Furniture/Decorations Ideas That Are Affordable For a Student Residence

Moving out is all fun and games until you own no more than a mattress. Furnishing an apartment can be tough when you don’t have the funds to purchase an entirely new living room. When seeking out furniture, remember that it will only be in your student house for a maximum of four years. Don’t break the bank for furniture! Here are some tips on seeking out affordable furniture.

1) Furnished Apartments
This option is super simple. Your cost of rent will be a little higher because the entire apartment is furnished unless of course, you join us at St Cathy’s Montreal Student Residence with furnished apartments at the fraction of a studio apartment price. Nonetheless, furnished accommodations are ideal for students who are unable to move some of their own furniture to their new house. It is also ideal for students who aren’t looking to add the stress of furnishing a home. Furnished apartments are definitely super fun but take into consideration your budget for rent. Click here to learn more.

2) Multi-Purpose Furniture
large (4)
Multi-purpose furniture is super convenient because you’re getting two options for the price of one! For example, if you’re purchasing a couch, look for a sofa that doubles as a pull-out couch. You will be getting both a bed and a couch for the cost of one. While it may not be ideal to sleep on a pull-out couch, you won’t have to spend money right away to buy a bed also!

3) City-Wide Garage Sales
large (5)
Specifically, in the summer, seek out city-wide garage sales! Not only are they fun, but you will definitely find lots of furniture and decorations that you can afford. Be prepared to spend more than you expect because people have so many things to sell and you’ll just want it all!

4) Kijiji Is Your Friend
It may feel sketchy or unsafe sometimes to purchase furniture, appliances, or decorations off of someone online, but Kijiji is by far the safest out of all. Use the search engine to narrow down the type of items you need, the preferred location, and the maximum budget. You will be surprised with the amount of options you have!

5) Old Tenants = New Friends

If you’re lucky enough to meet the old tenants of your potential new home, you are truly blessed. When moving, getting rid of a lot of things becomes part of the game. There is a good chance that the previous tenants are looking to sell some of their items that you may need in your Montreal student residence room, such as an ironing board or a kettle. Ask them about their move and hopefully they’ll give you a good price on some of the things they’re getting rid of.

6) IKEA Wild Night Sale
large (6)
Most IKEA’s will participate in an annual student night sale. This sale will be your lifesaver when buying furniture. IKEA will drop their prices quite a bit for this specific night because of the amount of students that participate in the event. Do everything in your power to not buy everything you see! While it is new furniture, this will be a benefit when and if you decide to sell it in the future. If you are staying in a Montreal student residence, this can be a great chance to spice up your room with some art and decorations.

7) On Campus Residence Move Out Sale

Most universities and colleges host an event where students can sell the things they don’t need. While it might not be couches and beds, you may be able to find bookshelves and smaller appliances such as toasters for cheaper!

Moving into a university off-campus Montreal student residence is all apart of the experience. No one said the experience had to be more expensive than it already is! Take these options into consideration and you will end up with a beautiful room that you’ll be proud of.


Personality traits have favorite colours too.


Ah, the satisfaction of getting a new place… It’s almost like dying your hair, getting a new job, or starting at a new school – it feels like a new start, and a chance to redefine yourself. That’s because it is! To make sure your room screams boss babe/boy this September, we have put together some of our favorite Res room looks, by colour and corresponding personality traits (& suited zodiac signs- just for fun!).



Personality Traits: reliable, trustworthy, sincere and genuine, rational, logical, responsible, harmonious, confident, self-controlled, friendly and sociable, sensitive, thirst for knowledge, approachable, sentimental, hard on yourself

Blue Zodiac Sign(s): Sagittarius, Aquarius



blue and white and colours

blue decor again

blue decor

blue dorm decor

blue dorm




men blue

Find out more about the colour blue here:



Personality Traits: extroverted, optimistic, courageous, confident, active, energetic, ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, impulsive, can be aggressive.

Red Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Aries


clean red

red bed

Well, then the question arises on how to select the bedroom scheme of a teenager?Go out and have a coffee or hot chocolate and figure out the feelings of your teen on certain favorite shades that brought about.Bedroom color schemes may fade out, but the sweet memories of their living heavens would be there for years to come, hence let them decide what they want.

red dorm

red mandala

red manly



royal red

Find out more about the colour red here:



Personality Traits: Sensitive, compassionate, understanding, supportive, free-spirited,s peaceful, idealistic, a dreamer, inspiring, intuitive

Purple Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Guest Room Amethyst West Elm bedding with Ikea Ekby Shelves at



purp n pink

purple and blue

purple dorm

purple n white

purple n white2

purple room




Find out more about the colour purple here.



Personality Traits: cool, neutral, protected, will compromise, balanced, calm, composed, collected, reliable, keep the peace, committed, loyal, hard worker, indecisive, good judgement, controlling, practical, can be lacking confidence, doesn’t always show excitement, good critic, impartial in arguments

Grey Zodiac Sign: Virgo


grey and pink

grey and silver

grey and silverr

grey brown

grey clean

grey comforter again

grey dorm

grey light

grey marble bed

grey mens



Find out more about the colour grey here:



Personality Traits:  intuitive, spiritual, insightful, introspective, imaginative, creative, good writer, deep thinker, open-minded, resourceful, flexible, positive, sophisticated, classy, romantic, snobby, conceited

No associated Zodiac sign


silver and blue

silver and pink bed

silver bed




white and silver

Read more about the colour silver here.



Personality Traits: honest, down-to-earth, wholesome, steady, reliable, quietly confident, approachable, sincere, homebody, family life is important, simple, loyal, enjoys comfort, trustworthy, sensitive (esp. to criticism), hard working, open, structured, dry humour, frugal, safety is of concern

Brown/Black Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


brown antiqu

brown cozy

brown mandela





Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset


closet inspo

Find out more about the colour brown here.



Personality Traits: loving, kind, generous, approachable, soft, nurturing, protective, sensual, sensitive, optimistic, organised, methodological, romantic, refined, naive, sweet, youthful, can struggle with self-reliance and trust

No corresponding Zodiac sign 


pink and clean

pink bed

pink bnw

light pink

pink boho

pink n white

pink travel






Find out more about the colour pink here.



Personality Traits: importance on prestige and power, conservative, rational, serious, can be intimidating, mysterious, intriguing, sensual, methodological, detail-oriented, keeps distance, dignified, keeps people at a distance

Black/Brown Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


black dorm

black room decor

black room







boho black

bold b

Find out more about the colour black here


White and Light

Personality Traits: neat, immaculate in personal and home appearance, high standards, hygienic, positive, cautious, practical, frugal, wise, well-balanced, sensible, discreet, poised, confident, self-controlled, rational, very critical, moody, fair, hides flaws- perfectionist, can be closed minded

Light Zodiac Sign: Libra and Virgo



different white

dorm white






white and grey

white and lighht

white and silver bed

white bed

Find out more about the colour white here.



Personality Traits: practical, down-to-earth, nature-loving, balanced, can be anxious, caring, nurturing, intelligent, love to learn, involved, lover, high moral standards, loyal, is a faithful partner, strong-willed, peaceful, can be envious/jealous, can forget to put self first

Green Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Taurus


green bold

green chill

green dorm

green dormm

green nwhite

green room

Find out more about the colour green here.



Personality Traits: charismatic, very individual, loving, compassionate, warm, ambitious, optimistic, loving, understanding, respect, friendly, sophisticated, appreciative of life, practical, honest, wise and successful, leader, cheerful, good friend, selective, can cause yourself to be stressed and overwhelmed, hard time trusting others, can be unrealistic  

No corresponding Zodiac signs


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset









Read more about the colour gold here.



Personality Traits: extroverted, flamboyant, warm, optimistic, good-natured, assertive, determined, social, life of the party, helpful, can be a showoff, tolerant, accepting, intuitive, must keep up with trends, risk-taker, full of life, adventure, unpredictable, tend to care a lot about what people think, indecisive, practical joker

Orange Zodiac Sign: Leo, Gemini


orange and blue

orange colored

orange dorm

orange dorm2

orange mandela

Read more about the colour orange here.


and we do mean essentials. 

With limited space to spice up and furniture to choose, customizing a dorm room can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 8 dorm room essentials to keep your room absolutely trendy- no matter how big or small!


Cheap Throw Pillows

throw pillo

Add some colour and style to all rooms with cheap throw pillow


Area Rug

area rug

Effortlessly dress up a room by getting a cheap area rug- this can change the entire look of a room!


DIY Painted Vases 

Painted Vases

Easily the cheapest way to add a specific colour or colour scheme to your room- this painted glass adds a classy and decorative look to any dorm or apartment for cheap.


Framed Posters

dorm room deco frame your posters

Whether just using washi tape to frame around your posters, or actually putting them in a nice frame, this will add some class to the college/uni classic poster wall.


Updated Twinkly Lights


Try hanging the classic twinkly lights, but instead in cardboard letter or design cutouts- this will make the lights appear as your own custom made marquee sign, and serves as a nice update for the trend.


Duvet Cover or Comforter

uo duvet

Check out some trendy websites like Urban Outfitters for unique duvet covers- this item is especially a staple in a dorm room with limited furniture or room.


Table Book

littledictionary-817x620 table book

What better way to express your personal style and interests than a table book? From the book of Yeezus and Givenchy books, to classic cars or Humans of New York, there’s a table book to suit everyone’s style.


Cute Dishes

white crystal dish

Bathroom, bedroom, living room- it doesn’t matter! Cute dishes come in handy everywhere to put miscellaneous items in. Try finding some secondhand at thrift stores for an ever cheaper deal (especially if you want to buy crystal dishes!)


You can (literally) do it.

In a world where people are daring to be different and continuously re-purposing the old to the new, frequent change has become increasingly inevitable. Don’t let your Res room get lost in time! With many students moving into their own places, we decided to put together a list of some unconventional DIY projects to ensure your room is as remarkable as you are:

Himmel Geometric Sculpture

Geometric Star

The beauty of DIY is the crazy supplies that end in a gorgeous project, and the Himmel Geometric Sculpture is no exception! Made exclusively with cocktail straws, wire, and optional spray paint, this sculpture can spice up any room.

Get the full scoop here:

Crate Bookshelf

Crate Bookshelf

If you’re on a vintage vibe, check out this crate-made bookshelf, easily customized and sure to fit any classic decor.

Get the full scoop here:

Honeycomb Shelf

Honeycomb Shelf

This honeycomb shelf is not only super original and soothing to the eye, but also made extremely simply with the use of Popsicle sticks.

Get the full scoop here:

Stepladder Side-table

Latter Side Table

Surprisingly stylish, check out this stepladder side table. Made from an old wooden step ladder, this project is especially notable because you can choose the size of the ladder needed for storage, full-size or simply a few steps.

Get the full scoop here:

Marble Mugs

Marble Mugs

We aren’t solely here for your storage needs! Check out these gorgeous marble mugs. They can be easily made with nail polish, and are sure to add some colour and class to your kitchen and mugs.

Get the full scoop here:

Pebble Place Mats

Pebble Placemats

Back at it again with spicing up the kitchen, next on our list are these pebble place mats. They’re super simple, and after being completed are sure to be one of the most unique pieces in your kitchen or dining area.

Get the full scoop here:
That and more pebble design ideas:

Painted Vases

Painted Vases

Not only are these vases a way to get rid of your empties add colour to your room frugally, they can be used in virtually any room, and for much more than just flowers! These vases can arguably be used in all sections of a place from a toothbrush or soap holder, to a place to keep your spices, the sky’s the limit with this fun painted project.

Get the full scoop here:

Fake Sea Glass


Another fun glass project; turn any glass bottle or object into seaglass! The smooth, gorgeous, coloured glass to ideal to update any glassware object.

Get the full scoop here:

Ice Dyeing

Ice Dying

Like tie dyeing but so hot right now! Ice dying is a really cool abstract art procedure, doable on any pieces of fabric, which is sure to have you running around dyeing all of your possible clothes, pillows, and other available fabric. It’s. Just. So. Cool. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Get the full scoop here:

Mouse Pad


And alas, we can’t complete this list without a funky school accessory, and with DIY mouse pads you can customize a mouse pad to your personal style and express yourself while working. This example is made from the brand Supreme’s logo, but again, the sky’s the limit here, and with very simple and affordable materials, what are you waiting for?

Get the full scoop here:

Flower Letters

Flower Letters

Looking like they’ve been taken straight out of Vogue or from a Kardashian family event, these flower letters are to die for, and incredibly cheap with the use of dollar store faux flowers. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of them, and suggest hopping on this trend before your friends get to it.

Get the full scoop here:

Gemstone Soaps

Gemstone Soap

Not the simplest of projects, but for the ambitious DIY-ers, there are gemstone soaps. With hard work comes a great reward and these soaps are a prime example- with their twist of colours they are sure to be a conversation-piece and an undoubtedly intriguing part of any room.

Get the full scoop here: