The Final List of Softwares You Need for Student Life

If you are anything like me, softwares are the cornerstone of your study routine. There are many options for students, but after trying many, we have decided to compile a list of our top five softwares for student life.



Notion is a next-level project management software. It’s like if Wunderlist married Trello and they had an awesome baby that was contemporary, modern, easy to use, and oh so powerful. Do yourself a favor and migrate your personal and professional workflow onto Notion.


Every A-grade student needs a great note-taking system. We love Evernote for its ease of use and simple categorization. From lecture halls to your Montreal Student Residence, it’s the last note-taking app you will need!

Property Apps

Don’t waste your time paying rent for your Montreal student residence manually or by cheque. When you’re busy sending your rent through an app is the easiest thing we could imagine, and that’s why Property Apps makes our list!

Study Timer

It’s important to know just how long you’re actually studying, versus being distracted, and more importantly, if you’re meeting your study course. With the study timer app, you get all of these analytics and more every time you have a study session. On top of that, there are built-in functionalities to minimize distractions and stop you from picking up your phone! It goes without saying, that this app is essential for students.


We love Polymail because it allows you to link all of your email accounts in one gorgeously designed user interface. It makes email and easier than you could’ve ever imagined!


Did we miss your favorite student software? Let us know in the comment section below!

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