15 Ways to Spend a Cold Day in Montreal

Ah, Canadian Winters.

As we ring in mid-January in Montreal, it’s no surprise that there’s been some seriously frigid weather and large snowfalls. As we know all too well, it won’t stop here – the coldest days are upon us with some that have yet to come. With such weather, signature Montreal activities often become limited. Instead, next time you’re ~basically too cold to move~,  try one of these 15 fun things to do in city’s cold, cold weather.

Dance it off at Montreal’s premier winter festival; Igloofest.



Warm your insides with a hot coffee from downtown’s newest cafe, Cafe Jouney.



Sweat it out at one of Montreal’s premier spas … but be sure to stay in the warm baths!



Go shopping for an absurdly over-sized blanket scarf, and then wear it.



Stage a Staycation at a Montreal hotel or Air BnB.



Whip out your warm socks and hot cocoa, and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show.



Don’t be constrained just because it’s too cold (and snowy) to enjoy a real picnic, create yourself an indoor picnic!



Get liquid warmth at Montreal’s newest mixology bistro Kemestre Gourmet Bar.



Hangout in tropic-assimilated weather at Montreal’s Biodome.



Take a cute photo in your favorite winter wear.



Grab your favorite friends/family and make a board game day/night!



Brace the cold and going skiing at Parc Mont Royale.



Culture always beats cold! Spend the day at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.



Grab your bestie and try making one of these awesome (and healthy-ish) recipes.



When all else fails, curl up with some tea and one of these great books.



We’re ready to brace the cold! How will you beat the cold this winter in Montreal? Share your experience and photos with us on Instagram.

5 Ways to get A’s this Semester

Back to the grind…

Guys, we have some bad news … as you’ve probably noticed, school is about to start back up once again. Instead of crying over the end of everyone’s favorite season and the omnipresent workload, we’ve decided to go into it with a positive frame of mind this year. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of 5 tactics to ensure you get the best grades yet in all of your classes this semester.


Stay Organized

Whether your organizational weapon of choice is a giant calendar, iPhone, or agenda, staying organized is crucial for a successful semester. Not only will you be able to track important dates and schedule studying time, but with a standardized scheduling system, you will have peace of mind due to a direct overview of all of your tasks, commitments, and due dates.


Find your Workflow

One of the hardest parts of getting your semester in order is finding your workflow. From in-lecture reviews, reading, writing assignments, and studying for tests/quizzes/exams, it’s no secret that students are bombarded with work. However, figuring out which ways you work best make tackling this workload a breeze. Map out your workflow, and stick with it! Need some extra guidance? Try using Trello.


Schedule Studying Time

This goes without saying, the more you study, the better you will do on exams and tests. Even if it’s once a week to review the notes you’ve taken and concepts you’ve covered in your lecture, scheduling study time is an inherently critical activity when aiming for high grades. You’ll be thanking yourself when you no longer feel the need to stay up all night, cramming for the next morning’s midterm. No matter how many classes you’re taking on this semester, scheduling study time will help you get that A! Do you prefer studying on-the-go? Check out Cram (thank us later).


Live Healthily

This probably isn’t the first you’re hearing of a healthy lifestyle being relative to good grades. This is because proper sleep and healthy food ensure your brain is in an optimal state to learn and retain information, and your energy levels are where they should be. Nothing’s worse than feeling drained and still having a 3-hour lecture to attend before going home…


Attend your Classes

Ok, this one goes without saying, yet may be the hardest of them all. Attendance and good grades are inextricable from one another. Despite cold wintery mornings, getting out of bed and to class is guaranteed to improve your grades. Feeling like skipping out on some readings? All the more reasons to get your butt to classes! You won’t regret it.


What are your favorite tricks to ensure good grades in your classes? Let us know in the comment section below or by tagging @stcathys on social media.


Where to Brunch This Weekend in Montreal!

Who doesn’t love a good brunch!?

There’s arguably nothing better than waking up on a groggy weekend morning and heading out with friends or loved ones to brunch! Luckily Montreal is full of world-class culinary experiences (just check out our ice cream bucket list), with brunch spots being absolutely no exception. A few months ago we created a list of 13 mouth-watering brunches offered in Montreal. In fact, our last list was such a hit that we’ve decided to curate a second guide to some more of the city’s top weekend brunch spots. Without further adieu, here are 5 more stops you need to hit on your summer weekend brunch tour of Montreal.


Maison Boulud



A slightly more indulgent outing, Maison Boulud is an elegant French eatery overlooking the Ritz-Carlton’s garden. This is sure to be a classy outing topped off with a delicious meal cooked by the hotel’s head chef.





Feeling like a chill Saturday/Sunday morning spot to hangout and grab some equally delicious food? Try rustic eatery SuWu. Not only do they have an amazing brunch, but this cozy spot will have you coming back again and again!





Don’t miss out on Montreal’s best mimosa! Rosewood is not only a nice spot to hangout and grab food any time of the day, but they arguably have once of the best brunch menus in the city – start your morning off right this weekend at Rosewood’s.



H4C Place Saint-Henri



This scenic spot is tucked away where an a Montreal post office once was; giving the restaurant a unique ambiance. With a cool environment and a sizeable brunch menu, you won’t regret spending a Saturday or Sunday morning at H4C.


Hoogan & Beaufort



Spend your next Sunday at the charming Hoogan & Beaufort on rue Molson. This atmospheric spot doubles as a great place to take your friends or to venture to during your next brunch date, with an incredible menu sure to please everyone!


Did we miss your favorite brunch spot on our previous two lists? If so let us know where you think the best weekend brunch in Montreal is, in the comment section below!



5 Productivity Tools Every Student Needs!

Get on track!

Naturally, during the busy school year, it’s easy to push things off until a calmer time rolls around. While the strenuous school year is out, take this opportunity to organize important parts of your life that you may get neglected as your time becomes increasingly occupied. From your health to financial management, check out these 5 great tools that will help you be your best self! Achieving your goals has never been easier.



fitnesspal 2

Track your steps, exercise and eating habits with this goal-centric fitness mobile application. With a simplified experience that involves searching or scanning your food items and exercise, Fitnesspal is easily the best app to stay on top of your health!


Mint: Money Manager


Save for your future house, retirement, or even just that clothing item you’ve been dying for with Mint Money Manager. There’s no better way to achieve your financial goals than beginning to track your finances and spending.




Track your to-do’s, commitments, and goals, by using the new application Trello. This app is perfect to map out your schedule or track your workflow, no matter where you are in life; school, work, or aspiring to/running your own venture, among others. Best of all with mobile, tablet, desktop and Mac applications, this platform is always accessible.


Last Pass


Okay, this one isn’t exactly free – but is sure to free up space in your mind! Last Pass is a mobile and desktop application that controls all of your passwords, automatically inputting them for each platform you choose to use. This way, logging in is as simple as the click of a button, while simultaneously only requiring you to remember one password.




Cram is hands down the best study tool available today! This web/mobile application allows you to create countless flashcards for different subjects, that are shared between your web account and mobile application. This way, you can study on-the-go, while enjoying easy creation through their web-based platform.


Did we miss your favorite productivity app? If you have any hacks or tools to help get life on track that we’ve failed to mention, educate us in the comment section below!







H3G has never been so handy. 

Let’s be honest, Montreal has the BEST food. Next time you’re up late studying or heading back from the club, check out one of these awesome and diverse delivery restaurants with great food and tastes from around the world:


Chef on Call

For students by students (and a personal favorite), enjoy the ~best~ delivery place downtown with delicious homemade food of all sorts and prime milkshakes.


Lola Rosa

Enjoy this Mexican-centric Montreal staple with a diverse menu and many vegetarian dishes.


Vua Sandwichs

Sammy lovers, try out Vua with delicious Vietnamese food and sandwiches


Sanga Sushi

Enjoy tastes of Japan with this authentic Japanese food and sushi delivery restaurant.


Pizza Nutella

We can’t not add at least one dessert restaurant, also pizza and halal so … #winning.


Copper Branch

Even if you eat vegan, you can still enjoy Montreal delivery places like Copper Branch- an all-vegan restaurant that cooks solely with plant-based ingredients. YUM!


Le Gourmet Burger

It’s all in the name.



Greek lovers, this one’s for you! Enjoy this upscale Greek restaurant and their big delivery menu complete with hot and cold appetizers, seafood, salads, grilled dishes, and so much more.


Saj Mahal

If you’re looking for some premier Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes, try out downtown Montreal’s Saj Mahal delivery- you won’t be disappointed.


Ta Pies

Fans of food from down-under, don’t think we forgot about you either! Ta Pies is your place for Australian and New Zealand bites (or should we say pies).


La Folie de Koshary

If you’re seeking to satisfy a craving for Egyptian and Middle Eastern food, check out La folie de Koshary. On top of catering delicious food, this restaurant also offers many veggie-centric dishes.

10 School Assignment Hacks

Gotta get that A.


Want to kill that essay? Well of course you do. Here at St. Cathy’s we know how hard it can be to write essay like a pro, so we’ve come up with a list of some writing and assignment hacks to help you succeed this year:


Google Scholar’s Citation Button

Don’t waste time on creating your own citations; Google Scholar actually has a citation button straight on the result page. Not only does Google Scholar give you reliable academic sources, but they’re making every aspect of the research part of assignments easier for you!


Wikepedia’s Reference Section

As we all know by now, most Profs will not accept Wikepedia as a reliable source because of it’s open-ended nature; nevertheless, Wikepedia tends to be a great starting point when trying to understand certain subjects and that information may actually be useable to you by checking the article’s reference section. This will directly lead you to a credible source for that page’s information that you will be able to use in a paper or assignment.


Read-aloud Feature on Writing Platforms

After your assignment is done, take advantage of various writing platforms’ (Google Docs, Word, Notepad, IWork, etc.) read-aloud feature. This is an extremely easy way to hear the fluidity of your text and find mistakes. Not only that, but there’s an added advantage because you will be hearing your text the way your TA. or Prof will interpret it when they’re marking it.



Spell check, but so much better. This app, which ad’s you may have seen on Youtube, spell checks your text and double checks it for fluidity, punctuation errors, and suggests synonyms and improved words to use in your already written text. Even better, Grammarly comes in the form of a Google Chrome application, which you can easily add to your browser for free.


Write an Outline First

Don’t waste your creativity and time on making a creative paper outline, the standard one works just fine! Furthermore, creating an outline before will ensure you answer all aspects and questions assigned in your exercise, and allows you to write in an increasingly proper manner with a great flow of information.


Plagiarism Checker

Ensure you don’t accidentally get slammed with a plagiarism accusation and check your work ahead of time with Plagiarism Checker. This website allows you to upload a document, and automatically scans it in within moments to ensure there are no excerpts that could be considered plagiarism, just like your profs and T.A.’s will do upon receiving your assignment.



This is the perfect resource for when Google Scholar doesn’t have the above-mentioned citation button- with automatic and manual citations generated for different types of writing, lectures, and studies, all in various different styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Scientific, Legal, Historical, etc), this website is the ideal citation machine.


Add Background Info

Help meet the word count, give some context to your papers and wow your teachers with adding background information after you state your thesis and premises in assignments or essays, who knows this could just be the difference between an A- and an A!


Speed Read

Most of the information you will need to include in your paper are in the abstract and conclusion of scholarly articles, studies, diaries, and journals. If not, reports typically have headlines within them, so instead of reading a 40-page study, navigate through carefully and save a ton of time.


Getting better all the time.

“When you stop chasing perfection, you mind as well be dead” – Ryan Murphy 


As midterms approach, many students are quickly realizing it’s time to step their game up for the second half of the semester. Self-improvement, although often desired, can be incredibly hard to achieve. To facilitate the beginning steps of this process, we’ve crafted a list of 12 simple ways to begin the process of self-improvement – no matter the area you’re looking to ameliorate:


Organize by priority not urgency.


Take care of your body: maintain a solid sleep schedule and try to eat healthily and exercise regularly.


Set long-term and short-term specific goals.


Be able to walk away from a poisonous situation – and have the power to de-escalate when you\re angry.


Think of the bigger picture- and change your mindset if needed (it’s okay to decide you like a paradigm better than the one previously subscribed to).


Figure out what makes you happy in life, and act from there.


Don’t make excuses for yourself- own up to your mistakes and issues, and ask yourself the important questions corresponding to the mistakes such as figuring out why you decided to act a certain way.


Learn to create a monthly, bi-weekly, or yearly budget: creating this habit now will only do positive in the future and aid in feeling like you have control over your life and finances (even when you’re on the student life).


Take good care of yourself and your personal hygiene– this will make you feel not only good but also give you a boost of confidence (even if it’s just getting someone to do your eyebrows and sitting through a white strip session).


Keep a Ta-da list of things you’ve accomplished- this will motivate you to add more accomplishments, and can even lead to building your portfolio (of any sort).


Don’t compare yourself to others– this will only bring out negative emotions such as jealousy.

dont compare


Most importantly, stay positive and remember you are in control of you, your thoughts, and your paradigm!


Montreal is known world-wide for the city’s unique vibe and the outrageous nightlife, but between La Champagnerie, spending endless money on concert/show tickets to Beachclub and New City Gas, and blowing all of your money on the world-class Montreal food, it gets expensive quick. This list contains some of the best places and tips to make your MTL life a little cheaper:


Student Discount

student discount

It’s everywhere... you just have to ask!


Thrift/Online Shopping

uo sale

Changing your shopping style may just be key! Check out the many thrift stores around Montreal (Eva B), and try out shopping online and checking the sales sections. If you’re okay with waiting for about a month for your stuff to come in head to Allie Express, and if you’re just into some cheap duds check out the sales sections at both Urban Outfitters and Miss Guided  (you’re welcome).


Eating for cheap does exist around Montreal.

cheap eats mtl

In fact, we wrote a whole article on it! Check out our cheap eats article


Capitalize on your Government Benefits

govt cheque

Check to see if you’re eligible for any government benefits- for example, you can rent benefits from simply living away from home as a student if you’ve paid your rent on time. Find out more here.


Find the Discounts

discount apps

Make sure to check out the discount apps and grocery stores to always capitalize on the saving potentials.


Pay with Cash


It’s scientifically proven to be a factor in money saving because physical cash is perceived as more scarce to consumers than paying with plastic.


Use Plastic Bottles


Get your own plastic bottles ready; this is an easy way to save buying drinks while on-the-go, and a practical way to ensure you stay hydrated (and green!).


Starbucks Hacks

starbucks money saving

Never forget these Starbucks hacks exist.


But also …


Take this into consideration.


Take Matters into Your Own Hands


Break something? Try fixing it yourself with the help of FixItClub.com; a website that will show you how to fix anything step-by-step.


Save on Dryer Sheets

dryer sheet hack

Never buy dryer sheets again!


Personality traits have favorite colours too.


Ah, the satisfaction of getting a new place… It’s almost like dying your hair, getting a new job, or starting at a new school – it feels like a new start, and a chance to redefine yourself. That’s because it is! To make sure your room screams boss babe/boy this September, we have put together some of our favorite Res room looks, by colour and corresponding personality traits (& suited zodiac signs- just for fun!).



Personality Traits: reliable, trustworthy, sincere and genuine, rational, logical, responsible, harmonious, confident, self-controlled, friendly and sociable, sensitive, thirst for knowledge, approachable, sentimental, hard on yourself

Blue Zodiac Sign(s): Sagittarius, Aquarius



blue and white and colours

blue decor again

blue decor

blue dorm decor

blue dorm




men blue

Find out more about the colour blue here: http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-blue.html



Personality Traits: extroverted, optimistic, courageous, confident, active, energetic, ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, impulsive, can be aggressive.

Red Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Aries


clean red

red bed

Well, then the question arises on how to select the bedroom scheme of a teenager?Go out and have a coffee or hot chocolate and figure out the feelings of your teen on certain favorite shades that brought about.Bedroom color schemes may fade out, but the sweet memories of their living heavens would be there for years to come, hence let them decide what they want.

red dorm

red mandala

red manly



royal red

Find out more about the colour red here: http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-red.html



Personality Traits: Sensitive, compassionate, understanding, supportive, free-spirited,s peaceful, idealistic, a dreamer, inspiring, intuitive

Purple Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Guest Room Amethyst West Elm bedding with Ikea Ekby Shelves at TidyMom.net



purp n pink

purple and blue

purple dorm

purple n white

purple n white2

purple room




Find out more about the colour purple here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-purple.html



Personality Traits: cool, neutral, protected, will compromise, balanced, calm, composed, collected, reliable, keep the peace, committed, loyal, hard worker, indecisive, good judgement, controlling, practical, can be lacking confidence, doesn’t always show excitement, good critic, impartial in arguments

Grey Zodiac Sign: Virgo


grey and pink

grey and silver

grey and silverr

grey brown

grey clean

grey comforter again

grey dorm

grey light

grey marble bed

grey mens



Find out more about the colour grey here: http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-gray.html



Personality Traits:  intuitive, spiritual, insightful, introspective, imaginative, creative, good writer, deep thinker, open-minded, resourceful, flexible, positive, sophisticated, classy, romantic, snobby, conceited

No associated Zodiac sign


silver and blue

silver and pink bed

silver bed




white and silver

Read more about the colour silver here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-silver.html



Personality Traits: honest, down-to-earth, wholesome, steady, reliable, quietly confident, approachable, sincere, homebody, family life is important, simple, loyal, enjoys comfort, trustworthy, sensitive (esp. to criticism), hard working, open, structured, dry humour, frugal, safety is of concern

Brown/Black Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


brown antiqu

brown cozy

brown mandela





Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset


closet inspo

Find out more about the colour brown here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-brown.html



Personality Traits: loving, kind, generous, approachable, soft, nurturing, protective, sensual, sensitive, optimistic, organised, methodological, romantic, refined, naive, sweet, youthful, can struggle with self-reliance and trust

No corresponding Zodiac sign 


pink and clean

pink bed

pink bnw

light pink

pink boho

pink n white

pink travel






Find out more about the colour pink here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-pink.html



Personality Traits: importance on prestige and power, conservative, rational, serious, can be intimidating, mysterious, intriguing, sensual, methodological, detail-oriented, keeps distance, dignified, keeps people at a distance

Black/Brown Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


black dorm

black room decor

black room







boho black

bold b

Find out more about the colour black here http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-black.html


White and Light

Personality Traits: neat, immaculate in personal and home appearance, high standards, hygienic, positive, cautious, practical, frugal, wise, well-balanced, sensible, discreet, poised, confident, self-controlled, rational, very critical, moody, fair, hides flaws- perfectionist, can be closed minded

Light Zodiac Sign: Libra and Virgo



different white

dorm white






white and grey

white and lighht

white and silver bed

white bed

Find out more about the colour white here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-white.html



Personality Traits: practical, down-to-earth, nature-loving, balanced, can be anxious, caring, nurturing, intelligent, love to learn, involved, lover, high moral standards, loyal, is a faithful partner, strong-willed, peaceful, can be envious/jealous, can forget to put self first

Green Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Taurus


green bold

green chill

green dorm

green dormm

green nwhite

green room

Find out more about the colour green here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-green.html



Personality Traits: charismatic, very individual, loving, compassionate, warm, ambitious, optimistic, loving, understanding, respect, friendly, sophisticated, appreciative of life, practical, honest, wise and successful, leader, cheerful, good friend, selective, can cause yourself to be stressed and overwhelmed, hard time trusting others, can be unrealistic  

No corresponding Zodiac signs


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset









Read more about the colour gold here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-gold.html



Personality Traits: extroverted, flamboyant, warm, optimistic, good-natured, assertive, determined, social, life of the party, helpful, can be a showoff, tolerant, accepting, intuitive, must keep up with trends, risk-taker, full of life, adventure, unpredictable, tend to care a lot about what people think, indecisive, practical joker

Orange Zodiac Sign: Leo, Gemini


orange and blue

orange colored

orange dorm

orange dorm2

orange mandela

Read more about the colour orange here. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-orange.hdeco


and we do mean essentials. 

With limited space to spice up and furniture to choose, customizing a dorm room can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 8 dorm room essentials to keep your room absolutely trendy- no matter how big or small!


Cheap Throw Pillows

throw pillo

Add some colour and style to all rooms with cheap throw pillow


Area Rug

area rug

Effortlessly dress up a room by getting a cheap area rug- this can change the entire look of a room!


DIY Painted Vases 

Painted Vases

Easily the cheapest way to add a specific colour or colour scheme to your room- this painted glass adds a classy and decorative look to any dorm or apartment for cheap.


Framed Posters

dorm room deco frame your posters

Whether just using washi tape to frame around your posters, or actually putting them in a nice frame, this will add some class to the college/uni classic poster wall.


Updated Twinkly Lights


Try hanging the classic twinkly lights, but instead in cardboard letter or design cutouts- this will make the lights appear as your own custom made marquee sign, and serves as a nice update for the trend.


Duvet Cover or Comforter

uo duvet

Check out some trendy websites like Urban Outfitters for unique duvet covers- this item is especially a staple in a dorm room with limited furniture or room.


Table Book

littledictionary-817x620 table book

What better way to express your personal style and interests than a table book? From the book of Yeezus and Givenchy books, to classic cars or Humans of New York, there’s a table book to suit everyone’s style.


Cute Dishes

white crystal dish

Bathroom, bedroom, living room- it doesn’t matter! Cute dishes come in handy everywhere to put miscellaneous items in. Try finding some secondhand at thrift stores for an ever cheaper deal (especially if you want to buy crystal dishes!)