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5 Summer 2019 Research Opportunities for Montreal Undergrads

Looking for some interesting options this summer? Apply for one of the five top research positions in Montreal that we have brought down in one article for your convenience!

With the summer break around the corner, you can always plan a getaway. However, many student residences in Montreal believes that this is the time to explore their potential as a research guru. However, many undergrads residing in Montreal student residence run on the wrong path all summer and end up researching about Penguin knee joints on Facebook. We have put up 5 research opportunities that won’t be a part of a scrapbook in the future but put real value in your academic life.

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JLL internship

Looking to learn the basics of how a Fortune 500 company works? JLL offers you a unique opportunity to assist the big shots in real estate investment. If you have an academic background in Business Administration, Urban Economics, Urban Planning, or Urban Geography; then this is the place to be this summer.


Marketing Associate at TrickSmith Corp

Looking to make an impact? This research position will allow you to spearhead selection teams that gauge and assist cool startup companies to get on their feet running. An ideal research opportunity for students willing to work in the digital sphere in the future.



Some research opportunities are generalized in its own way so your core subject and competencies don’t hamper your selection for the requisite field. One such opportunity is Valtech summer program where you will help the company in supporting their customers in the research, ideation, design, and marketing of intelligent digital experiences, interfaces and innovative products. If you have basic management skills then this is the place to be.


Industrial Design Research

If you have or dream of following a profession in design than this summer research opportunity is exactly what you need. You will help Revision Military in researching for better designs to develop armor, helmets and other life-saving equipment. One place where you can grow and help the protectors who protect the nation!


Concept Artist

If you belong to the design fraternity, then this opportunity is perfect for your career and future academic path. You will be working as a team with people looking to formulate the right design for the right place/people. You will work in a cooperative and interdisciplinary team environment to conceptualize the universe of the game


Therefore, if you a student resident and thinking of blowing up all your savings on beach parties and long cruises, think again because this summer may not come back again. You will always have a lot of time to party your worries away in the future!

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