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Montreal is notorious for being the production place of some world-class movies and television shows. With news of big stars (Like J. Law who lived here for a little bit last year) often frequenting the city for cinematic shootings, we decide to create a list of some of the biggest and most successful movies and television shows that were, or have scenes, shot in the city of Montreal:


Get Smart

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway are two of the many A-listers familiar with our lovely city, with their hilarious flick Get Smart having been shot in various locations throughout Quebec and Montreal. In fact, interestingly enough, they actually shot at two places you’ve probably been; the Olympic Stadium and Mcgill University!


Bad Santa 2

What’s sure to be yet another great comedy, Bad Santa 2 started filming in Montreal on the exact same street as St  Cathy’s – Rue Saint Catherine. Billy bob Thorton suited up to begin filming during the insanely cold Montreal January (2016), to deliver us this comedy in time for Christmas 2016. At least some celebs have to live through the freezing Canadians winters like the rest of us.


X-Men: Days of Future Passed and X-men: The Apocalypse

Within the X-Men series, including the newest movie coming in 2016 X-men: The Apocalypse, a few locations in Montreal have been central to their creation. Like Get Smart, the X-Men director used both Mcgill University and the Olympic Stadium throughout their films, however they also used various locations on Sherbrooke Street and represented Montreal by filming at the Montreal Hotel. Check out this awesome list of X-men filming locations you can visit in Canada.


Warm Bodies

This quirky zombie-romance movie began filming in Montreal. Not only does the Zombie Apocalypse start at our Mirabel Airport, but the Olympic Stadium and downtown core and skyline are also hugely featured in the movie. Montrealers get an extra kick out of this entertaining flick as they watch scenes of a zombie apocalypse play out in their city, portrayed as post-apocalyptic 


The Notebook

The most classic Nicholas Sparks love story between the beautiful Rachel Mcadams and the beautiful Ryan Gosling was actually partly shot in Montreal! Although the movies used various locations, the memorable moments when Noah went off to war with his best friend and the icy, winter-ry battlefield- Montreal, my friends (of course we got a winter scene).


Blades of Glory

Will Ferell and Jack Black absolutely kill it in this hilarious comedy. Not only is it filmed in Montreal, but a good half is actually set at the Montreal Olympics! If you haven’t seen it yet, this movie is a must-see for ridiculous comedy lovers!


Life of Pi

This novel-turned-movie was shot mainly in India and Montreal. Throughout the movie the characters are seen in a range of Old Port (of Montreal) areas, including an overpass between Notre Dame and Rue Berri, and on a bench in Old Port.  


Batman and Robin (1997)

The original Batman and Robin movies starring George Clooney not only used Montreal as a shooting location, but also our neighbour to the East- the city of Ottawa, Ontario.


Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

A LiLo classic, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, the classic Disney movie starring both Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox was primarily shot in New Jersey and Montreal. Both NYC and small town scenes alike were shot throughout the city, especially when portraying the popular New York neighbourhood Soho. Much of the other scenes in the movie were also shot in Canada, especially downtown Toronto.


Blue Mountain State

This hilarious comedy (available on Netflix!) based on the insane and overly-dramatized lives of American college and professional football players, cheerleaders, and college students, was surprisingly filmed completely in Montreal. Although using various locations throughout the city, including the Olympic Stadium (again), the set’s main campus is actually Montreal’s John Abott College.  


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