6 Terraces to Visit This Summer

Summer lovin’

Montreal is home to countless terraces, perfect for any summer outing. Whether it be brunch, drinks, lunch, or dinner, the city’s abundance of patios and rooftops are always a good excuse to enjoy a sunny day and some good food with your friends. When the sun finally does come back out (and we swear it will), celebrate by trying one of these 7 Old Port great terraces.


Terasse Nelligan



A Montreal summer classic – just ask any local.


Chez Eric

chez eric


One of Montreal’s hidden gems, this patio is surrounded by gorgeous greenery.


Terasse Place D’Armes



This terrasse is Montreal’s hot summer spot for rooftop drinks.


Terasse Bonsecours



Hangout port-side on Terrasse Bonsecours’ rooftop.





As one of Montreal’s hippest terrasses, this french eatery will have you coming back time and time again.


Terrasse Sur L’Auberge



This Old Port venue is bumpin’ from day to night. With a great brunch and rooftop patio, this is the perfect spot for your next Sunday brunch/mimosas.


Six Resto Lounge



This hotel lounge’s stylish rooftop makes it an ideal spot to hangout this summer.


Did we miss your favorite Old Montreal spot? Let us know in the comment section below.



10 Things to Do in Montreal This June

Get out there!

Montreal is always busy. From recurring weekend events like Picnik Electronique and Tamtams, to the abundance of terraces calling your name in Old Port, the city has something to offer every weekend. If you find yourself wondering what to do in Montreal this June, check out one (or all) of these exciting festivals and events occurring this month:


Check off a few items from the ultimate MTL Bucket List.

Hilton Mtl Pool


See gorgeous art at Montreal’s Mural Festival.



Enjoy Montreal’s premier event – the Montreal Grand Prix!



Check out fashion from the 60’s at this month’s Fashioning Expo 67.



Try one of these awesome 15 places to spend a night on the town.



See the amazing digital creations at MUTEK.



Eat some delicious food truck food at Montreal First Fridays.

first fridays


Beer enthusiast? Good thing Montreal’s Festival Mondial de la Biere is coming up!



Wish a happy birthday and celebrate Quebec with the rest of the city during la Fete Nationale June 23rd-24th.

les francofolies catherine major

Chase the thrills for a day at La Ronde – Montreal’s top amusement park.

la ronde



From partying to food celebrations, now that you know the best events around the city this June, which ones will you go to? Let us know in the comment section below!



Yeah, we got you.

Fill your weekends up, take your friends from out of town, find a date, blow off studying… find pretty much any reason to complete our Montreal bucket list. This list of 40 must-do Montreal activities will have you feeling the city’s vibe!



Walk, dine, and adventure in Old Port



old port dine


Get your dose or culture at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

fine arts


Go shopping and grab an organic bite at Eva B on St Laurent

eva b



Hit up a Montreal Beach (or topless beach if you dare!)


beach day


Visit the ever-changing Mcgill’s Urban Forest, downtown on Sherbrooke

urban forest


Go hang out with the kitties (and maybe Dillon Francis) at the Montreal Cat Cafe

cat cafe

cat cafe.dillon francis


Spend a lazy Sunday at Tamtams




Rage at Montreal’s premier winter rave, Igloofest





Learn something at the Montreal Science Center

science center 2

science center



Check out one of Montreal’s renowned music festivals (Osheaga, Ile Soniq, Jazzfest, etc.)


Osheaga 2




Be a ride warrior at Parc Jean Drapeau’s La Ronde

la ronde

la ronde



Enjoy the themed gardens at Montreal’s Botanical Garden

botanical garden



Watch the sunset at Parc Lafontaine




Don’t stop the party at one of Montreal premiere after-hours bars like Stereo, open until a whopping 10am!


stereo (1)

Enjoy tea-time at the Ritz Montreal



See a concert at le Centre Bell- Kanye’s coming on September 7th






Enjoy Parc Jean Drapeau’s International Firework Festival

international fireworks



Try rooftop drinks on a terrace downtown




Dance the night away at Le Belmont


Le belmont



Take an insta pic at Place des Arts (or any of these prime locations)





Make it to the top of the Mount Royal lookoutmountroyal2



mount royal


Festival Mondiale de la Biere






Picnic and take advantage of Quebec’s picnic law on a Sunday afternoon at Parc Angrignon

parc angrignon

parc angringon



Head to Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival (just don’t get pranked!)


Just for Laughs Montreal


Get lost in the underground- you know it’ll happen

lost on stm

lost stm


Try a French delicacy from Le Maison Du Macaroon

maison du macaroon



Visit the Montreal Biodome




Go shopping on St Catherine Street


st cat



Try a Montreal style bagel (and never go back)

bagel etc 2

mtl bagel


fairmount bagel 2




poutine mtl



Lounge at one of Montreal’s many amazing spas





spa scandinave



Check out these secret swimming spots




Hang out in Apartment 200’s living room

apt 2001

apt 200

apt 200 travi



Go night skating on one of Montreal’s gorgeous lit up skating rinks

SKATING.old port




Take a ride on Montreal’s musical swing set




Take the challenge and try finding some of the coolest street art spots you can in Montreal (hint hint: Old Port)






Take the Mile End Food Tour




Try some maple syrup and check out “La Cabane a Sucre au Pied de Cochon” (oh, so Canadian)

la cabane1

la cabane



Experience “Fete des Neige” at Parc Jean Drapeau this winter






Experience the winter village at the Olympic Stadium

olympic villge


Welcome to Montreal.

You first week in a new city is easily one of the most enchanting experiences- especially in Montreal. To ensure you get a taste of the city and what it’s like to be a Montrealer, we’ve created a list of 10 must-do activities your first week in the city:


Eat poutine ‘til you drop



Get lost on the STM – it’s inevitable

lost stm


Go get your student card (and the photo that will haunt you for the next 4 years.)

student card funny


Go out every night of the week – Sunday or Wednesday, there’s a place for any and every day.

ightlife mtl



Try doing as many Montreal tourist sites as possible– this way when your friends come visit you because you now live in the hottest city- you know exactly where to take them! Check out this list from MTL Blog for 101 fun ideas.

tourist sites



Sit in the front and have a friendly convo with your uber driver– only in mtl!

uber montreal



Drive a Bixi around the city (maybe this will help you avoid getting lost on the STM, again.)

bixi mtl


Continue the party at one of Montreal’s after hours clubs, 3.am? No, no. no. I suggest checking out Stereo or Circus.

strero mtl

circus mtl


Try out a Montreal Shisha lounge, my personal suggestion being Arabesque Shisha Lounge (best food and shisha!).





And last, but certainly not least,  order takeout from Chef on Call- open daily until 3am, this will become your premier takeout spot for anytime. As they like to say “for when you’re out getting turnt or in getting learnt”.





Welcome to Montreal!!


For your special day.

When that time of the year comes around, make sure you know where to spend it. Check out our list:


Le Beachclub


Head to Le Beachclub for an unforgettable day. You can rent a private cabana, get VIP tickets, or enjoy a private deck for your celebration. Get tickets and more info here: http://beachclub.com/


Bota-Bota Spa

BotaBota BotaBota2

Relax in lux at Old Port’s Bota-Bota Spa, you won’t regret this one.  Get tickets and more info here: http://botabota.ca/en/


Le Bateau Mouche

le bateau mouche

Cruise, dine, and celebrate in style! Le Bateau Mouche is your destination to eat and celebrate on the water.  Get tickets and more info here: http://www.bateaumouche.ca/en/home.html


Rosewood Pub

Rosewood Pub

If you’re a bruncher, head over to Montreal’s Rosewood Pub, with the mimosas flowing and their delicious brunch selection, you won’t be disappointed. Get more info here: http://www.rosewoodmontreal.com/en/


Old Port of Montreal


For the adventurous type, check out ziplining in old Montreal. Get tickets and more info here: http://www.oldportofmontreal.com/activity/tyrolienne-urbaine-montreal


Croisieres AML

Croisiere AML

Croisieres AML for the ones who want to cruise AND brunch (you know you want to). Get tickets and more info here: http://www.croisieresaml.com/en/plan-your-cruise/montreal/tout/


White Water Rafting

Rafting Mtl

If ziplining doesn’t satisfy your adventure craving, you can always check out white water rafting with your crew. Get tickets and more info here: http://raftingmontreal.com/en/rafting-jet-boating-downtown-montreal/


Host a Private Party 

Cabaret undeworld Cabaret undeworld 2

Rent a venue and throw a private party- check Clubzone.com for private rentable venues like Club Soda or Cabaret Underwood. Get more info here: http://clubzone.com/montreal/places/private-rental-venue/


Le Balcon Cabaret Music Hall

Cabaret Music Hall

Head to Le Balcon Cabaret Music for fine drinks, food, and a creative dinner experience you surely won’t forget! Get tickets and more info here: http://www.lebalcon.ca/


Montreal Casino

Mtl Casino 32 Montreal Casino

Get dressed to the nines and hit the Montreal Casino for a poker night with your friends. Get tickets and more info here: http://casinos.lotoquebec.com/en/montreal/home


3 Amigos

3 amigos

Have a fiesta, many margaritas, and a free birthday sombrero at 3 Amigos. Get more info here: http://www.3amigosrestaurant.com/


Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Enjoy a free bottle of champagne for you and your group from Club Electric Avenue. Reserve guest list and get more info here: http://www.clubsmontreal.com/en/


Skorpion Paintball

Skorpio Paintball MTL

Have a (painfully) fun time playing paint ball with your friends at Skorpion. On top of that, birthday boy/girl gains free admission. For more info check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Skorpion-Paintball-157268990967666/


Rooftop Pool

Hilton Mtl Pool

Take a rooftop dip at the Hilton Bonaventure or L’Apartement hotel’s rooftop pool. Although you need to rent a room to do so, with 5 friends it comes to just over $25 each!


Calypso Waterpark

The Summit Tower is a spectacular new attraction which features 10 new waterslides, each more impressive than the next. With a total height of 10 stories, it is the tallest free-standing waterslide tower in North America. (CNW Group/Calypso Park)

If all else fails, take a road trip to Calypso Park- huge waterslides, an intense wave pool, lit up bars, totally greasy irresistible snacks, what else do you need to celebrate? Get tickets and more info here: http://www.calypsopark.com/en/waterpark/



From day to night, Montreal is just as bumpin’ without alcohol.

With so many in-your-face partying options, it’s easy to feel somewhat lost as someone who doesn’t drink in Montreal, but don’t worry because with world-class sites and culture, Montreal has many alcohol-less options to offer. 

Ceramic Cafe-Studio

ceramic cafe

If you’re the artsy type, this place is absolutely perfect. Paint and decorate ceramics while enjoying the cafe’s divers lunch, dessert, and drink menus, for a lovely afternoon.

Get more info here .


Moksha Yoga Studio


Sweat it out while enjoying one of Moksha’s various hot yoga classes that target specific workout goals from strength training to flexibility classes- they have it all. Just make sure to bring lots of water because its gets H-O-T!

Get more info here.


Cat/Dog Cafe


Hangout at the cat OR dog cafe- yes these are both real places where you get to hang out with some fur babies for an afternoon.

Get more info here.


Biodome and Planetarium


A Montreal must-see- say hi to the monkeys and see an astronomy presentation that would put Neil Degrasse Tyson to shame, at the Montreal Biodome and Planetarium. This interactive experience is unlike any other in the city, and you surely won’t be disappointed.  (hint hint: there’s delightfully social penguins).

Get more info here.


Olympic Stadium

parc olympique

Enjoy the (literally) lit Olympic Stadium that’s been a Montreal landmark for over 40 years. It’s absolutely gorgeous day or night, and the perfect place to hangout with a special someone. The stadium also hosts events which are also lit- in a different sense of the world.

For more info and an event calendar here.


Tea-time at the Ritz Carleton

tea time

Hangout lavishly at the Ritz Carlton- one of the top hotels in Montreal and arguably one of the top hotel chains in the world. Tea-time at the Ritz, a tradition which originated in 1912 as place for the upper class to enjoy the social ritual of afternoon tea, has been revamped today, making it a perfect opportunity for anybody seeking an elegant afternoon.

Get more info or make a reservation here.


Botanical garden

botanical garden

Yet another Montreal must-see, check out the beautiful Botanical Gardens. This huge 75 hectare garden features many thematic garden sets and greenhouses, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Get more info here.


Rent a Bike and Tour up Mount Royal

bike mount royal

Head to Mount Royal and rent a bike! The bike path begins at the George-Etienne Cartier monument on Park Avenue, and will take you up the mountain, ending in a gorgeous view of the city.

Get more info here.


Go Sidewalk or Thrift Shopping


Montreal is not shy of sidewalk sales, thrift, or vintage shopping, and what better way to spend an afternoon or evening! Not only are you guaranteed to find some treasures, but with St. Catherine Street and Verdun’s annual sidewalk shopping festivals, you are also sure to find some truly unique pieces (and deals)!

Check out MTL Blog’s list awesome Montreal thrift shops here.

Get Montreal sidewalk sale info here.


Spend The Day in Old Port

old port

Depending on the time of year, Montreal’s Old Port offers many daily possibilities for adventure, from zip lining, to obstacle courses and giant mazes, to a delightfully lit skating rink. No matter the season, a day in Old Port is a decision sure to create cherished memories and likely to give you Old Port fever (you’ll be back).

Get more info here.


Centre Ballroom MTL


Learn something new! Centre Ballroom MTL offers various dance classes and is a great way to get active while adding some spice into your life- with Latin, Salsa, and Ballroom dance classes, you can leave a true star.

Get more info here.


Visit one of Montreal’s Art Galleries


As one of Canada’s culture capitals, Montreal has many art galleries that can cater to even the finest art buff’s tastes.

Here’s a list of Montreal Private Art Galleries: 


Amusement 2000

1amusement 2000

Hit up Montreal’s giant arcade Amusement 2000. Not only is it bound to be an exciting outing, but open until 3am, it’s an ideal late night activity for non-drinkers!

Get tickets and more info here.


Imax and Montreal Science Centre

1science centre

Didn’t we tell you to learn something? If you didn’t feel the idea of dance classes, you can learn interactively at the Montreal Science Center, or by (GIANT) movies at Montreal’s IMAX. This outing is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

Get more information here.


Phi Centre


Be ahead of the trend, and go experience virtual reality at the Phi Centre! Not only will you be one of the firsts to experience what’s bound to be our future, but you will have a unique experience that beats going out to eat any day!

Get more information here.


Peur Depot

peur depot

Get scared at Montreal’s Peur Depot Haunted House, as they claim to transform fear into an immersive and sensory experience. Check it out, if you dare…

Get more info here.


La Ronde

la ronde

If you’re a thrill-seeker, La Ronde, the huge amusement park at Parc Jean Drapeau, is your solution. With many roller coasters and rides, events, restaurants, games, and sometimes even fireworks, this is sure to be an action-packed day or night.

Get more information here.


Late Night Comedy Show


Check out one of Montreal’s various late-night comedy shows! The opportunities are endless between the many comedy lounges in the city like Yuk Yuk’s, The Comedy Nest, and ComedyWorks Montreal- one of the clubs is sure to suit your comedy style.

Get more info here.


Make any socialite proud.

There is no debate- no matter your tastes, summer in Montreal is unbeatable. From social butterfly to music lover to sci-fi fanatics, this city’s crowds, culture, and premium events are catered to your preferences and waiting for you! To ensure you don’t miss out on the distinct experience that is summering in MTL, we have created a list of the hottest events going on this July:

Picnik Electronik


Dance and rage your summer weekends away with the help of Picnik Electronik. This outdoor electronic music event runs every weekend from May-October and is the perfect way to unwind on the weekend and enjoy local and national talent. Since starting in Montreal 14 years ago, Picnik Electronik has now expanded to major cities like Barcelona and Dubai. Don’t miss out on being part of one of Montreal signature events this summer!

Picnik Electro

Get tickets and more info here: http://piknicelectronik.com/

Just for Laughs Festival

Just for Laughs Montreal

If you enjoy laughing harder than you ever have before, join Montreal’s comedy fans at the Just for Laughs Festival, featuring the biggest names in comedy including but not limited Russell Peters and Kevin Hart. The festival runs July 13th to August 1st and offers many shows no matter what style of comedy you prefer. This is sure to be one hilarious unforgettable night.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.hahaha.com/

Osheaga Music and Arts Fest

Osheaga 2

One of Montreal’s premium events, Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is coming back to Parc Jean Drapeau for it’s 11th year. This is arguably the most sought after event in Montreal and has made its name as one of Canada’s top music festivals. With names like Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, and Future hitting the stage this year, we understand why! With many stages, a huge celebration dedicated to visual arts, and many of the world’s top artists, Osheaga attracts crowds of over 135 thousand people and celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne to be a part of the celebration… trust us when we say, you want to be a part of this too.

osheaga Cara-Delevingne-Pink-Hair-Osheaga-Festival-2015

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.osheaga.com/

Start-up Fest

Startup Fest

If you are a budding young entrepreneur, Startup Fest is your place to be this July 13th-16th. This festival is not only clad with venture capitalists and investors looking for new and exciting businesses to invest in, but is filled with many other entrepreneurs, mentors, and founders, and includes keynote speakers as well as an opportunity to present your business for possible prize money. This is a perfect learning opportunity for any aspiring business person or young entrepreneur. Get yourself, your partners, and your pitch ready, and see how you standout at this year’s Montreal Startup Fest.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.startupfestival.com/  



Smooth jazz in the summer sun… I’m melting already. Running from June 29th to July 9th, Montreal’s Jazz Fest will have the city booming with smooth Jazz. This festival has previously held the world record for the biggest Jazz festival in the world, and is renowned as the best by famous Jazz singers like Diana Krall, B.B. King, and Tony Bennett. With 15 stages and international festival goers, this is a Jazz fan’s place-to-be this summer.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/

Rogers Cup

Rogers cup

Tennis and so so much more. Okay, so maybe you aren’t the biggest tennis fan, but I bet you do like eating, sipping on cold champagne, celebrity-spotting, listening to music, and maybe a little sidewalk shopping? Montreal’s Roger’s Cup, running from July 22nd to the 31st, offers all that and more. With a rooftop terrace, celebrity-clad crowd and charity game, tons of food options (yes, poutine is readily available), and bars with live music all over the venue, this event is sure to be agreed upon by all of your friends- sports lovers or not. Dress to impress and join this year’s finest tennis players at the Rogers Cup.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.rogerscup.com/

Fantasia International Film Fest

Fantasia 2

Fantasia International Film Fest’s 20th anniversary is perfect for any cinema lover this July 14th to August 3rd. This is one of the world’s leading genre film festivals, featuring projects that you may not have had the chance to view otherwise in North America- from commercial crowd-pleasers to unique and powerful visions, this festival will have something to suit all movie lover’s needs.


Get tickets and more info here: http://www.fantasiafestival.com/2016

Montreal Comiccon

Comiccon Montreal

As the websites states, the place for geeks to roam free! Comiccon fans, Montreal Comiccon will not let you down; this huge weekend event features stars from premiere sci-fi films such as the 100’s Bob Morley and Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, as well as guests from comic books, Cosplay, anime characters, and more. Running July 8th-10th, the pop-culture fan convention will be showcasing many artists and products- some serious business for all die-hard fans out there.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.montrealcomiccon.com/

International Fireworks Competition

international fireworks

The International Fireworks Competition takes over Montreal every July since the 1980’s. On Saturdays and Wednesdays during the month of July, Parc Jean Drapeau has countries competing in a musically coordinated fireworks competition beginning at 10pm. Countries like Canada, Spain, the United States, and Chile, put on an amazing show to compete for the winning title. Grab some friends or a date and enjoy some truly spectacular fireworks.

Get tickets and more info here: http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/en/international-des-feux-loto-quebec-montreal/


urbanphoto tamtams

There is no better Montreal Sunday. Tamtams is an informal festival happening every Sunday featuring music, drumming, dancing, and plenty of open spirits, in the Mount Royal Par- specifically around the George-Etienne Cartier Monument. As the weather begins to permit, crowds head to Mount Royal to take part in the festivities between 10am until sunset. Here, you can enjoy the music, activities, vendors, friendly sports games, food trucks, and magicians, or bask in the sun with the many picnickers.


Weekends du Monde

Weekends du monde

Come experience various world cultures on July 9th-10th and 16th-17th from 2pm until 11pm, by joining Montrealers at Parc Jean Drapeau’s Weekends du Monde. This free event provides Montreal locals of all origins with a showcase to celebrate their various origins’ traditions. With the help of dance, music, and culinary traditions, this is the perfect event to get a dose of various global cultures, expand your knowledge and understanding, and experience the beautiful diversity within the city of Montreal.

Get more info here: http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/en/week-ends-du-monde-montreal-2016/

Mondiale des Jeux-Lotto Quebec


Games on games on games. Are you a gamer? From the 13th to the 30th of July, Loto-Quebec is inviting everyone to play! Located in the middle of the Cartier des Spectacles, this free family event is being hosted in the largest outdoor playroom in Canada, featuring board games, video games, game creators, and giant versions of some classic games- think physically interactive Chess. Sure to be a fun-filled day, grab your closest friends and test your skills at the Mondiale des Jeux-Lotto Quebec.

Get tickets and more info here: http://mondialdesjeux.com/


MEG Montreal

If you’re an EDM lover, you are in the right city. Yet another electronic music festival, Montreal Electronic Groove Fest (MEG), in collaboration with Osheaga, runs from the 22nd to the 31st of July and showcases some of Montreal’s local talent. The festival has also housed international talent like MIA, Santigold, and Tiga, and is dedicated to the international exchange of new and young artist in the EDM scene.

Get tickets and more info here: https://megmontreal.com/en/

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

On the last Sunday of the month (July 31st) check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for free! With gorgeous exhibits and pieces, this will be a delightful Sunday you won’t regret.

Get tickets and more info here:  http://www.mbam.qc.ca/en/



Pointe Calumet’s Beachclub is on point. Not only house to an enormous beach and a water slide park- perfect to cool down on any hot Montreal summer day, but this venue also hosts huge parties with headliners like Tiesto, Nervo, and Dadalife. With the private cabanas, various bars and pools, big beach area, and Shisha lounge, it’s no surprise Beachclub is also famous for hosting parties for celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Dan Balzerian.


Get tickets and more info here: http://beachclub.com/en/

Now that you have the inside scoop on the Montreal events begging for your attendance, pick your favorites, grab your squad, and we’ll see you there!

La Ronde opens daily and plans huge Canada Day firework display

La Ronde opens daily and plans huge Canada Day firework display

La Ronde, one of Montreal’s most popular student attractions has this week launched full time ahead of an action packed summer. From now onwards, the thrill seeking Theme Park will be open 7-days per week through the rest of June, July and up until August 25th. La Ronde officially opened its doors last month, but the exciting Theme Park will finally be open to tourists and local visitors every day of the week for what is sure to be one of summer’s most in demand experiences.

La Ronde’s newest 2015 attraction ‘Maison Rouge – Labyrinth of Terror’ has already been a huge hit with visiting students seeking a thrill. The creepy labyrinth welcomes visitors to explore its dark and crazy corridors, only to be hunted and tormented by insane clowns. Fans of Stephen King’s IT will love this terrifying experience.

Other popular rides with tourists and locals alike include sampling ‘Monstre’ the tallest two-track rollercoaster in the world, being spun around with ‘Ednör’ the sea themed rollercoaster, or taking a plunge with Goliath, the fastest ride at La Ronde.

If stomach churning fun isn’t appealing, no problem because La Ronde has other less intense attractions to enjoy for those students visiting Montreal seeking a more relaxing day of entertainment. La Ronde’s more leisurely rides including the beautiful Grande Roue Big Wheel, which offers some of the best panoramic views across Montreal, and the park’s Minirail is a great photo taking opportunity, and one of the best ways enjoy the park at its summer best.

Canada Day “Royal Troops Salute” Firework Display

On Wednesday July 1st La Ronde will join in with the rest of Montreal to celebrate Canada Day. However this year’s Celebration will be extra special, with La Ronde planning to delight audiences with a Firework Display to remember. A special salute to the Troops of the Royal 22nd Regiment display has been carefully created by organisers which will be performed alongside an enhanced musical presentation. This firework display is an event not to be missed, and the perfect way to experience Montreal’s hospitality on one of the most important and patriotic days in our Country. Organisers also plan a Season Finale spectacular celebrating Madonna, which is currently being kept under wraps.

Where to stay when visiting La Ronde

St Cathy’s in Montreal is the perfect place to stay for an awesome summer trip to La Ronde. Just a 15 minute drive away you can be back relaxing in our stunning residence after an exhausting day of thrill seeking. If you would like some advice in planning your next trip, then call St Cathy’s today on 514-296-1312.


Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal

Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal

Montreal will play host to the Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. And you know what that means? If you ever plan to go to Montreal or are near the city, then this is the best time to do so!

Of course, just like with all things, if you’re planning to go to Montreal between the days of June 10-13, it certainly won’t hurt you if come “prepared”, so to speak. So, how can you do so, then? Well, here are some suggestions below you might find some use for this weekend!

Race day

If you happen to be a racing fan, then this is simply a can’t-miss event for you. Getting premium seats at this junction, though, may be a bit difficult for you.

Thankfully, tickets for general admission are always made available for a daily basis, though the only place you can sit on is at the grass beside the track area. If you’re the type of person who’s not willing to get inside the “thick” of things, then you probably won’t mind this set-up.

Stuff to do

Okay, so you’re going to Montreal, but you’re not exactly a fan of Formula One or any forms of racing, for that matter. Hey, it’s still cool: there are tons of stuff you can check out while you’re at the city, with each possibly “catering” to any interest you may have.

For instance, the place where the Grand Prix will take place, Crescent Street, plays host to dozens and dozens of restaurants that will surely indulge the inner foodie in you.

On the other hand, the clubs located on Crescent Street will also be bringing in world-class DJs and musical talents that will surely provide you the necessary break from all of those asphalt-burning activities happening this weekend.

The highlights, though, are inarguably the official Grand Prix Festival events happening downtown in all three days. Not only will you get to actually touch real F1 cars up close, but the entire street will be closed off for the events so you can be able to party with the local musical acts that will provide you entertainment on your stay.

Where to stay

And speaking of “staying in”, you’re in luck since St. Cathy’s is located right down from Crescent Street! If you’re planning to stay for the duration of the entire weekend, then what better place to do so than somewhere that is just right beside where the party is happening? St. Cathy’s houses a vibrant student community, and you can probably make a few friends along the way while you’re at it!

Luminothérapie: Prismatica and Fascinoscope- St. Cathys

The quality of life in Montreal is rich in culture and helps inspire students to grow not only academically but inter-personally with its peers. St. Cathy’s Residence has a very active student community that participate together in monthly activities. Nightlife at St. Cathy’s Residence is like no other. All students from the surrounding colleges get together downtown at the hippest night clubs and cigar lounges for a night of entertainment and relaxation. If you enjoy the more simple pleasures of staying in with a nice glass of wine and studying then look no further then housing with St. Cathy’s Residence. The modern décor and soft lighting of the rooms that are available to you here create an ambiance and relaxing atmosphere that will set the mood for all types of personalities.

Aside from St. Cathy’s Residence array of amenities and features, the greatest part of living in Montreal is the amount of festivals, food and musical venues throughout the city streets. The months of December through February particularly is well known for the exclusive attractions of Luminotherapie. Giant prisms also known as Prismatica illuminate the streets downtown. About 50 strategically placed colorful prisms permeate throughout downtown Montreal in Saint Laurent metro station. The wonderful imagery lights up buildings and sidewalks with bright colors and shapes you would only find in a giant kaleidoscope. This festival is one of the most popular attractions in downtown Montreal and tours are available for those who wish to view the light shows by tour guides.