How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Montreal

New to Montreal and don’t know where to head to for the St Patrick’s Day? Well, here is all that you can do to make your day great with your gang. It is believed that if there is one thing that Montreal knows for real, is the celebrations of the St. Patrick’s Day. The whole city comes to life for the colored drinks, vibrant nightlife and a lot of interesting, eye catchy green costumes.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade

image 1Starting the pompous parade from the Fort and Ste-Catherine streets and ending on Metcalfe, this is one of the oldest events being held in Canada. Dating back to 1824, the tradition is carried out with the same zeal and zest with almost 500,000 attendees each year. That makes like more than half of the town’s population attending!! So you wouldn’t want to miss on the utter fun!


Hurley’s Irish Pub

image 2

If you want to witness some real live Irish dancing, Hurley’s is definitely the place! Jam-packed with enthusiastic dancers breaking loose, its quite a task to fit yourself into the bar for St. Patrick’s day. But if you succeed in doing so, you won’t regret being there. The décor and live music and the happy crowd make it feel like a free landing at Dublin!


Mc Kibbin’s Irish Pub

image 3

You may want to start your day by being at McKibbin’s brekkie, starting from 6 serving till 10:30 am. Accompanied by the steaming authentic Irish coffee the breakfast is served with live music to sensitize the taste buds to a total Irish experience. Unlike Hurley’s the place is more roomy with its all three floors available to serve you at best on a St Patrick’s day!


Le’ Trifle

image 4Not exactly a cliché’d Irish pub, Le Tre’fle offers a wide variety of onion rings, wings and a great selection of beer. A great variety of scotch is also available to make your day a whole lot better!


Irish Embassy Pub and Grill

image 5

You may start the day boozy with a mere $15 breakfast which also includes Irish coffee.  The Friday I before St. Patrick’s Day, this place holds a live broadcast from rock station. On the St Patrick’s day, the pub opens early for breakfast and the rugby match, England versus Ireland is screened along with the live music in the afternoon and evening.


While Montreal has a notable Irish heritage, yet have relatively few Irish pubs to accommodate large numbers of revelers. That means those few venues can get messy, and full of crowds sporting green apparel, fast. However, no matter wherever you go in the world, you will reminisce the St Patrick’s day spent in Montreal. Because Montreal does it like none other!

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