First-Year or Grad Student, 5 Tips Every Student Needs

Whether you’re just starting your university career or have moved on to an advanced degree, we’ve thought about what our top 7 tips for students at all levels are. Check out that list, below:


  1. Don’t leave it to the last minute – study as you go through your lectures in order to better understand the depth of the concepts that you are learning.
  2. Final papers or dissertations – the earlier, the better. Don’t get used to late-night cramming (that’s not how work works in the real world). Get an early start so that you can handle your commitments better.
  3. Don’t skip the planning stage – whether this is in terms of your lectures, assignments, or study schedule, planning your time and assigning tasks accordingly is an incredibly helpful time management skill and especially useful in the workforce.
  4. Get involved! Your student experience is what you make of it, so take the time to meet people and get involved with the causes or societies that you are interested in. This is a sure way to ensure that you garner knowledge and make friends for life. Not to mention, extracurriculars look great on resumes and applications.
  5. Don’t be shy. We get that it can be tough to engage in courses, share your opinions in a room of 100+ people, or debate outspoken pupils, but that’s part of what university is about! As much as it’s important to learn your degree-specific knowledge, university is also about learning to engage and critically think.


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The Perfect Weekend (on a Student Budget)

When Friday finally arrives, it’s time to have some fun! Whether you’re taking a well-earned break from your summer internship or your dreary summer courses, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a weekend activity outside of your workplace or Montreal student residence. Despite loving some time out, we understand that a student budget can be tight. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of perfect weekend activities you can do on a student budget in Montreal!

Head to a Museum

fine arts

Did you know many museums in Montreal are completely free to enjoy? If not, many also have a student discount. So grab a friend or date, and enjoy the cultural benefits of living in such a vibrant city at one of Montreal’s many museums or galleries.

Walk Through Old Port


Take a walk through the gorgeous Old Port and enjoy a snack from one of the many food trucks along the boardwalk. From window shopping to zip lining or horse-carriage rides, this is sure to make for a lovely afternoon. If you squint, it might just look like you’re in Europe.

Cafe Tour


Head to the Plateau and try out one of the many hipster cafes the area has to offer. Not only will it be a quaint experience full of Instagrammable (and memorable) moments, but it will also not hurt your wallet! Better yet, rainy or sunshine, a cafe tour of the plateau will always hold up!




If you’re looking to have a Sunday Funday outside of your Montreal student residence, head to parc Mount Royal and enjoy the Tamtams. With vibrant drum music, entertainers, and a great young crowd, this is the place to be to enjoy the sun and breeze in our vibrant city on a Sunday. Did we mention it’s completely free?


Bottomless Brunch

brunch featured

Ok, this one might be slightly more expensive, but get out from your Montreal Student Residence and enjoy one of the many Montreal restaurants that boast bottomless mimosas with their brunch menu. Check out Suwu for a great and affordable option!


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Preparations to Take Before September To Ace Your Year

Summer may be in full swing, but before you know it, September will hit hard! To avoid any last-minute hustles, prepare yourself for your upcoming academic year. Take a moment in your Montreal Student Residence room to plan out your year with our tips on things to prepare before the start of the session.


Build a Schedule

Nothing is more important than understanding just how much time you have in a day so that you can allocate it properly. Don’t be exasperated as September hits –  build your schedule ahead of time!

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Whether you know exactly what you want to get out of the year or are still working that out, drafting your tasks and prioritizing them accordingly will only prove to be useful. Spend time doing this in your Montreal Student Residence.

Look at Your Goals

Do you know what you want to get out of your university experience? Look at your long term goals and spend some time planning exactly what you can do this year to achieve them. Whether it’s joining a society, garnering volunteer experience, or getting ready for graduate school entry exams, this planning will ultimately be invaluable.


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5 Montreal Restaurants You Have to Try!

Are you getting the itch to finally get outside and enjoy the social scene of Montreal once again? We sure are, we have compiled a list of five Montreal restaurants you need to try this summer.


Built two years ago by a celebrity chef in the four seasons, Marcus is a perfect place for a fancy night out. The food is amazing and the ambiance is on matched!

Bar George


fancy a trip to London? Look no further than down the street from your Montreal student residence, at Bar George. With a British inspired menu in a gorgeous Victorian mansion, you won’t regret checking this place out!



An old Montreal staple, check out the gorgeous restaurant Monarque for a delicious yet relaxed meal. The food is to die for and the building is rich in history.

Liv Salads


Want to grab something on the go? Liv salads on Saint Catherine Has a diverse menu of healthy meals with delicious salad staples. The best part? It’s just down the road from your Montreal student residence, Saint Cathy’s.    

Bhandari Cuisine Indienne


Looking for a great Indian meal? Bhandari has a diverse menu with the taste of both north and south India. With a great location across from Concordia, this will become a new go-to lunch spot!

Did we miss your favorite Montreal restaurant? Let us know in the comment section below!

The Final List of Softwares You Need for Student Life

If you are anything like me, softwares are the cornerstone of your study routine. There are many options for students, but after trying many, we have decided to compile a list of our top five softwares for student life.



Notion is a next-level project management software. It’s like if Wunderlist married Trello and they had an awesome baby that was contemporary, modern, easy to use, and oh so powerful. Do yourself a favor and migrate your personal and professional workflow onto Notion.


Every A-grade student needs a great note-taking system. We love Evernote for its ease of use and simple categorization. From lecture halls to your Montreal Student Residence, it’s the last note-taking app you will need!

Property Apps

Don’t waste your time paying rent for your Montreal student residence manually or by cheque. When you’re busy sending your rent through an app is the easiest thing we could imagine, and that’s why Property Apps makes our list!

Study Timer

It’s important to know just how long you’re actually studying, versus being distracted, and more importantly, if you’re meeting your study course. With the study timer app, you get all of these analytics and more every time you have a study session. On top of that, there are built-in functionalities to minimize distractions and stop you from picking up your phone! It goes without saying, that this app is essential for students.


We love Polymail because it allows you to link all of your email accounts in one gorgeously designed user interface. It makes email and easier than you could’ve ever imagined!


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The 5 Keys to Student Life in Montreal

We know that Montreal is one of the very best student cities in the world, but how do you ensure you have a great student experience in Montreal? We’ve cracked the code, and narrowed it down to 5 simple keys to a great student life in Montreal.

Know the Discounts


We love a student discount – and many businesses in Montreal cater directly to us students. Don’t forget to take advantage of it while you can!

Understand How to Use the Metro


Don’t get caught up staying in your neighbourhood because you don’t know how to use the metro! It’s an essential skill (and not nearly as intimidating as it seems).

Explore Different Boroughs 


Don’t get stuck staying in your little neighborhood – the Montreal boroughs have so much to offer. Hop on the metro and explore Old Port or Mount Royal, we promise you won’t regret it!

Join Events and Societies


Have you ever heard the saying that life is what you make of it? Well, that’s very true for student life in Montreal. Get out of your shell and join different societies and events to network and make new friends.

Choose the Right Montreal Student Residence


You are going to spend so much time in your residence, that it’s important to choose the right Montreal student residence. We suggest @stcathys!

What are your keys to enjoying student life in Montreal? Let us know in the comment section below.

Staycations Are Here to Stay!

With the uncertainty surround Covid-19, we can’t blame you if you’re not quite ready to go back to life as (semi) normal. No worries, there are many ways to enjoy your summer inside! Here’s our guide to hosting yourself an ultimate Staycation.

Gourmet  Drinks


Whether it’s hipster coffee or a champagne treat, go for your favorite indulgent drinks to add a special aspect to your staycation.

 Special Snacks


Alright similar to gourmet drinks, indulge a little in your favorite snacks. We’re personally going with truffles or coconut oil popcorn!

Get that Spa-Level Fun

diy facial

Go for your favorite face masks and at-home spa treatments. That way, you will get the rejuvenation of a spa with the relaxation of being at home.

 Two Words.. Comfy Socks


Fluffy, exfoliating, amazing…need we say more?

Choose Your Entertainment 


Maybe it will be a classic film, favorite book, or that new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch. Either way, one thing’s for sure – the entertainment makes the staycation that much better!

Well, it’s official, staycations are the best socially distant summer activity! Did we miss your favorite at-home tip while staying in your Montreal Student Residence? Let us know in the comment section below

5 New Social Media Apps to Watch For in 2019


Waiting to meet a friend that is still thirty minutes away? Flip your phone out. Long journey gets too much? Log onto facebook. Where social media has chained our time to the apps, there time passing isn’t now more of an issue.  This is all thanks to the developers of these amazing social media apps, that have made the connectivity easier and lives busier! 

Here are five new apps that you wouldn’t want to miss on, this year!

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the most downloaded app in the first quarter of the year. It allows you to make short video clips and then share it on social media. You may also have the privilege to add a sound clip in the background along with a wide variety of filters and effects. So next time if you have to make birthday clip or a memory chart you wont have to use all those complicated softwares.  



Meetup is one amazing app that allows you to stay updated to all the groups and events which are of your interest. It also keeps you updated about any future happenings and meetups around your vicinity. In a life like today meetup draws a line between social media acquaintances and real life friends.  



A great initiative to keep the entire neighbourhood on one page, neighbourhood allows only people of one specific neighbourhood to join the groups and events of that area. Its privacy is the key element and it lets the people of one neighbourhood stay connected, updated and secure. 



This specific site lets you find other people in your city who match your language, interests, or line of work. So if you are an expat then you must have it on your phone! You may attend a lot of physical events or can use just to get some know how about the new home!



Reddit is a combination of discussion forum and content submission platform. The viewers have the liberty to up vote and down vote the current going on trend. It further consists of sub-Reddits which almost has every topic. It’s a great platform to find likeminded people and to share your thoughts and views on a common interest.  



The ultimate Gen-Z app seems to be here to stay! TikTok is a video sharing platform that has taken the world by storm since 2018, even producing it’s own influencers (similar to the short-lived 5-second video sharing platform Vine).

Have something more to add to it? Leave your suggestions in the comment section or follow us @stcathys to review about any new apps that you spend your time on! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Ten Apps that will Change Your Life for the Better

Relying on smartphones has become our commodity. Where earlier we used to rely on various gadgets to relieve stress or for other random chores, now everything is just a touch away. Whether its unwinding time or you need to reach somewhere on time. From making notes to keeping a record of your budget, a smartphone is the first thing that you reach out for!

Here are a few amazing apps that will change your life better. And if not change at least it will make life easier!



image 1

This amazing app works great for students. It allows them to create flashcards for a test or quiz. You may download the relevant information straight from Google Documents or Excel spreadsheet to organize the preparation material. It’s simple and quick! You may get several options of multiple choice questions, matching the columns or video aid embedding!



image 2

My homework is a helpful study partner that helps you reminding and check to list the submissions! Isn’t that great? It instantly gives you access to your due assignments and dates for upcoming papers, homework, and tests. Once you are done with it, you may delete it from the list by swiping right.  It’s like having a study friend, with no strings attached and absolutely no competition!



image 3

This stylish, yet simple to-do list app makes adding and completing tasks easy and satisfying. Any.Do allows you to create as many lists as you need, prioritize your items, add notes, and set reminders. Separating items into four lists—today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday—ensures you’ll never forget something again. No more mental checklists.



image 4

The internet can take you down into its world with absolutely no guilt trip of time. If you’re like the rest of the internet-addicted world, and you probably spend way too much time trolling over Facebook memes or Scrolling through your favorite Insta celebrities, when could you be getting work done?  Here is your savior! RescueTime keeps track of the time you spend on apps and websites and then reports back to you. The results are often shocking, so prepare to cut down on your Twitter usage.



image 5

Use less paper, save trees! You may cut down on the amount of paper in your life with Shoeboxed. Instead of balling up receipts and saving them in, well, a shoebox, the app will scan and extract all relevant information and organize it into the most common tax categories. And yes, it also generates expense reports.


 Two Foods

image 6'

It is widely known that we are what we eat. The most important decisions that we make through the day are half comprised of what to eat during the day. The battle between healthy eating and eating outside takes a serious toll on the mind! Two foods is a simple app that allows you to make a comparison between two foods that your brain is debating upon. The comparison is made on the basis of money, nutritional value and health properties. Isn’t it cool? That’s like your personal food advisor on your phone!


Tech makes our life easier! So without a doubt, download all these apps and make your life easier in a touch. If you have friendlier apps that you use to make your life easier, do share your thoughts in the comments section or tag us @stcathys.

10 Best Locations for a Semester or Internship Abroad

If you are a Montreal student resident but want to travel the world, getting into an exchange program or vouching for a semester/internship abroad is your best shot. Not only does this save you money but also gives you a  unique opportunity to travel outside your comfort zone come to this fall/spring break. We look at 10 destinations that should be on your list for a semester or internship abroad. We have split the list in two (5 for a semester and 5 for internship) for convenience

image F


Australia – Bond University

image 1

The Bond University is located on the Gold Coast which means unlimited sunshine and a beach to vent off every time you hit a wall with your studies. Not only will you study on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world but also get a chance to hug kangaroos.


Japan – Keio University

This place is a model of imparting knowledge for the Japnese. Not only does it have the most qualified teaching staff available but also inculcates a culture in students which is far more important than writing papers and dishing out answers in exams.  


Ireland – American College Dublin

image 2

While you study on this beautiful campus, you will have easy access to the culture that Ireland has to offer which includes theatre, museums, galleries, food places and of course the world-renowned Irish Pubs.


Argentina – University of Belgrano

The campus features superb classrooms, as well as several libraries and cafeterias. Moreover, the campus is just minutes from downtown Buenos Aires which means you are always around the hustle and bustle.


Semester at Sea

This is by far the most attractive offers out there for a semester. Carried out under the umbrella of the University of Virginia, you get to sail on a boat and visit 11 countries while you gain academic profession along the way. Bon Voyage!




image 3

One of the most sought after countries by student residence for an internship abroad as France and especially Paris brings you the whole platter. From natural beauty to architecture and from Pubs to fine dining restaurants, France has it all.


The United Kingdom

The easiest place to pick up an internship because of the non-existent language barrier. Live a summer full of antique culture that has its roots in traditions from hundreds of years ago. You can also decide to work in a fast past city like London or slow paced suburbs as per your own wish and choice.



If you want to join your internship with an adventure-filled summer tagged along with religious history, then Israel is the place to intern this summer.


New Zealand

The most scenic countries of all with opportunities that can easily be grabbed as it is not the number one choice for people willing to intern away from home. An English speaking country with classy mountains, volcanoes, and beaches to devour. What else do you need?



image 4

Fall in love with a culture that has love embedded in it. With a busy lifestyle and cultural heritage to go along, you will find everything you want to see in the world in this one country alone. From the tomato fight to a bullfight, you can experience all of it in Spain.


Get out of your comfort zone and explore the world one summer at a time. Staying in a Montreal Student residence will not build up interesting stories to be told once you are a grandfather!