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10 Best Locations for a Semester or Internship Abroad

If you are a Montreal student resident but want to travel the world, getting into an exchange program or vouching for a semester/internship abroad is your best shot. Not only does this save you money but also gives you a  unique opportunity to travel outside your comfort zone come to this fall/spring break. We look at 10 destinations that should be on your list for a semester or internship abroad. We have split the list in two (5 for a semester and 5 for internship) for convenience

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Australia – Bond University

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The Bond University is located on the Gold Coast which means unlimited sunshine and a beach to vent off every time you hit a wall with your studies. Not only will you study on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world but also get a chance to hug kangaroos.


Japan – Keio University

This place is a model of imparting knowledge for the Japnese. Not only does it have the most qualified teaching staff available but also inculcates a culture in students which is far more important than writing papers and dishing out answers in exams.  


Ireland – American College Dublin

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While you study on this beautiful campus, you will have easy access to the culture that Ireland has to offer which includes theatre, museums, galleries, food places and of course the world-renowned Irish Pubs.


Argentina – University of Belgrano

The campus features superb classrooms, as well as several libraries and cafeterias. Moreover, the campus is just minutes from downtown Buenos Aires which means you are always around the hustle and bustle.


Semester at Sea

This is by far the most attractive offers out there for a semester. Carried out under the umbrella of the University of Virginia, you get to sail on a boat and visit 11 countries while you gain academic profession along the way. Bon Voyage!




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One of the most sought after countries by student residence for an internship abroad as France and especially Paris brings you the whole platter. From natural beauty to architecture and from Pubs to fine dining restaurants, France has it all.


The United Kingdom

The easiest place to pick up an internship because of the non-existent language barrier. Live a summer full of antique culture that has its roots in traditions from hundreds of years ago. You can also decide to work in a fast past city like London or slow paced suburbs as per your own wish and choice.



If you want to join your internship with an adventure-filled summer tagged along with religious history, then Israel is the place to intern this summer.


New Zealand

The most scenic countries of all with opportunities that can easily be grabbed as it is not the number one choice for people willing to intern away from home. An English speaking country with classy mountains, volcanoes, and beaches to devour. What else do you need?



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Fall in love with a culture that has love embedded in it. With a busy lifestyle and cultural heritage to go along, you will find everything you want to see in the world in this one country alone. From the tomato fight to a bullfight, you can experience all of it in Spain.


Get out of your comfort zone and explore the world one summer at a time. Staying in a Montreal Student residence will not build up interesting stories to be told once you are a grandfather!

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