5 Post-Quarantine Ways to Enjoy Montreal

Now that the quarantine has lifted, it’s time to get out and enjoy Montreal. Make the best of it with these 5 activities that will have you enjoying the summer.

Go for Lunch or Dinner


From Bar George and Marcus to Chez eric or Monarque, Montreal is one of the best foodie cities in the world! Take advantage of this and enjoy a socially distant meal while restaurants remain open.

Run The Mount Royal Hike


The quarantine taught us how to enjoy exercising outside, don’t let that be done now – try the stair path at Mount Royal. Best yet, you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful view from the top!

Picnic in Parc Angringon


Leading nicely into our point about a new appreciation for nature, try having an Instagram-ready picnic in the gorgeous Parc Angringon. We promise it’s worth the metro ride!

Walk Through Old Port


There’s nothing like Old Port in the summer. Grab your masks and check out the recently reopened Old Montreal area – it’s the European vacation you’ve been wishing you were on!

Hit a Rooftop


Another sure way to enjoy summer in Montreal? A rooftop of course. Hit Terrace Nelligan or William Grey with your friends to enjoy a drink or brunch in the sun.

Have a Staycation in Your Montreal Student Residence

diy facial

Just because things are open, doesn’t mean you need to be outside! Host a dreamy staycation in your very own Montreal student residence room and enjoy some well-earned chill time.

There you have it – it almost feels like a real Montreal summer! What are your favorite Montreal activities to do now that the city has opened back up? Let us know in the comment section below or by tagging @stcathys.

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