It’s official, These are the Top 10 Reasons to Start University in a New City


As soon as the high school  come to a close, a series of sending in university applications start to take a toll on your everyday life. But once acceptances start pouring in, isn’t it the happiest day of your life? Longing to get into a good university is a dream on its own, but what if the university is entirely at a new city? Does the thought of living on your own makes you excited? Or it scares you the core? Here are top ten reasons to start university in a new city.

Take the Chance:

This is one a million chance that one should never miss. You will have your whole life to move to and fro and travel. But consider this time as with the “least responsibilities”. Life is all about your own self at this point in time. Tuition and living gets paid through the loans and grants rest it is all about being a free bird and party.


Fresh Start:

Forget about all the old strings and high school embarrassments that had taken you down in past. Move on with confidence with new people new surroundings, new environment and with a new mindset and be a person that you would have wanted to be all your life. Now can be the time to shut doors on old relationships and breath in a fresh breath of air.


Matching up with True Friends:

All our lives, living in a small town, we seldom get to choose relationships. The same people whom you started Montessori with end up graduating after twelve long years. There must have been hardly any subtractions or additions. Now is the time to make new stronger connections, where you can pick and choose according to your own taste.



You get to experience firsthand independence. Get to make your all major and minor decisions on your own. Choose to cook or get food delivered. Let the laundry sit in or wash it daily. Take all the courses together or wait for summer to set in. All these decisions will be for you to make!


Gain Confidence:

The sense of unfamiliarity and the fear of being alone will really force your character to strengthen and you’ll become so much more self-reliant because of it. Get to gain self reliance and give your confidence a booster shot!



Living away prepares you for unforeseen. Since you get to live in unfavorable conditions and you have to move your butt out of your comfort zone to get things done, it makes you more adaptive to situations.


Home Appreciation:

It is true that appreciation comes with deprivation! Being deprived of comfortable home room, mum made food, and the mere presence of family makes you learn a lot. You learn to be appreciative and thankful when you get to live away from all these bounties.


Win Parents Trust:

Living alone makes you responsible and wise. Since you will always be making right decisions for yourself, it will make your parents rely blindly on you! They will gain confidence in you and will trust all that you do in life.


Revive Affectionate Bonds:

There are chances that you don’t get along a family member. Moving out to a new city can make them realize a person’s standing as an important family member in the house. Distance does wonders!


Be confident and take the chance, for life is lived freely only once. Have something more to add? Write to us in the comments section. Or follow us on @stcathys on instagram to let us know a new pro about moving out for university!

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