Would you rather, MTL addition

Montreal is such a vibrant city – from food and drink to shopping and activities,  there’s an abundance of options that can sometimes be hard to choose. Too bad, today, that’s exactly what we’re making you do. Here is our ultimate “Would You Rather” – Montreal addition.

SKATING.old port

Salad Date: Mandys or Liv Salads

Museum: Museum of Fine Arts or Mccord Museum

Day Out: Old Port or Plateau

Parc: Angrigon or Mont-Royal

Fancy Night Out: Bar George or Marcus

Late-Night Bite: Joe’s Panini or Poulet Rouge

Fitness Class: Report Fitness or enso Yoga

Brunch: Suwu or William Gray

Rooftop:  Terrace Nelligan or Perche

Boutique: Influence U or 1861

Cafe:  Myriad or Hvmans

Workspace: Code & Cafe or Crew

Old Port: Skating or Ziplining

Spa: Bota Bota or Spa Scandinave

Summer or Winter: First Fridays or Atwater Christmas Market


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How to Build the Perfect Student or New Graduate CV

You CV is inarguably the most important personal marketing document that you will create while looking to get employed. Whether it’s your dream internship or first job, secure your ideal job with our quick tips on building the perfect student or new graduate CV.


Formatting is Key

Your cv should be easy to read, 1-page long, and flow in chronological, logical order. This means that formatting the document will be key. Use a normal font, don’t go smaller than 11-point, and utilize strategic bolding and bullet points to highlight key information. This will help the recruiter or hiring manager easily look through important information and (hopefully) shortlist your candidature.

Quantify, Always.

One common mistake with early career CVs is that they don’t quantify their achievememts. This is incrediy important to showcase how good you are at what you do! Did you advise on an engineering project worth half a million dollars? Put that number in there! Did you grow a social media page from 1000 to 1500 followers? That’s social growth of 50%! Quantifying your achievements are key to making you stand out as a candiate.

Focus on the Relevance

Only include jobs and accomplishments that show the hiring manager that you are up to the job at hand. There’s no reason to add positions that aren’t relevant because the goal of the document is only to convince the hiring manager that you can do the job.

Outline The Fit

Always showcase how your profile is aligned with the goals of the job and the values of the orgnization. This way, from the very first time that a hiring manager sees your CV, they will be sure of your fit.

Don’t be Fluffy!

There’s no need to add words and accoplishments that are somewhat superficial – this will only hurt your crediblility. Stick to tangible and relevant accomplishments with action-based words (Created, Implemented, Strategized).


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Our Favourite Fitness in Montreal

Now that gyms and boutique fitness centers are opening up once again, it’s time to enjoy the amazing fitness experiences Montreal has to offer (in a safe-fashion). To better help you do so, we have compiled a list of our top 5 fitness classes in the city.

Fitness Instructor

Report Fitness

Nothing like a HITT workout and no one does it quite like Report Fitness, Plus, with a location just down the street from Concordia, it’s centrally located and accessible. You will sweat, be warned!

enso yoga

Speaking of sweating, enso yoga is a great experience for hot yoga, hot barre, pilates, and HITT! Again, you can’t be the location either – just down the street from your Montreal Student Residence, enso is a great workout experience.

Le Gym – Concordia

The best part of Le Gym? There’s tons of equipment and it’s included in your tuition! That alone puts it on our “best fitness” list.

Underdog Boxing Gym

Looking for an innovative workout? Look no further than Underdog Boxing! You can take private lessons, sessions with friends, or classes. What better way to get your energy out and a workout in!

Studio/House of Bounce

Cardio made fun (we mean it). House of Bounce specializes in trampoline cardio, which is sure to make for a fun class!


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Socially Distanced Birthday? Here’s How!

If you are plagued with having a birthday during the days of social distancing, don’t get too down! We have the perfect guide to celebrating your birthday like a boss during these socially-distanced times in your Montreal Student Residence.

Connect with Friends – Via Zoom


If anything period has taught us that you don’t need to physically be together to have fun, it has been throughout the quarantine. Celebrate from the comfort of your Montreal student residence by making a Zoom party. Best part? Everyone is safe!

Try a “House Party”


If Zoom parties aren’t doing it for you, take things to the next level with the House Party app. Rather than simply socializing, you can play virtual games, create different rooms, and connect with friends-of-friends. We promise, it’s a great time!

Check Out a Socially Distant Resto


Many Montreal restaurants are adhering to social distancing rules. As such, there’s no reason to not enjoy a safe and delectable dinner out at one of Montreal’s many amazing restaurants.

Try a Fancy Picnic


Park or beach,  grab an intimate group of your closest friends, and try having a picnic! Want to indulge? Add a cake and bottle of your favorite champagne or sparkling tea, and you’re sure to have an evening no attendee will forget, Just be sure to limit the invitation to 2 households!

Enjoy the Rooftop


If you are at a Montreal Student Residence such as St Cathy’s, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the comfort of your own home!

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10 Cool Rooftops to Hangout at in Montreal

Having an obsession to have a drink with a view, Montrealers can go to any length to enjoy one. Blame it to the long harsh winters that don’t let people have much of outdoor time. So as soon as the first blossom of spring pops people are found hanging on the terraces for early breakfast, brunches, dinner, and late night drinks!

Here is the compilation of ten cool rooftops to hangout in the city.



Situated at the third floor of the renovated Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel Nacarat is a great place with a city’s view. Not only this, but the wide ranged twenty eight paged menu is offers quite promising drinks. Ranging from spicy to sweet, to sour to bitter – Ask for it, and they have it!




The very famous Four Seasons Hotel promises a very posh bar to accommodate almost hundred people at a time. Brimmed with finest collection of wines and drinks this new venture has a spectacular architecture. 


Terrasse William Gray


This old promising place is generally so packed that one has to have a fight of tooth and nail to get a seat on the Old Port’s William Gray Terrasse.  A lot of people breathed a sigh of relief echoed when the Perché Bar-Terrasse on the hotel’s fourth floor rooftop opened.


Hotel Bonaventure


What else one can ask for when you have pool on a roof top? Doesn’t really matter if you can take a dip or not, just put your feet in and enjoy! This amazing rooftop spot offers a pond view to kill the heat building inside. Apart from the water reserve it has a lush green rooftop that gives a sensational feel at the night.


Terrasse Place D’Armes


One of the busiest places at the Old port, this rooftop offers amazing burgers and mushroom ravioli. The Fridays and Thursdays are generally jam packed especially in the 5-7 pm happy hour! If you hit in, don’t forget to try their raspberry mojito and caeser salad. 


Terrasse sur L’Auberge


This amazing place gives a beautiful view across the Saint Lawrence River. The overlooking view of the blue water stream is the main draw of this rooftop bar and restaurant. The pitchers of Sangria couples the enjoyment of this rooftop!

SIX Resto Lounge


Situated at the top of Hyatts, Six offers a prime view of all the happening summer festivals. Get to experience firsthand outdoor International Festival, that too for free!


AIR Rooftop Terrace


This heated and covered patio atop the Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel is one of the rare rooftop bars. The terrace temperatures here are never too chilly for their mojito or too hot for their pulled pork poutine. You may also take a plunge at the pool strip.


Blvd44 / Hotel 10


this open-air rooftop address connected to the boutique hotel Hotel 10 is one of the more exclusive clubbing locations in its immediate area. It also affords a spacious outdoor area where you can take in a view.


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How to Survive Dreaded Summer Courses 101

Where summer courses are generally offered to ‘lighten’ up the usual semester load, they can also totally eat up your summer break! You may want to enjoy volleyball at a beach like your friends but inside you know you will have to work on numerical analysis. Even the thought is cringe-worthy!

With that in mind, here are few tips that can help you get through the courses without missing on the summer fun!

Two is Enough

Student Studying Hard Exam and Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Difficult Book in Library

Keep your cool with taking the courses!  Since you will be staying back in the campus you would want to take as many courses as possible, but practically it is no good. Take no more than two courses considering the fact that you are already cramming the sixteen weeks of coursework into 8 weeks. A little loose routine will let you breathe through because at the end we all need breaks.


Try Learning Online


Who would want to wake up early in holidays to attend the class? No one! Absolutely, no one. Since you are on a break, and most summer classes start early, consider taking online classes.  If you have a good attention span and you are kind of a pro at self-studying then it shouldn’t be a great deal for you. Rather, it will take half the burden off you!


A 100 $ Tip


You may take courses that you would want to get through quickly. For a fact some people aren’t comfortable with public speaking. You may take such courses during the summer since you won’t have to go through the turmoil of speaking between a big strength and also the duration will be relatively shorter.


Keep Yourself Occupied


It is hard to accept the fact that you will be staying on the campus where others will be carrying out their vacation plans. The mere thought makes it agitated enough. It is better to accept it sooner to make it easier on yourself. Try making lots of plans so you are on your toes for completion. This way, you will hardly get time to procrastinate and won’t let the weird thoughts wander in your brain. Try finding a nearby activity that you can attend daily in addition to dry coursework!


Have Fun with Sun


Immersing yourself in the land of books can be very depressing. Enjoy the sunlight streaming through the glass or somewhere outside. It will make you more productive and less depressed about the fact that you have an essay to finish. Take a ride on the bike to classes or try arranging a study group in a park!


With these tips, you may have a little less school-centric summer, although we don’t promise a cent percent result. That comes from the inside. So, it is best that you take mental breaks and accept your fate; after all it is you, who signed up for it!

10 Things To Do This Summer in MTL

As soon as the first sun of summers hit, everyone around the city starts to find ways to soak up the warm sun. This time is the most ideal time to sightsee the most beautiful town. So butter up some sunblock and slip on your flip flops because we are about to reveal the ten most exciting things you have to do this summer in Montreal.

 Summer Festivals


Montreal hosts a frenzy of summer festivals. Starting from the International Jazz festival, Osheaga’s live band performance, and showcase of Jazz, folk, Rock, electronic and African music. The oh-so-famous ‘Just for laughs’ and an International Fireworks competition attracts the competitors from all around the globe.


Indulge in outdoor eats


It is widely believed that Montreal is a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking a church window. As the summertime starts, something similar can be said of Montreal’s plentiful terraces. After a long winter, the entire population of Montreal comes out of hibernation to drink and dine al fresco. Indulge in local specialties like smoked meat, poutine and craft beers.


Explore Green Spaces


Head to ‘Mount Royale’ to breathe out the toxins of the concrete metropolis city. The wide green space is famous for its beautiful pond and offers a panoramic view of the entire city!


Spa Yourself!


Pamper yourself in the Nordic styled spas which are abundant and easily found. Head to Nun’s island to find one, it is a little far off from the downtown but what bad is the distance once you will get to experience the services.


Experience the Magical Old Montreal


Walk through the cobblestoned streets and experience the taste of historic cafes, stores and art arenas. You may zip line over the blue waters of Bonsecours Basin to have a bird’s eye view of the city. Not to forget the ride of the largest wheel in Canada, Montreal Observation Wheel.  


Surf Away on the Waters of the City


Experience Jet Ski, jet boats and electric boats for adrenaline! A variety of cruises welcomes the visitors aboard to let them sight see the beautiful skyline. If you got extra bucks with you, you may charter a yacht in the Old Port.


Montreal Tower Observatory and Botanical Garden


Get spectacular views of Montréal from the Montréal Tower Observatory, standing 540 feet tall at a 45-degree angle. Then, see up to 22,000 plant species at the 10 exhibition greenhouses and 20 thematic gardens of the Montréal Botanical Garden.


Seek the Hidden Gems


Summers are probably the right time to explore the city’s hidden gems. New hot spots regularly pop up in the Plateau, St. Laurent, downtown. Try finding secret speakeasies like Prohibition-style emporium The Cloakroom on Mountain Street, or O. Noir on Prince Arthur where you can experience dining in the dark and even the servers are legally blind. In the Village, you may try the trendy new Agrikol for authentic Haitian food, drink, and music.


Montreal Helicopter Tour


This 20-30 minute Helicopter ride is one of the most amazing experiences you will have in the city. While flying over the city get bird’s eye views of Olympic Stadium, Downtown Montreal, Mont Royal, Parc Jean Drapeau, the Jacques Cartier Bridge and Saint Lawrence River.


Quebec City and Montmorency Falls


Amazed by Niagra? Witness the Montmorency falls, 1.5 times bigger falls than Niagra. The narrow streets steep hills and historic treasures of the city take you back 350 years to rewind the French Canadian history.


Don’t let the summer be a bore and try out one of the shortlisted the best of bests of Montreal!

The Osheaga 2019 Lineup Has Been Announced (and You Won’t Believe It)

Running successfully for the past 14 years, Osheaga Art and Music Festival has revealed its promising line-up for the year 2019. The amazing music event will be held from 2nd to 4th of August at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. The big news is making rounds around the internet and it is doubted that the houses will be quickly sold around this time of the year.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 12.38.30 PM 1

The First Day:

On Friday, August 2, The festival will be headlined by The Lumineers, Flume, J Balvin and Interpol, with additional sets from Gucci Mane, Kurt Vile & The Violators, $uicideboy$, Mitski, Bob Moses, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Sharon Van Etten, Francis And The Lights and more.

The Following Day:

Saturday, August 3, The next day, The Chemical Brothers will headline alongside Logic, City and Coulour and Janelle Monáe. Other artists on Saturday’s bill include Rüfüs Du Sol, Beach House, Young the Giant, Louis the Kid, King Princess, GRiZ, Sofi Tukker, FKJ and others.

The Last Day:

On the final day — Sunday, August 4 , Osheaga will be hosting Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, Hozier, Kaytranada, Metric, Mac DeMarco, Normani and many more.


So make a quick plan with your gang to witness this amazing and exciting spectacle and get your tickets before it is too late. Head to the Osheaga official websitto get your passes now!

6 #LifeHacks to Ace Midterms


You begin with a semester and as soon as you are about to get hold of the subjects an alarm starts to buzz in the background intimating about the upcoming midterms!! But didn’t we just start? Is the first question that pops! The exam tremors start creeping up and the hysteria starts to knock the leftover sense. And the brain finally tries to sink in the reality and announces, ‘My dear! There is absolutely no escape. Therefore you better start studying before your student residence becomes a scene from a horror movie!

Midterm fever may try to take you down with all its energy but hey there, we have got you covered! Here is a compilation of some extraordinary guide points to help you get through your midterm examination!



Don’t get carried away at the thought of Syllabus Sea. It’s alright! Make a schedule and divide the subjects or included topics and plot them against the number of days left. Making a plan will actually regain your confidence that you can still do something about it. The plan needs to be followed religiously. Do NOT just make it and let it sit inside the journal. FOLLOW! Also, your schedule should be three things. Achievable, Realistic and Crisp!



Be smart in a way; that before you stick down to cram up the whole syllabus, it is recommended to gather all the hand-outs and notes taken in the class. Pile these up, and start going through these first. It is very smart to go through all the past tests and assignments to give yourself a fair idea of what your teacher thinks is important from exam point of view. However, this should not be just it; you must go through the other parts as well.



Must have heard, ‘Two heads are better than one’! Well, you may ask a couple of your classmates to gather in your student residence for giving your study game a raise. This will make you feel felt and you’ll have the confidence of others being in the same boat as you. Make sure the partners that you choose must have the same targets as yours; otherwise, the whole plan can be a fiasco! Grouping can also help you with the missing notes and concepts. So do not hesitate to ask for it!


image 4 This one is for the people residing in a student residence. Once you start to study, you will realize how tiny things bite off your time. Do NOT skip on your meals for the sake of not wasting your time on cooking. Well, be a little organized and store your groceries ahead of time. Also, cook a few meals and refrigerate. If not this, order readymade meals.


image 5

This one is strictly prohibited. A fresh brain can perform thrice as better than an insomniac or worn out brain. Try not to drag yourself through the all-nighters. Take at least three to four hours of sleep before appearing for the exam.



Change of scenery can help you feel afresh and can affect your retention. Try changing places while prepping. If the grouping worked for you, you may take turns in others’ rooms as well. And if not that, use the library or a nearby coffee shop for the purpose!


Keep yourself all collected through the midterm mania. A stitch in time saves nine. Don’t rely on the last minute preparation. Start preparing well ahead to save yourself from distress. Also, this guide works before the eleventh hour as well. We have warned you!

What are your favorite hacks to get through the midterms? Let us know in the comment section below or tag us in your creative methods.

6 Ways to Motivate the #StudyGrind

It’s that time of year again! The new school year is begining, and somehow you already feel mentally drained, your motivation has completely disappeared, and you the semester will finish you before you finish it. You’re struggling with the idea of staying driven to the very end of exams. It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but with these 6 tricks, your motivation will be back and here to stay until the end of the semester.

1) Give yourself a break

If you’re completely burnt out, it will show in your work. You want to give the best you can possibly give and to do so, you need to be at 100%. Give yourself a break! Take a nap, watch an episode of a television show you enjoy. Remember that it is just a break, so don’t spend the entire day taking a break.

2) Airplane Mode Is Your Best Friend

It is easy to get carried away with social media apps that are available right on your phone. As exciting as it is to view photos of golden retrievers on Instagram, your schoolwork will not get done with your phone sitting on your desk. Put your phone on airplane mode and putit in a drawer. As a way to encourage yourself to get work done, place an hourly timer to use your phone for 15 minutes after every hour as a motivation mechanism!

3) Set All The Goals!

As humans, we love the feeling of accomplishment and encouragement. Think about that feeling of closing all those tabs on your laptop after finishing an assignment. Now, think about the feeling of crossing that assignment off your to-do list. There are very few things that feel as good as this! Set goals, big or small, for yourself to keep yourself motivated and encouraged to keep working.

4) Treat Your Body Like A Temple

As students, we sometimes forget that broccoli is important. Some might have not seen a piece of broccoli since they’ve started university. It is difficult to meal prep and make meals that are healthy, however, it is not hard to at least try and eat a little better. Cut back on the endless instant noodles and feed yourself some brain food so that you’re awake while you’re studying. The more energy you have, the more you will get done and feel accomplished!

5) Change Up Your Study Style

Studying can be quite boring especially if you have been studying the exact same way for as long as you can remember. Get out of your comfort zone and try group studying. It will encourage you to meet some of your classmates and will potentially benefit you as it will be numerous brains studying together as opposed to just one.

6) Don’t Over Do It

The brain can stay focused for about five to six hours. The minute you stop retaining information is the minute you should take a break. You will be wasting your own time trying to stay focused and will only result in frustration from the lack of retaining. Keep your motivation and encouragement by not overdoing it! Try to change it up with some physical activity before getting back to your studies.

What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.