These Tweets Depict How We’re Feeling at This Point in the Semester

It’s a Lifestyle.

University life is more to attending lectures. The life of a student is all about juggling through assignments, lectures, career fairs clubs and societies. Life of a student may generally vary from person to person. The toppers will be mostly found in the library, the average scorers are somewhere between the library and sports areas where some of them maybe always found lazing around in the university lawns. Despite such differences, typically, students go through the same kind of mental situations and experiences. And none of them will deny it.
Here are a few tweets which rightly depict how all of the students feel at some point in a semester.


When in stress, Netflix it away! This one here talks so honestly about the student-Netflix relationship. No wonder this ultimate love-hate relationship is inseparable.   


Image 2

Who would approve of constant reminders of the bad that you did in past? No one! This one is really mad at the cumulative exams for the horrific past mistakes.


Image 3

And you thought to fill in the university applications and handling rejections was worst? Wait, till you reach there. Such stress, much wow!


Image 4

Talking about study breaks, It takes so much more than getting back to desk in time. This one speaks for all of us. Doesn’t it?


Image 5

As much as we want to get into a university, we hate being tested. And we will go to any length to get rid of an exam. Absolutely any length! This one just did. Check for yourself.


Image 6

Even if you are prepared for the finals, there is always a news ready to explode your mind off at the professor’s desk. This one feels you all here.


Image 7

Exams are not the only stress that students endure. Budgeting is bigger. This one here shares the dilemma of being on a stressful budget.


Image 8

If only all the formulas could get into the mind like A-B-C and *POOF*. Congratulations you are Ph.D. in Chemistry now! If Only!

Image 9

When despite of all the failures your parents are proud AF of your existence and you play it so well.


Image 10

This one still dreams big and doesn’t let go of them this easy!


Couldn’t you just relate to all of these? This is how the student life is so similar and it can be conveniently related in one aspect or another. Do you have more fun Tweets to share or relate to? Send them in the comment section or reach to us @stcathys to add your collection of relatable tweets.

7 Types of Roommates – Which One Are You?

Isn’t it such an unfortunate life knowing that you can’t afford to live alone? You’re literally forced into a shared living accommodation the minute you leave your siblings. This is more of a nightmare for students who don’t even have siblings. Welcome to the real world, my friend. Here are some of the different types of roommates you will experience in university!

The Lost Cause

This roommate would actually die during the zombie apocalypse. They don’t know how to do anything for themselves. They will most definitely finish university with the limited skills they had going into it. This roommate will have their mother on speed dial just to help her make a decision on what to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but if I called her every time I had a problem, she would block my number.

The Passive-Aggressive Note Writer

I swear this roommate asks for sticky notes as a gift during the holidays. You will find endless passive-aggressive messages that collectively sum up that you’re a garbage human being. They will never confront you about their problems in person and you probably just laugh about it now. If you’re petty enough, gift them sticky notes!


This roommate is kind of funny. If they were to remake Casper the Ghost, they would be the main character. They’re literally never around and 97% of the time you don’t even know where they go. They show up once every few months to do laundry or sleep for a couple of hours. They aren’t the worst roommate because at least you have all the space to yourself!

Hermit the Frog

Straight up, this roommate needs to go make some friends. How can they possibly have nothing going on in their life? They’re home every minute of the day that you almost want to ask them if they’re still enrolled in school.

Opposites Don’t Attract
Whoever created those little roommate questionnaires definitely wanted to see chaos happen. Your roommate is the complete opposite of you and refuses to find common ground. Everything you do is wrong because it’s not how they’d do it and there’s no sense in trying to embrace the differences. For those of you who have the option to switch roommates, congratulations!

The Frat Boy
Your roommate may not be in a fraternity, but they definitely should be. They are ready to party any hour of the day, seven days a week. It could be a Wednesday and they will start drinking to celebrate the fact that it’s #WomenCrushWednesday. This roommate isn’t so bad because at least you’ll always have someone down to get wild with!

The Best Roommates

This roommate will be your best friend for life. They fit your lifestyle and you both are always on the same page. If you’ve met this person, hold on to them because there are some strange people out in the world!

You will definitely meet more than just the few described above. Remember that these different types of roommates are all apart of the university experience! You’ll only ever have to go through this once (hopefully!) so enjoy all the strange roommates you live with!

Which one are you? Which one is your roommate? Let us know in the comment section below!


They get us every time.

As the second week of school is officially upon us, the September blues begin to set in. However, you can take comfort in knowing that pretty much all college/university students alike are currently feeling one another’s struggle. From Concordia to UBC, let’s take a moment to laugh at our collective struggle of living the student life, with these 14 hilarious tweets about uni life:


Seems legit.

seems legit


Watch out for the rare non-coffee drinkers.

watch out


Ah the bi-yearly mental breakdown, right on schedule.

mental breakdown





There must be a better way.

better way


Okay not school related but I could definitely take a note from this guy’s book.

not school


At least we can dodge them for a few more months.

too real


Good news, there’s hope for us yet.

we have hope


Taking time to ponder those deep-universe questions.



The textbook struggle.



That moment you regret your Arts degree.

that moment


When you’re on the extra extra cheap eats vibes.



Exams be like.

exams got you like


The majority level of dedication to my grades.

last pic



Astrophysics is interesting??

Neil Degrasse Tyson , without argument, has absolutely blown up over the last year. As an extremely charismatic and well-spoken astrophysicist, he’s been dropping wisdom bombs in literally every appearance he’s ever made. We’ve decided to choose some of our favorite quotes to share with you, so without further adieu, here are our favorite knowledgeable moments from Neil Degrasse Tyson:


The #1 fact to remember when arguing something.



And the #1 reasons to never stop asking questions, no matter your age and level of knowledge.



Just when we (as students) thought we were mastering the art of bullshit.



Can’t argue with that philosophy.






And of course, we couldn’t make it through this post without mentioning climate change.

global warming


I need at least 3 sources.



Someone tell that to my Organic Chem class…

grow up.scientist


We are literally stardust with the universe within us………


literally stardust


mind blown


Because we couldn’t finish this post without mentioning aliens (as well as climate change).


15 Times YikYak Totally Understood Us

We’re all just trying to get a degree.

Yik Yak – essentially an anonymous version of twitter populated by uni students, took Montreal by storm about 3 or 4 years ago and hasn’t faded since. Since then, it’s easily our favorite app for some daily laughs, so internet reactions style, we decided to share some of our favorite posts:





One last time…



True Inspiration



As fast as you can

run away from studies


This is Montreal relevant 



That Gpa Eq’n



Aren’t we all?

save for my dog





The GPA jokes never get old.

gpa again


Did they stop? Did they die? It’s truly a mystery. 






The other -40 is windchill. 




4of10 lol


Doing this to my roommate tonight!!!!




we failed



13 Time The Internet Killed IT

In the age of social media and content delivery 24 hours a day, it seems that the internet has become the place to gather a general public opinion, cause disruption, and tends to be the only sphere that can truly keep up with the space/time equation that is the constant news cycle. Not only that, but as T-Swift recently learnt – internet opinions tend to be savage yet hilarious, and everyone seems to have one. From the release of Lemonade to Pokemon Go!, here are 13 times the internet absolutely nailed it:



Internet reaction to Brexit



Internet reaction to #AskTrump

u.s. election


Internet reaction to Lemonade

lemonade1 lemonade


Internet reaction to #KimExposedTaylorParty




Internet reaction to Pokemon Go!

pokemon go pokemongofunny pokemon goo


Internet reaction to Justin Trudeau


Trudeau’s Google searches


Internet reaction to Kanye’s Famous Video



Internet reaction to Game of Throne’s Season 5 Finale



Internet reactions Melania Plagiarism


Yes, this needed it’s own category


Internet reactions to Leo finally winning an Oscar



Internet reaction to Rob and Blacc




Internet reaction to Kanye West


Yes, we really will.


Internet reaction to Donald Trump Hair

trumphillary 2. us election


Keep on winning internet, keep on winning.