10 Montreal Staycations You Need Before the Summer Internship Stress Hit

Are you a Montreal student resident stuck in Montreal before the summer internships? Try out a staycation at one of the lesser known places this summer!

Internet is a funny world, coming up with terminologies that Oxford did not even know existed 10 years ago. Staycation is a similar word that was not even used before 2008 and then suddenly burst into the scene. It actually means to stay home on your vacation and see the local attractions that you may or may not know about. Therefore, if you are a Montreal student resident, these are the 10 attractions you need to hit before the stress of summer internships take over:


Home Spa Day

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There is no better feeling than staying at home or your Montreal student residence and giving yourself a royale spa treatment. The skin glows and fear of the finals diminishes away even if for a few hours.


Amusement Parks


La Ronde, Montreal’s premier amusement park is waiting for you to spend a lot of quality time with your friends or family. 


Winter Rooftop Pool


This winter pool is a special treat for staycationers. It provides you a warm swim in the winter night and a room to forget all your problems away with a drink or two.  Try Apartment Hotel or Hotel Bonaventure!


Bike Rides


The summers are the best time to bike around your favorite places around Montreal. You don’t even have to own a bike as you can just rent one!


Parc National d’Oka

image 2

A park with water splashing and sand to play with, what else do you need for a whole Sunday affair?


Old Port of Montreal

old port dine

You can rent a quadricycle and have fun hovering around the old port square people watching, eating and shopping on the way!


Coteau-du-Lac National


Get in touch with Montreal’s history by grabbing a snack from the farmer’s market and sitting beside the rapids while you eat.


Eagle Canyon


Walk across the longest, scariest man crossing hanging bridge in Montreal. That walk of shame after a club night into your student residence will look like a happy hour once you cross this bridge.


Allez up


A fun way to live a healthy life on your staycation by climbing walls for fun.


You do not have to go away for the weekend and spending an exorbitant amount of money in an isolated cabin to distress. Google maps are your best friend in this situation as you can find hidden gems in and around Montreal that you don’t have to take a bus for. Get your weekend bag and distress like never before


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