apps here: http://appcrawlr.com/app/related/2286384



Social Media for a Small Business

Social Media infograph

You’re hanging out on instagram all day anyways ….

Take advantage of your consistent knowledge of social media and reach out to a small business seeking social media help. Many small companies are looking for someone with basic skills such as setting up a Facebook and various social networking pages, something you can do in your sleep! Thus, surprisingly, your fluency in social media, hashtags, and posting, turns you into an ideal social media intern for a small business.


You can check job ads on sites like Kijiji and Indeed. http://www.kijiji.ca/b-grand-montreal/social-media/k0l80002 and http://www.indeed.ca/



Tutor or Teacher


If you show scholastic aptitude towards a certain subject, or can speak another language (or two), you might actually be the ideal tutor! Not only does it pay well, but you can choose to tutor in subjects that interest you or that you excel in, but you’re guaranteed to meet some cool new people and students, and it looks great on a resume!


You can check out tutoring jobs here: https://www.tutorhero.me/blog/post/51/Tutoring-Job-in-Montreal-Quebec-The-Best-Company-to-Work-For



Club Work

Bottle Service

Similar to social media, since you’re probably spending time there anyways, why not work in a club? Working in a club has a schedule benefit because typically you won’t be working before 10pm, but is also ideal to make new friends, get into the nightlife scene, and offers diverse roles- from a bottle service girl/boy, DJ, promoter, shooter girl, or bartender, to a bouncer, host/coat check, marketing and PR agents, and promotional model – the club industry, provided you’re a night owl, has a job to suit you.



To apply to work in a club in Montreal stay tuned- most clubs will host a job fair early September that will be advertised on their Facebook or Instagram pages.



Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a really cool part-time job- you essentially assess customer service at various stores, from a boutique, to a spa, to a restaurant, the opportunities are endless. Although the pay is somewhat lower, you end up getting many fun outings paid for by the company, provided you can stay discreet within your assessment and fill out the corresponding report. I must warn however, if you see ads claiming to pay $400 or high amounts per assignments, it may be a scam (even if they send you a job application), be wise and weary- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Apply to one of Montreal’s many Mystery Shopping firms here: https://premierservice.ca/apply/  



Create an Etsy or Ebay Store

Etsy Ebay Store

If you’re artistic, create a homemade product, and start and a corresponding Etsy store! Etsy specializes in selling handmade and vintage products, and is incredibly easy to use. If you’re not into making something or scouting vintage finds, you can always downsize and sell some used items Kardashian style via your very own Ebay store.


Check out Etsy and Ebay Stores here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/ and http://stores.ebay.ca/



Valet Parking Attendant

Valet Parking Attendant

If you’re car-less but enjoy driving, try finding a Valet Parking Attendant job- this is something different and surely a cool way to drive nice cars and spend work your time, differently.


Check out Valet Parking Attendant jobs in Montreal here: http://www.wowjobs.ca/BrowseResults.aspx?q=Valet&s=r&l=Montreal%2C+QC


Ride Share or Uber Driver

Uber Driver

If you have your own car, become a ride share or Uber driver – although Uber is banned in the city of Montreal (hyperlink this), it’s up and running as close as the area of Laval.


Furthermore, ride share drivers tend to make a huge profit and have their gas paid for. So when travelling between Montreal and another city, think about doing a ride share. Consider this: if you’re travelling from Ottawa to Montreal and fill your car up at $15 a person, you’re making $120 for the round trip. Not a bad profit, especially if you’re driving from point A to point B regardless.


Get more information on becoming an Uber driver here: https://partners.uber.com/join/

Get rideshare information here:  http://www.kijiji.ca/b-covoiturage/grand-montreal/c5l80002?siteLocale=en_CA and http://www.kangaride.com/ and check your local and university rideshare groups on Facebook (hyperlink fb)


Freelance Writer/ Blogging

Freelance writing

If you have a lot to say, or extended knowledge in one subject, freelance writing or blogging could be for you. Many websites are seeking bloggers and freelance writers, and allow submissions from the public- best of all, if they choose your story or piece, you will be paid!


Check out websites that pay to feature your writing here: http://www.makealivingwriting.com/websites-that-pay-writers-2015-79-sites/


13 Time The Internet Killed IT

In the age of social media and content delivery 24 hours a day, it seems that the internet has become the place to gather a general public opinion, cause disruption, and tends to be the only sphere that can truly keep up with the space/time equation that is the constant news cycle. Not only that, but as T-Swift recently learnt – internet opinions tend to be savage yet hilarious, and everyone seems to have one. From the release of Lemonade to Pokemon Go!, here are 13 times the internet absolutely nailed it:



Internet reaction to Brexit



Internet reaction to #AskTrump

u.s. election


Internet reaction to Lemonade

lemonade1 lemonade


Internet reaction to #KimExposedTaylorParty




Internet reaction to Pokemon Go!

pokemon go pokemongofunny pokemon goo


Internet reaction to Justin Trudeau


Trudeau’s Google searches


Internet reaction to Kanye’s Famous Video



Internet reaction to Game of Throne’s Season 5 Finale



Internet reactions Melania Plagiarism


Yes, this needed it’s own category


Internet reactions to Leo finally winning an Oscar



Internet reaction to Rob and Blacc




Internet reaction to Kanye West


Yes, we really will.


Internet reaction to Donald Trump Hair

trumphillary 2. us election


Keep on winning internet, keep on winning.




Places to volunteer in Montreal

In an effort to bulk up resumes and graduate study applications, many students may be seeking a volunteer position at some point this year. There’s always the need for volunteers within various organizations around the city, so we have created the ultimate list of interest categories and potential corresponding volunteer locations for seeking students this year:





Tutor at Le Baobab Familial   http://www.baobabfamilial.org/benevolat/ 

Ladies Learning Code http://ladieslearningcode.com/get-involved/ 

World Computer Exchange http://www.worldcomputerexchange.org/volunteer

C2 Montreal   https://www.c2montreal.com/volunteer-2016/

The Centre for Literacy http://www.centreforliteracy.qc.ca/tutoring 

Concordia and Mcgill Universities http://www.concordia.ca/students/volunteering/opportunities.html  https://www.mcgill.ca/cle/team/volunteer


Business – Internships


Narcity Montreal/ MTL Blog https://narcitymediainc.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=37 

C2C Ventures Inc http://www.c2csocialaction.com/volunteering.html

Montreal Arts- Affairs  http://www.montrealartsaffaires.org/en/fiche/benevoles-d-affaires

Conseil des Arts de Montreal- business volunteers https://www.artsmontreal.org/en/business/business-volunteers


Arts and Culture

arts and culture

Dress to Impress Montreal – Donate clothing https://montreal.dressforsuccess.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Artscene Montreal  http://en.artsscenemontreal.com/ 

Volunteer Association of Montreal Museum of Arts http://www.mbam.qc.ca/en/volunteer-association-of-the-mmfa/ 

Conseil des Arts de Montreal https://www.artsmontreal.org/en/business/business-volunteers 

C2 Montreal https://www.c2montreal.com/volunteer-2016/



health volunteer


Alzheimers society http://www.alzheimer.ca/en/montreal/Get-involved 

Montreal Heart Institute https://www.icmmhi.org/en/about-us/become-volunteer 

Doctors without Borders http://www.msf.ca/en/volunteer-our-offices

St. Mary’s Hospital http://www.smhc.qc.ca/en/volunteers/volunteer-opportunities

Douglas Mental Health University Institute http://www.douglas.qc.ca/page/volunteer-options 





SPCA Montreal  http://www.spca.com/page_id=7&lang=en 

Animal Rescue Network http://www.animalrescuenetwork.org/info/display?PageID=988

Humane Society Canada/International http://www.hsi.org/world/canada/work/puppy_mills/tips/animal-rescue-volunteer-hsicanada.html?referrer=https://www.google.ca/

World Wildlife Foundation http://www.wwf.ca/takeaction/volunteer/ 


Children and Montreal Youth



Big Brothers Big Sisters Montreal https://www.bigbrothersbigsisters.ca/en/home/mentoringprograms/becomeamentor/default.aspx 

Sun Youth Organization http://sunyouthorg.com/en/contribute/become-volunteer/

Montreal’s Children’s Hospital http://www.thechildren.com/volunteer 

Starlight Children’s Foundation http://www.starlightcanada.org/getinvolved/volunteer/



Politics and Human Rights



Engineers without Borders http://legacy.ewb.ca/en/whatyoucando/volunteer/opportunities.html 

Bureau of Montreal                            http://cabm.net/en

Montreal Climate Action http://actionclimatmtl.org/get-involved/ 

Amnesty International https://amnestymontreal.org/category/volunteer-opportunities/

Unicef – ORT Montreal http://m.unicef.ca/workandvolunteer.html

Canadian Council for Refugees http://ccrweb.ca/en/get-involved 


Join us in the 21st century. 

We’re all familiar with Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Maps, Snapchat, and the various usual smartphone culprits, but some less widely popular apps exist that are ridiculously useful. We composed a list of apps that will facilitate your daily life and increasingly all-around efficiency:


Transit App


I’ve personally been using this App for 3 years now and trust me when I say- it really is for all of your transit needs. Transit App does everything shy of literally transporting you through the phone. Bus? Metro? Uber? Transit App has you covered.





Calling all drivers! Waze is what you’ve been waiting for; this App will literally keep you out of traffic, as it’s constantly updated by traffic reports from other users, will warn you when a cop is near or waiting ahead, give all possible routes to your destination, and works surprisingly well/accurately as you’re driving. If you’re a driver without Waze, you’re seriously missing out.  


Just Eat or Uber Eats

just eat

uber eats

Depending on your location, Just Eat or Uber Eats is sure to be your BFF. It’s food delivery made even easier, and with driver tracking and cashless orders- it’s not just easier, but it’s food delivery for the 21st century.




Canada’s version of Task Rabbit, this App allows you to pick up tasks that tend to be worth a little bit more than the popular task app Fiverr ($5). The app allows people searching for work or random jobs to run others’ errands, stand in line for them, babysit, dog walk, bake a cake, or really any other random task, and again, is completely cashless!  




fitbrain 2

Keep your brain fit, especially during your summer months off, with Fitbrain. Featuring sections to improve various parts of your brain health, analytics to review your stats, and various entertaining game series as your brain tests, this is the only gaming app you need (well that and Pokemon Go!).


Fitness pal

fitnesspal 2

Keep your body fit with the help of Fitness Pal. Another personal favorite, Fitness Pal does everything from counting calories and analyzing your micros and macros, to keeping track the various nutrients you’ve taken in and setting the best plan for your fitness goals regarding your specific height, weight, and activity level. This app is everything for a fitness-lover, someone trying to lose weight or gain muscle, or anyone leading/trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.




Because as a student, Lil Dicky hits close to home when he said “we gotta save dat money”.

IBotta will facilitate exactly that- this app lets you know where the various discounts are in your city: retail, grocery, restaurants, and more. This can be extremely helpful when trying to find grocery steals or cheap drinks/apps around the city.


Goodbudget Planner

goodbudget planner

Budgeting seems to be the one important life skill often not learnt in school-  lucky for us, there’s an app for that! Goodbudget planner takes away the stress of planning a budget by facilitating the process to ensure the most efficient use of your parents’ money.




Ever wonder how much time you waste during the day? Do you dare see how many hours you’re spending on social media daily? Rescuetime will analyze how you or your team have been spending your time, how long you’re spending on certain apps,  and will customize to your personal time management goals. This is a god-given gift when finals comes around.




Not necessarily making life easier, but definitely bettering it and lowering your stress level; Buddhify is a meditation and mindfulness app completely customized to your lifestyle-. From an insomniac, to a city-slicker, to a world traveler, Buddhify has your meditation needs covered.




When you hear a song and are wondering what it is, Shazam is to the rescue! This app will listen to a passage of a song and automatically ID (name, artist, album) the track for you. Never miss a new classic again.



sleepcycle 2

sleepcycle 1

Because as a uni student, every moment of sleep is PRECIOUS. And so, you may as well sleep as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Data Tracker

data tracker


Do yourself a favor, avoid the trouble and manage that data, with the help of Data Tracker!




It’s the agenda app of all agenda apps. Organize notes, tasks, exams, project dates, to-do lists, and literally everything else- all from 1 app! Evernote is bound to help you avoid that 5% first-day late deduction.




Do you know what the worst part about writing a long paper is? Spending the entire following hour sourcing it. Let’s never do that again… Refme will scan and automatically create various different source citations in the options of APA, MLA, Chicago, and ASA citation styles.  



yikyak yikyak

Okay so again, not making life easier, but for sure keeping it entertaining. To keep up on campus and get some good laughs, download YikYak. It’s essentially an anonymous version of twitter based on your location, allowing “peeks’ at the posts in other locations. It’s especially popular among university students, and is absolutely hot in Montreal (no matter your uni)- Mcgill being the only Canadian university with a “peek” section among the Ivy League schools in the U.S..



From day to night, Montreal is just as bumpin’ without alcohol.

With so many in-your-face partying options, it’s easy to feel somewhat lost as someone who doesn’t drink in Montreal, but don’t worry because with world-class sites and culture, Montreal has many alcohol-less options to offer. 

Ceramic Cafe-Studio

ceramic cafe

If you’re the artsy type, this place is absolutely perfect. Paint and decorate ceramics while enjoying the cafe’s divers lunch, dessert, and drink menus, for a lovely afternoon.

Get more info here .


Moksha Yoga Studio


Sweat it out while enjoying one of Moksha’s various hot yoga classes that target specific workout goals from strength training to flexibility classes- they have it all. Just make sure to bring lots of water because its gets H-O-T!

Get more info here.


Cat/Dog Cafe


Hangout at the cat OR dog cafe- yes these are both real places where you get to hang out with some fur babies for an afternoon.

Get more info here.


Biodome and Planetarium


A Montreal must-see- say hi to the monkeys and see an astronomy presentation that would put Neil Degrasse Tyson to shame, at the Montreal Biodome and Planetarium. This interactive experience is unlike any other in the city, and you surely won’t be disappointed.  (hint hint: there’s delightfully social penguins).

Get more info here.


Olympic Stadium

parc olympique

Enjoy the (literally) lit Olympic Stadium that’s been a Montreal landmark for over 40 years. It’s absolutely gorgeous day or night, and the perfect place to hangout with a special someone. The stadium also hosts events which are also lit- in a different sense of the world.

For more info and an event calendar here.


Tea-time at the Ritz Carleton

tea time

Hangout lavishly at the Ritz Carlton- one of the top hotels in Montreal and arguably one of the top hotel chains in the world. Tea-time at the Ritz, a tradition which originated in 1912 as place for the upper class to enjoy the social ritual of afternoon tea, has been revamped today, making it a perfect opportunity for anybody seeking an elegant afternoon.

Get more info or make a reservation here.


Botanical garden

botanical garden

Yet another Montreal must-see, check out the beautiful Botanical Gardens. This huge 75 hectare garden features many thematic garden sets and greenhouses, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Get more info here.


Rent a Bike and Tour up Mount Royal

bike mount royal

Head to Mount Royal and rent a bike! The bike path begins at the George-Etienne Cartier monument on Park Avenue, and will take you up the mountain, ending in a gorgeous view of the city.

Get more info here.


Go Sidewalk or Thrift Shopping


Montreal is not shy of sidewalk sales, thrift, or vintage shopping, and what better way to spend an afternoon or evening! Not only are you guaranteed to find some treasures, but with St. Catherine Street and Verdun’s annual sidewalk shopping festivals, you are also sure to find some truly unique pieces (and deals)!

Check out MTL Blog’s list awesome Montreal thrift shops here.

Get Montreal sidewalk sale info here.


Spend The Day in Old Port

old port

Depending on the time of year, Montreal’s Old Port offers many daily possibilities for adventure, from zip lining, to obstacle courses and giant mazes, to a delightfully lit skating rink. No matter the season, a day in Old Port is a decision sure to create cherished memories and likely to give you Old Port fever (you’ll be back).

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Centre Ballroom MTL


Learn something new! Centre Ballroom MTL offers various dance classes and is a great way to get active while adding some spice into your life- with Latin, Salsa, and Ballroom dance classes, you can leave a true star.

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Visit one of Montreal’s Art Galleries


As one of Canada’s culture capitals, Montreal has many art galleries that can cater to even the finest art buff’s tastes.

Here’s a list of Montreal Private Art Galleries: 


Amusement 2000

1amusement 2000

Hit up Montreal’s giant arcade Amusement 2000. Not only is it bound to be an exciting outing, but open until 3am, it’s an ideal late night activity for non-drinkers!

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Imax and Montreal Science Centre

1science centre

Didn’t we tell you to learn something? If you didn’t feel the idea of dance classes, you can learn interactively at the Montreal Science Center, or by (GIANT) movies at Montreal’s IMAX. This outing is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

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Phi Centre


Be ahead of the trend, and go experience virtual reality at the Phi Centre! Not only will you be one of the firsts to experience what’s bound to be our future, but you will have a unique experience that beats going out to eat any day!

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Peur Depot

peur depot

Get scared at Montreal’s Peur Depot Haunted House, as they claim to transform fear into an immersive and sensory experience. Check it out, if you dare…

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La Ronde

la ronde

If you’re a thrill-seeker, La Ronde, the huge amusement park at Parc Jean Drapeau, is your solution. With many roller coasters and rides, events, restaurants, games, and sometimes even fireworks, this is sure to be an action-packed day or night.

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Late Night Comedy Show


Check out one of Montreal’s various late-night comedy shows! The opportunities are endless between the many comedy lounges in the city like Yuk Yuk’s, The Comedy Nest, and ComedyWorks Montreal- one of the clubs is sure to suit your comedy style.

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Life is hard enough already.

The student life is incredibly entertaining, fast-paced, and full of opportunity and reward, but is also undeniably tricky- especially at the beginning. Have no fear! We decided to set you up with a list of some student/residence/Montreal life hacks to facilitate you in getting acquainted with your new city and lifestyle.


X2 the Speed

Playback Speed

Come cram time, the only way to get through all of your recorded lectures is by setting the playback time at twice the speed. Thank me later.


No Credit Card?

prepaid visa

Visa gift cards can get you free trials online. No apple music subscription? Fix that now!



student discount

Take advantage of the various student discount options that pop up around Montreal – Topshop, STM’s Opus card, Roots, Greyhound…. it saves pays to ask if a discount is offered!


Kijiji is Your Friend!

Kijiji books and shit

Tickets, textbooks, or anything else your heart desires, almost always comes cheaper via Facebook groups and Kijiji. Not only that, but Facebook groups localized to Montreal will help you with some seriously hard-to-get information (Concordia Book Exchange, Montreal Rave Community, Used Clothes Exchange Mcgill, etc.).


For All Those Presentations … 

raising hand

When giving a presentation, set a friend up to ask a question you already know the answer to- ways to impress your Prof 101.


Discount Groceries and Markets

Cheap Grocery Stores 

Discount grocery stores- they exists, they’re cheap, they help when you gotta “save dat money”.

Check out this list of cheap grocery stores around Montreal.


$5 Food


From hot dogs at Montreal Pool Room to a deli sandwich at Super Sandwich, munchie meals for under $5 in Montreal DO exist. My personal favorite? $5 meals at Crescent Street’s Warehouse.


Warm Drink?

wet paper

For those times you forget to put your drinks in the fridge, wrap a warm drink in a cold/wet paper towel and place it in the fridge. After allowing it to sit for 15 minutes, it’ll be cool enough to drink thereafter.


24h Study Spots


Come finals, the libraries get crammed- and quick. Second Cup and Cafe Noir are just two of the 24 hour cafes with wifi in Montreal. Keep a good list, because by finals these places will become your saving grace!


Scope Out The Steals

dollar cinema

Montreal, as expensive as it can be, is also full of great deals; there’s a place called Dollar Cinema, where admission is as little as $2.50 and snacks go for $1 each, and a thrift store called Eva B with floors and floors of $5 clothes (and a vegetarian terrasse for when your feet get sore). Taking the time to find the discounts can sometimes really pay off- try an app like RetailMeNot or Shopular.


Ride Share


If you’re looking to get to another city for the weekend, the cheapest way is via ride share. You can find them on Kijiji, your university or college’s Facebook groups, or ride share apps like Kangaride. Prices are as low as $15 between Ottawa and Montreal, and $30 between Toronto to Montreal. Although a great deal, it’s always suggested to take a ride share with at least one other person if possible, and to use your best judgement when entering someone’s vehicle. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Missing a TV?

tablet attach

If you’re a tablet or Ipad owner, the answer is quite easy! Your recipe simply needs Dollar Store hooks to fasten your tablet to the wall, and voila!, a new TV or second screen for your place.


What about a speaker?

phone in glass

Heavy sleeper, or speaker-less? Place a phone or Ipod in a glass cup- it will double as speaker with the glass amplifying the phone’s sound.


The Flask Hack

brush flask 2

Need I say more? Also available in cameras, binoculars, and a few other various items.


And finally,

fold fitted bed sheet

Because who are we kidding, after at least 17 years of trying to figure this out, we all thought the only possible answer was to crumple it up and throw it in the back of your linen closet.


Freshman or not, avoid that 15.

As school quickly approaches, the busy time of running between classes, hammering out assignments, and failing to ignore the pressures of your ever-calling social life, is beginning to fall upon us. Needless to say, being a student and finding the time and money to eat a healthy well-rounded meal can pose as quite the challenge. We decided to come up with a list of 11 healthy, quick, cheap(ish) meals that can be some of your go-to’s while on the go:


Tomato Bagel

1. Tomato Bagel

Classic, delicious, and ready in under 30 seconds? Sounds like a plan! Try a bagel with tomato and cream cheese, it’s not only fast to prepare but surprisingly satisfying for your busy mornings.

Ingredients: whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste

Get the full recipe here: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipe/cheese/bagel-cream-cheese-with-tomato/


Tomato and Basil Omelette

Tomato Basil Omlette

Calling all Omelette lovers! This one is for you, the Tomato and Basil Omelette will become a new classic.

Ingredients: eggs, cherry tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper to taste

Get the full recipe here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/eggs-recipes/tomato-and-basil-omelette/


Pesto Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs w Pesto

Time for a change- the Pesto Scrambled Eggs will fill your body with protein for the day while allowing you to savour a unique twist to a timeless breakfast.

Ingredients: white or brown beans, cherry tomatoes, eggs, pesto, and whole wheat bread, salt and pepper to taste

Get the full recipe here: http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/scrambled-eggs-beans-tomato-pesto

Spiced up Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast Wrap

If you’re looking for a new version of a breakfast wrap to try, look no further; the Spiced up Breakfast Wrap will not disappoint.

Ingredients: eggs, whole wheat wrap, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, (optional) chili powder

Get the full recipe here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/a16288/south-border-breakfast-wrap-recipe-ghk0115/


Quinoa Greek Salad

Quinoa Greek Salad

Lettuce-less salads have blown up in the past few years, and with their healthy and cheap, yet delicious nature…We understand why! This Quinoa Greek Salad is perfect for any luncher on the go, and can be made even easier (and cheaper) by simply adding your own Greek dressing and seasoning, or you can indulge in the full recipe including olives, feta cheese, and more.

Basic Ingredients: quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, dressing and salt/ pepper to taste

Get the full recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.ca/recipe/greek-quinoa-salad/13454/




Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? … I already know that answer which would be, well, no one. Since we have come to that consensus, allow me to introduce to you the BLAT- the Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado Sandwich, and yes, it is every bit as amazing as it seems.

Ingredients: whole wheat bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, – salt, pepper, cheese, mayonnaise, fresh chopped garlic ALL to taste

Get the fully dressed and basic recipe here: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/blats_bacon_lettuce_avocado_tomato_sandwiches.html



Pumpernickel Bread and Dip

Spinach Dip

When you’re craving bread or something heavier to fill your stomach, Spinach dip/red pepper dip/ hummus/whatever dip your heart desires, can be paired with fresh, baked or toasted pumpernickel bread. This bread is significantly healthier than white, whole wheat, and even multigrain bread, and will serve a different set of tastes. Many dips can be bought simply at the grocery store, but for those top chefs, we have included a fresh spinach dip recipe below.

Get the full recipe here: http://www.knorr.ca/recipes/detail/13140/1/classic-spinach-dip


Havarti Grilled Cheese

Havarti Grilled Cheese

With base ingredients as simple as bread and Havarti (or your favorite type of cheese), this recipe is perfect for people who love to customize their food- the rest of the sandwich left to be dressed up to your desire. Some suggestions include spinach, pesto, or turkey…Regardless of your choice, this one is self-tailored from head to toe for your personal taste buds!

Ingredients: Havarti, your choice of bread, butter or olive oil

Get various full recipes here: http://www.yummly.com/recipes/grilled-cheese-sandwich-havarti




A prime snack for all- Edamame is simple yet delicious, and can take the place of chips, crackers, or other typical carb-loaded snacks, to cure your afternoon munchies.

Ingredients: Green soy beans, salt

Get the full recipe here: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/edamame_nibbles.html

Greek Yogurt Popsicle

Greek Yogurt Popsicle

Once made and frozen, these Popsicle are the perfect summer treat! Greek yogurt Popsicle are not only healthy and refreshing, but also change up a typical summer go-to.

Ingredients: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit of your choice, sweetener of your choice- sugar, honey, etc

Get the full recipe here: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2015/06/30/3-ingredient-blueberry-yogurt-swirl-popsicles/


Broccoli and Feta Pasta Salad

Broccoli and Feta Salad

And finally, we leave you with the Broccoli and Feta Pasta Salad; a mouthwatering pasta salad hitting many major food groups, catered to keep your energy on high without being too heavy. This is the perfect snack to satisfy you on those hot busy days, and you can even add chicken or another source of protein to beef up your protein intake, thus making the salad heavier.

Ingredients: Broccoli, cooked pasta, feta cheese, dressing and olive and salt and pepper to taste

Get the full recipe here: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-broccoli-feta-pasta-salad-22620


Now that you have a mix of cheap and healthy snacks- no excuses! Eat healthy, live happy, and instead spend your money on all of the things that Montreal will tempt you with save your money.